The Sixties Radical-The Planned Hysteria By Obama Clear Out The Opposition

Rush Limbaugh triggered off another thought. Yes, he has nailed it once again.  It is the same old crap over and over again. It never changes. The players have changed but the BS hasn’t. This current round of crisis deals with a mere 45 billion dollars in cuts to the federal budget will cause all kinds of hell. The entire world will stop. The national will fall off the face of the earth. The sun will not come up anymore.  805 million folks will get laid off from the defense department, meat inspectors will stop working, teachers will get laid off, cops and firemen will not protect us, and hell Armageddon will happen. This is what we are led to believe if 45 billion dollars are axed from the federal budget. Give me a break will ya. This is pure BS. Yet this is what is told to us by the state run and state controlled media. Hell if we ask the feds to go without a penny and half we will die.

Ran Paul is the only one who nailed it.

“I voted against the sequester because I didn’t think it was enough,” Paul said noting that the government budget will continue to grow by $7-8 trillion over 10 years.

Paul added that looming threats issued by the president to Republicans were ridiculous, reminding viewers on CNN that they were Obama’s cuts.

“The budgets are not being decreased,” Paul said flatly. “We’re talking about cutting the rate of growth of budgets.”

“I think the sequester happens, and it will be in some ways a yawn, because the histrionics that are coming from the president, saying, oh, we’re going to shut down and get rid of meat inspectors,” Paul added. “Is anybody not going to stand up and call his bluff on that ridiculousness?”

The sad truth is this. We are broke. We can’t afford any of this. The Federal Reserve is propping up the stock market. The Feds are printing money to make it look like Wall Street is making money. Yet in fact this is a huge lie. The money is worthless. It’s just paper. That’s it folks.

The real truth is this house of cards will fall later than you think.

Yet these lies have to be told so that Obama etal will clear the playing field. Once the playing field is cleared there will be no opposition to stop Obama and his Marxist dream.  Once it is established in the minds of  “We The People” that the government can’t live with imaginary cuts to the Federal Budget then Obama, the Demo-Republican Party and the state run and state controlled media will be able to control us. And this is what this hysteria is all about. Control!

Hub Pages wrote this little diddy. ”

“The U. S. economy is abysmal. It can’t expand fast enough to keep up with the pace of young adults entering the workforce. The housing market is shot, with average home prices at the same level they were in 2003. Our nation’s debt is reaching banana republic levels, with welfare, social security, and unemployment rolls at record levels. If you only paid attention to the stock market, you’d think we were in a recovery and have nothing to worry about.

Thanks to the Federal Reserve’s“quantitative easing” programs and low interest rates, the stock market has been on a sugar-high since 2008. The Wall Street meltdown of 2008 led to QE1, QE2, and now the worst idea yet: QE Unlimited. With QE Unlimited, the Fed will buy up $85 billion in assets every month, essentially creating more money out of thin air.

Wall Street loves it when the Fed prints more money. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke can call a press conference, and stock prices shoot up in anticipation of a new injection of cash.

But there’s a price to be paid, by the public, for all this irresponsible behavior. It will come in the form of out-of-control inflation. Already, we are seeing the results of the Fed’s market manipulation. If you go to the supermarket on a regular basis, you’ve watched as prices have shot up at a pace we haven’t seen in decades. Cereal boxes are so thin, they barely stand up on the shelf, but the Fed says inflation is under control.

Has this story been talked about or written about by the state run and state controlled media? NO!

This little noticed story appeared in the New York Times.

Since Wall Street began to wobble in 2007, the Fed has been engaged in an enormous effort to stimulate growth. The central bank has held short-term interest rates near zero since December 2008. To further reduce long-term rates, it has amassed more than $2 trillion in government debt and mortgage-backed securities.

While the Fed’s actions, which included so-called quantitative easing, helped prevent a second Great Depression, the recovery in the United States and other developed countries was tepid. The Fed repeatedly announced that it had completed its work, only to launch new efforts as the job market remained sluggish.

While the Fed’s actions, which included so-called quantitative easing, helped prevent a second Great Depression, the recovery in the United States and other developed countries was tepid. The Fed repeatedly announced that it had completed its work, only to launch new efforts as the job market remained sluggish.

In September 2012, the Fed announced its third round of easing, known as QE3. More importantly, it pledged to continue to act until the economy was significantly improved, rather than creating another program with a fixed endpoint.

In announcing the new policy, the Fed sought to make clear that its decision reflected not only an increased concern about the health of the economy, but an increased determination to respond – in effect, an acknowledgment that its approach until now had been flawed.

This story appeared in Forbes.

The Federal Reserve wasn’t supposed to be the sole determiner of policies to end economic recession, but an impotent Congress pretty much ceded the job. With Congress barely able to order lunch without inciting gridlock, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has played an outsized role in deciding how to create jobs and growth in an economy with too little of either. And while many on Wall Street despise the bold and unconventional steps he’s taken to right the ship, there are reasons that anyone who invests in stocks should be sorry to see him go.

Certainly, many would cheer his exit. Bernanke’s quantitative easing plan (the QEs), in which the Fed has bought massive amounts of financial assets to increase their value, offends conservatives both in the audacity of its market interference and its potential for fueling inflation. It has turned Bernanke, a Republican and a George W. Bush appointee, into a Republican target. Mitt Romney, who supported Bernanke back in 2010, now says he would throw him out.

These stories were written beginning in September of 2012 until February 2013. None of these stories have made national headlines. I wonder why?

Because these stories do not fit the state run and state owned media template that the economy is in good shape. The very opposite is true. We are broke. We don’t have the bucks.

There is an age-old adage you can’t spend what you don’t have. Many have tried this but in the end the entire society collapsed.  And you can make book on this happening later than you think.


Because we kicked the Adonai of the Torah and Yeshua outta here in 1963 and our leaders like Obama, John Kerry, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, just to name a few think they are Adonai and Yeshua all rolled into one.

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