The Sixties Radical-The New World Order is Fast Approaching so Beware

The Republican Party wing of The Demo-Republican Party is in the process of murdering itself. These bastions of paragon and virtue have decided to throw away all forms of morality and law and join with the Democrat wing of the Demo-Republican Party. These ill thinking fools have decided to give illegals amnesty. Led by Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and other so-called conservatives and constitutionalists have decided that it is the best interests of the nation to give away the store. In the end folks like me who believe Adonai and are law-abiding citizens are evil people and thus we must be punished. For in the eyes of Rubio and Paul we must bend over and give illegals amnesty for this is the Christian and Jewish thing to do. These people tell us this is what Yeshua would want us to do. They tell us this is written in the Torah that we must do away with rule of law and let strangers into our homes and we must give away everything thing that we have. This is what the Catholic Church and many Evangelical Churches tell us we must do. Yet when one examines the Torah this is not what Yeshua or Adonai tells us to do. Yet this is how the word of Adonai is bastardized and used to fit an agenda to destroy the country.

The Democrat wing of The Demo-Republican Party must have for it to survive an underclass. They must appeal to people who are dependent on the state for the Democrat wing to survive. Many in the Republican wing of the Demo-Republican party think the same way.

People like me must be destroyed. We are the ones who believe in Adonai, Liberty, Freedom, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the rule of law.  We are not the bigots and intolerant ones The Demo-Republican Party is. The statist can’t challenge us on ideas so they must demonize us.

We are only country on earth that won’t secure its borders. We can’t have laws that protect its citizens. We must let anyone in who wants to come here. We must make everyone a citizen. Mexico doesn’t. Brasil doesn’t. Hell every country on earth has rules and regulations for immigration. Mexico puts illegals in jail. Mexico deports illegals. Mexico won’t let illegals work, drive, and have healthcare. We must for the Democrat wing of the Demo-Republican Party wants to stay in power forever. And the only way to do this is to have illegals vote and keep us Liberty loving fools out of power.

This is all done by design to change this country into a dictatorship. Fools like Rubio and Rand Paul have bought into this idea that they must change and give illegals  amnesty for the Republican wing to survive. In reality this will destroy the Republican wing of The Demo-Republican Party forever.

The sad but true fact is that those who come illegally look to government to take care of their needs not Adonai or themselves.

Spokes hole Speaker of The House John Boehner said this about illegals. This story is from

“Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) said “there’s a lot of education” that needs to take place before House members can attempt to implement immigration reform but he did not say whether he supported a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens.

At a Capitol Hill press conference on Tuesday, a reporter asked Boehner, “Mr. Speaker, yesterday the RNC [Republican National Committee] recommended that the Republican Party embrace comprehensive immigration reform. What do you think of the recommendation, what do you think specifically of those calling for a pathway towards citizenship?”

Boehner responded, “I made clear the day after the election that dealing with immigration reform was a top priority — and it is. Last week, the senior leaders met with our four members who have been meeting with four Democrats now for over four years. And they’re essentially in agreement over how to proceed.”

He continued, “But this is just the beginning of the process. There’s a lot of education that needs to be done because more than half of our members have never dealt with the issue of immigration reform both on the legal side and on the illegal side.”

“So there’s a lot of education that needs to go on,” Boehner said. “We’ve helped lay out a process for them to bring our members along, to help them understand the issue. We’ve got a lot more work to do.”

When asked whether he supports a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens presently in the United States, Boehner did not answer directly but said, “There’s a lot of issues in here that have to be dealt with. And I think what this bipartisan group came up with is frankly a pretty responsible solution.” reported on Feb. 5 that Boehner dodged a question on whether he personally supported a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens.

This story is from The Associated Press.

“Tea party favorite Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday that the nation’s illegal immigrants should be able to become citizens eventually, but amid a furor from conservative activists on the explosive issue he quickly sought to make clear that, while they would not be sent home, they couldn’t get in line in front of anyone else.

What he doesn’t support, the Kentucky Republican said, is amnesty or a new pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country. He said he simply believes they should be able to stay in the country on what he called probationary status.

“You get in the normal line to citizenship that’s already available, so it’s not a new pathway, it’s an existing pathway,” Paul told reporters.

The dust-up underscored how semantics matter in the volatile debate over immigration, especially for a conservative who may seek the presidency in 2016. Twitter users were already dubbing Paul’s stance “Randmesty,” while an anti-immigration group, Numbers USA, deemed his proposal “radical” and predicted that Kentucky residents would be “disappointed and maybe even shocked.”

Paul himself ended up telling reporters on a conference call that both the terms “amnesty” and “path to citizenship” were better avoided because they just cloud the debate and prevent immigration reform from happening.

This lie told by the statists that this is not a path to amnesty yet when in it fact it is. You know as well as I that this is amnesty.

Rand Paul is a lair. Marco Rubio is a lair. These people I will never trust. Once they get to Washington these so-called conservatives become like the rest power hungry folks who lie through their teeth.  I will never trust a politician and I don’t care who they are. I only trust Adonai, Yeshua, and the word of Adonai.

The Christian Church and The Catholic Church have sold us a lie. And in the eyes of Adonai this is an abomination.

If you think this is bad read this story. And if you think this won’t happen here it already is. The Government is in the process to take everyone’s IRA accounts. The next step will be take our bank accounts.

This was stopped for now in Cyprus for now. The next time the government will everyone’s bank accounts without a warning.

Reuters News.

The vote in the tiny legislature was a stunning setback for the 17-nation currency bloc, angering European partners and raising fears the crisis could spread; lawmakers in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy have all accepted austerity measures over the last three years to secure European aid.

With hundreds of demonstrators outside the parliament chanting “They’re drinking our blood”, the ruling party abstained and 36 other lawmakers voted unanimously to reject the bill, bringing the Mediterranean island, one of the smallest European states, to the brink of financial meltdown.

Finance Minister Michael Sarris had already headed to Moscow, amid speculation Russia could offer assistance given the high level of Russian deposits in Cypriot banks. President Nicos Anastasiades, barely a month in office, spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the vote.

Anastasiades was due to meet party leaders at 9 a.m. (0700 GMT) on Wednesday to explore a way forward.

“The voice of the people was heard,” 65-year-old pensioner Andreas Miltiadou said among a crowd of demonstrators jubilant after the vote.

EU countries had warned they would withhold 10 billion euros ($13 billion) in bailout loans unless depositors in Cyprus, including small savers, shared the cost of the rescue, an unprecedented step in the stubborn debt crisis.

The European Central Bank had threatened to end emergency lending assistance for teetering Cypriot banks, which were hard hit by the financial crisis in neighboring Greece.

The island’s partners barely disguised their anger.

Euro zone paymaster Germany, facing an election this year and increasingly frustrated with the mounting cost of bailing out its southern partners, said Cyprus had no one to blame but itself for the gravity of the situation.

Yahoo-News Reuters

The surprise decision by euro zone leaders to part-fund a bailout of Cyprus by taxing bank deposits sent shockwaves through financial markets on Monday, with shares and the bonds of struggling euro zone governments tumbling.

The bloc struck a deal on Saturday to hand Cyprus rescue loans worth 10 billion euros ($13 billion), but defied warnings – including from the European Central Bank – and imposed a levy that would see those with cash in the island’s banks lose between 6.75 and 9.9 percent of their money.

Parliament in Cyprus put off a vote on the measure – which has shaken depositors’ confidence in banks across the continent – until Tuesday, however, and with public anger at the deal widespread the government said it was already looking to ease the pain for small savers.

Without the rescue, Cyprus would have be unable to avoid a default. That would have undermined the promise that Greece’s debt write down last year was a one-off, but the unprecedented move to hit depositors adds a radical new dimension to the crisis across the euro zone.

This story appeared on The Drudge Report.

The Cypriot parliament has thrown out a controversial plan to skim €5.8bn (£5bn) from savers’ bank accounts, in a move that risks plunging the eurozone into a fresh crisis and heightens expectations that the cash-strapped country will seek a funding lifeline from Russia.

Cyprus has just 24 hours to find a solution to its funding gap before its banks are due to reopen following the dramatic no vote on Tuesday night, which failed to support a hastily renegotiated change to the original deal.

Late on Tuesday night the eurozone governments said that despite the vote Cyprus would still need to raise the €5.8 bn – a third of the €17bn bailout.

With the crisis escalating, an RAF flight carrying €1m in low-denomination notes landed in Cyprus to provide cash for 3,000 British service personnel based on the Mediterranean island. The banks have been shut since Friday and electronic transactions halted, although cash machines are still working and the Ministry of Defence said the euros were being flown in as “contingency measure”.

About 2,000 of the military staff, typically posted to the island for 18 or 24 months, have their salaries paid into local accounts. The MoD said it was “approaching personnel to ask if they want their March, and future months’ salaries paid into UK bank accounts, rather than Cypriot accounts”.

Even before the no vote was announced, the euro had slumped to its lowest level in four months after speculation that the Cypriot finance minister, Michalis Sarris, had resigned. Sarris, who was in Moscow ahead of his meeting with his Russian counterpart on Wednesday, was forced to text-message Reuters to deny rumours that he had quit.”

This is coming to this country very soon.

All of this hell can be avoided if we return to our founding- the word of Adonai, The Ten Commandments, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

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