The Sixties Radical- The Agenda of Obama is to Destroy The USA

Once again the Left is changing rules of the game. Now The U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is telling us that illegal aliens have a civil right to live in this country. Illegals civil rights include all the rights and privileges that “We The People” have. This is a game changer. The Left takes over the language and changes what words mean to hijack the country right from under our noses. By calling amnesty a civil right this means that illegals can enter into this country anytime they want without fear of repercussion.  They become citizens by fiat.

Mark Levin spoke about this on his radio show all last week-April 22-26.

This means we no longer have a border. Any one can come in here anytime they want we don’t have a legal right to stop them. Some well meaning pastors like Jim Tolle support this. They are using the word of Adonai to destroy this country. The Catholic Church is in favour of this too.

Senator Marco Rubio is a well-meaning fool. He has signed on to this insanity. He is helping this great country of ours commit suicide on the installment plan. Many Pastors like Jim Tolle, Senator Marco Rubio, and the Catholic Church do not know whom they are dealing with- Satan. You folks are being used to destroy this country.

This story came from Fox News.

“During a April 24th speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Attorney General Eric Holder said that creating a “pathway to earned citizenship” was a “civil right.”

“Creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is essential. The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented – by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows – transcends the issue of immigration status. This is a matter of civil and human rights. It is about who we are as a nation. And it goes to the core of our treasured American principle of equal opportunity.”

Marco Rubio you are playing a dangerous game. You think that this bill will be killed in the House. Think again fool. John Boehner will push this sucker to the House floor and then vote on it.  This bill will pass because a few misguided Republicans along with the Democrats will vote in favour of this monstrosity.

Then this deathblow to our country will be on your shoulders. You may be an honorable man but you are my enemy and I will stop at nothing to destroy your Utopian dream of amnesty. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I will not be fool again by any politician or government leader again. You folks have shit on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the rule of law, and all of us law abiding citizens.

Thanks for you help.

Try this crap on for size. This story appeared in the Politico.

” Republican mega-bundler Paul Singer has quietly gotten involved in the fight for immigration reform, making a six-figure donation to a group involved in marshaling conservatives to support an overhaul of federal laws, POLITICO has learned.

Singer, the hedge fund billionaire who has become one of the Republican Party’s most prolific donors and bundlers over the past seven years, made the donation to the National Immigration Forum. The group has been focusing, in part, on getting support from the business community, faith leaders and law enforcement for the reform effort.

Singer, whose fundraising is relied upon by a number of rank-and-file members of Congress and the Senate, is one of the biggest fish to lend his name to the immigration overhaul effort.

“In my estimation he’s probably the first big high-profile Republican to put his name on the line,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the NIF Action Fund, who declined to specify the exact amount Singer had given.

Asked whether he thinks this will lead to other major bundlers making similar efforts, Noorani said, “I certainly hope so. It’s good politics and good policy for Republicans and Democrats to be working together on this.

Our own leaders are selling us down the river.

This is from The Washington Times.

The debate is raging over whether the latest immigration bill is an amnesty for illegal immigrants, but one part is clear: The legislation would forgive businesses that have employed those immigrants illegally.

Employers who have allowed illegal immigrants to work off the books can come forward safely and provide their work history without fear of prosecution, and businesses that knowingly employed someone using a bogus or stolen Social Security number likewise would get a pass, according to an analysis of the bill by the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that wants a crackdown on immigration.

“The illegal workers at least have to pay a token fine. The employers of illegal immigrants who violated a whole list of laws themselves don’t even have to pay,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the center. “It’s the business side of the amnesty that doesn’t get a lot of focus.”

Business groups’ support is considered critical to getting a bill passed this year, but attention has been focused mostly on a guest worker program and requirements that all employers would have to meet, such as using an electronic verification system to check potential hires.

Indeed, it wasn’t until business groups, led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, struck a deal with the AFL-CIO on a guest worker program that the final Senate bill came together.

The chamber said the provisions exempting businesses from penalties “had nothing to do” with earning their support. ”Our focus in assessing the bill was looking to the good faith compliance and safe harbor provisions and other terms of the E-Verify mandate, the revisions to the high-skilled worker program, and the creation of a workable low-skilled worker program,” said Blair Holmes, a chamber spokeswoman.

This only gets worse. Folks we have to stand up to this tyranny and fight back. We are losing our life, Liberty, and freedom to a bunch of statists who want to rule over us all. We are not subjects. We are not slaves. We are free men and women. It is our sovereignty. We are the sovereign not the Federal Government, King Obama or statists.

The Demo-Republican Party is making back room deals so they can sell this country to the highest bidder.

This story is from CNSNEWS.

Immigrant-rights groups are dictating law enforcement policy at DHS and ICE, ICE agent Chris Crane, President of the National ICE Council representing the nation’s ICE officers and agents charged today at a press conference hosted by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

“Immigrant-rights groups now work with ICE and DHS and dictate the law enforcement policies within these agencies, not the United States Congress. Under the Obama Administration, immigration agents can no longer arrest those who violate U.S. immigration law,” said Crane, whose group represents approximately 7,600 officers, agents and employees who work for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Crane said agents aren’t being allowed to do their jobs:

“Immigration agents cannot arrest an individual for entering the United States illegally. [ICE] can’t arrest an individual who illegally overstays a VISA. Immigration agents are prohibited from enforcing laws regarding fraudulent documents and identity theft by illegal aliens.

“Agents are forced to apply the DREAM Act, not to children in schools, but to adult inmates in jails. Releasing criminals back into communities throughout the nation, criminals who have committed felonies, assaulted our officers, and who prey on children.”

Editor’s Note: A transcript of Crane’s comments were provided to “The Right Views” by Sen. Sessions’ office.

How about this little diddy from the Daily Caller.

The Senate’s pending immigration bill includes roughly 400 exemptions, exceptions, waivers, determinations and grants of discretion.

The bill’s complexity is forcing opponents and supporters to comb through its 844 pages before they can declare their conditional support or opposition to the high-stakes measure.

“WAIVER.—The Secretary, in the Secretary’s sole and unreviewable discretion, may waive the application of subparagraph (A) on behalf of an alien,” says one passage on page 71 of the complex document.

The prospective beneficiary of that discretion by a political appointee, according to the bill, is “an alien who departed from the United States while subject to an order of exclusion, deportation, or removal.”

The document mentions “discretion” or “discretionary” 41 times.

It mentions “judge” or “judges” 73 times, and mentions “secretary” 1018 times, normally as the people who decide whether to apply a waiver, exemption, determination or exception.

The complexity has already sparked GOP objections from Sen. Jeff Sessions and other Republicans who say they should be given more time to study and then explain the bill’s myriad complexities and loopholes to the public.

Top Democratic leaders, including Sen. Chuck Schumer, hope to push the bill quickly through the committee and then to the floor by early June.

This is your country at work throwing away our sovereignty lead by Marco Rubio.

And in the end this is what happens when the Adonai of the Torah is kicked outta here. All hell breaks loose.

Now add on top this we as nation are killing millions of babies through the lie of women’s health in the name of family planning. Family planning is a ruse used by the Left to hide their real intention abortion.

Here’s one story that was ignored by everyone in the state ruin and controlled media except for Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

This is from CNSNEWS.

Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) took to the House floor on Wednesday, condemning the late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, saying, “May God forgive us.”

Black also blasted President Barack Obama for not speaking out against the “house of horrors” abortion clinic run by Gosnell, who would sever the spinal cords of babies with scissors after they had survived late-term abortion procedures.

“Mr. Speaker, I stand here today outraged and deeply saddened by the heartbreaking story of the abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell,” said Black.  “This is the man currently on trial for the murder of eight people, seven of which were newborns who were killed after surviving late-term botched abortions in his house of horrors clinic.”

“But Gosnell didn’t act alone,” she said.  “He had a host of silent co-conspirators who referred women to his practice knowing full well of the horrors that went on behind those closed doors.  And, meanwhile, the State boards gave Gosnell a free pass for 17 years by failing to inspect his clinic.”

Gosnell, 72, is currently on trial for the murder of four babies born alive and a mother, who overdosed at his clinic the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia.  Gosnell was originally charged with seven counts of first-degree murder, but Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey P. Minehart dropped three of the charges on Wednesday, apparently concluding that the prosecution did not present enough evidence that the babies in those cases were “not viable,” or born alive.

Gosnell is also facing charges of infanticide, conspiracy, abortion at 24 or more weeks, theft, corruption of minors, solicitation and other related offenses.  The six-week long trial is set to conclude on Monday, with closing arguments after Gosnell’s defense rested on Wednesday, without offering any witnesses. Gosnell did not take the stand.

Rep. Black also condemned President Obama for not speaking out against Gosnell who, according to the grand jury in the case, had killed “hundreds” of babies over the years by snipping their spinal cords.

“When asked about Gosnell’s crime, our president tells us he has no comment,” Black said.  “Where is your outrage, Mr. President?”

“Are you too busy preparing your remarks for tomorrow night’s Planned Parenthood fundraising gala?” she said.  “My heart breaks that our country has reached a point by where we are all not outraged by a practice that ends a beating heart and takes the lives of the most vulnerable in our society.”

“May God forgive us, I yield back my time,” said the congresswoman.

Obama rescheduled his keynote address at the annual gala for Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country, on Wednesday.  Instead of speaking on Thursday evening, he will deliver remarks on Friday, so he can attend a memorial service for the victims of last week’s fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

Last week in an appearance on NBC’s Today show, Obama said he could not comment on the case “because it’s an active trial.”

“What I can say is this. You know, I think, President [Bill] Clinton said it pretty well when he said abortion should be safe, legal, and rare,” said Obama.

“If an individual, carrying out an abortion, operating a clinic, or doing anything else is violating medical ethics, violating the law, then they should be prosecuted,” Obama said.

The Sixties Radical- Make a Deal with Satan-You Lose

We the People are being battered to death. The statists want to make us their subjects. This is why these people are ramming down our throats amnesty, gun control and Obama care. This is all about power. Both sides of the isle want to be rulers over us all. There is not a lick of difference between the Republicans and Democrats. This is why I call them the Demo-Republican Party. Yes there are a few folks who stand for Liberty, Freedom, limited government, The Constitution, and Bill of Rights. You can count these brave men and women on one hand.

Washington is the culture of corruption. Instead of abiding by the rule of law and The Constitution, Congress and Obama willfully break the law and re-write the Constitution to suit their particular agenda.

The American people have been kind to these statists. In another day we the people would have rose up and fought back. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Mason and the rest would have fought back. Yet no one is fighting back except a few of us.

Why? Many have accepted the fact that one can’t fight Santa Claus. (A term I borrowed from Rush Limbaugh). Why work when all of your needs are taken care of by the state. Yet this runaway spending can’t last forever. One can’t fight the laws of nature, the law of Adonai, The Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov, and the laws of economics. We are closer than you think to the total destruction of this great country of ours.

Many in the Demo-Republican Party, The Left, are doing this total destruction on purpose.  This destruction is led by Obama and and the state run and controlled media. Others are honorable men and women who want to work out the differences between the two sides but in the end how can one compromise with folks who want to destroy you. There is no common ground between the forces of good and evil. Satan will fool you to think there is. He will lure you in to accepted a deal that on the surface looks good however upon further inspection the deal will cause honorable men to abandon their Adonai principles.

When one shakes hands with Satan to cut a deal you lose.  Many so called conservative media spokes holes shout out, “take the deal, take the deal.”  This is the best way to get those who oppose you to vote for you. What a crock of crap. Do you think The Left, Obama, and The Demo wing of the statist party want us to win? Not in this lifetime. It is all about getting us to sell out our principles so will be destroyed forever.

The end game is to turn this country into a Marxists hellhole.

Here are lies that are being spread by Rubio and the gang of eight about the amnesty bill.

This is from the Daily Caller.

The pending Senate immigration bill would bring a minimum of 33 million people into the country during its first decade of operation, according to an analysis by Numbers USA, a group that wants to slow the current immigration rate.

By 2024, the inflow would include an estimated 9.2 million illegal immigrants, plus 2.5 million illegals who arrived as children — dubbed ‘Dreamers’ — plus roughly 3.4 million company-sponsored employees with university degrees, said the unreleased analysis.

The majority of the inflow, or roughly 17 million people, would consist of family members of illegals, recent immigrants and of company-sponsored workers, according to the Numbers USA analysis provided to The Daily Caller.

“This bill would continue that in a way that’s very disturbing to me,” he said.

Numbers USA’ said that its estimates of a 33 million inflow “are conservative … [because they do] not attempt to project increases in these categories that are certain to occur in future years,” once many of the new immigrants seek green cards for their overseas relatives.

Also, some categories of immigrants are uncapped, and the analysis “does not attempt to project increases in these [family unification] categories that are certain to occur in future years,” it says.

The pending bill allows illegal immigrants to bring their overseas spouses and children into the country, says the NumbersUSA report. If that provision is implemented, “it could more than double the [illegal immigrant inflow] number shown in the chart,” bringing the total inflow to 40 million by 2024, it said.

This is from Breitbart.

Secret emails obtained exclusively by Breitbart News show the libertarian Cato Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) are colluding on immigration reform messaging in the wake of the Boston Marathon terror attack in order to push the “Gang of Eight” bill that was released this past week.

On Friday afternoon, political consultant Peggy Ellis of Ellis & Company, who is supporting the Gang of Eight immigration efforts, emailed “Talkers from Rubio” to the group of organizations supporting their efforts such as Cato and ATR.

The email was headlined: “Rubio talking points re: Boston terrorists vis a vis immigration reform.” The message contained three talking points from Sen. Rubio, the first of which argued that the immigration bill would prevent people like the Boston Marathon terrorists from getting into or staying in the country.

“These terrorists came here under the existing system, the one opponents of reform want to leave in place,” Sen. Rubio wrote in his first talking point.

The second Rubio talking point argued that the terrorists “didn’t cross the border” to get into America.

In his third talking point, Rubio argued that authorities only know who the terrorists are because they came here legally to begin with.

“The reason we know who they are is because they were here legally,” Rubio wrote. “If they were here illegally, living in the shadows, it would have made them much harder to investigate. The fact is that today there are 11 million people already in this country and we don’t know who they are, why they’re here, and what they’re doing. That is not only an economic problem, it’s a huge national security problem as well.”

Ellis’s email was in response to an email conversation she had with Cato’s Alex Nowrasteh and ATR’s Josh Culling, among others, earlier in the day about the potential effects of the Boston terror attacks on immigration reform.

Here is another story from Breitbart.

A new poll released Thursday by advocacy groups in favor of the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” immigration bill appears to have been designed to favor the Schumer-Rubio bill, Breitbart News has learned.

The official crosstab polling data, complete with the full questions, shows Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the National Immigration Forum Action Fund and Partnership for a New American Economy spun the facts of the plan to make it appear more favorable to conservatives and Republicans.

The poll, which was conducted by The Winston Group on those pro-Schumer-Rubio bill advocates’ behalf, surveyed 800 registered voters nationwide via telephone interview from April 22 to April 23, and intentionally oversampled Republican voters.

When asking poll respondents to say whether they strongly or somewhat oppose or support the Schumer-Rubio bill, the groups described the plan as follows:

A bipartisan group of senators recently introduced legislation to reform the immigration system. The plan establishes border security measures focused on high-risk areas of the Southern border, requires illegal immigrants to pass multiple criminal background checks, pay fines, learn English and pay taxes before getting in line for citizenship, makes E-Verify mandatory for all employers, and creates a new work visa program that regulates immigration according to unemployment. Would you say you support or oppose this plan to reform the immigration system?

According to the crosstab data, 75 percent of overall survey respondents, including 78 percent of Republicans, say they support the plan “as described.” The crosstab data also shows that 54 percent of “Self-identified ‘Tea Party’ voters” support the plan “as described.”

The key phrase the pollsters expect most in the media to overlook, and a survey of headlines across the media thus far shows they have mostly overlooked it, is how the pollsters got their data by reading the Schumer-Rubio plan to respondents “as described.”

The description itself is problematic. Take the second sentence, for instance: the pollsters say the “plan establishes border security measures focused on high-risk areas of the Southern border.”

While the plan asks the Department of Homeland Security to establish such “border security measures,” the plan itself does not actually do anything on that front. As Breitbart News has detailed time and again, if the bill were signed into law, the DHS Secretary would have six months to submit a border security plan to Congress and say that she has begun implementing it.

That would enable the legalization of America’s 11 million illegal immigrants, and five whole years would go by before another progress check of DHS was made.

At that time, if DHS had not completed its goals, a commission made up of politicians throughout Congress, from the White House and from the four border states’ governors’ offices would have six months to write a report giving DHS directions on how to finish the job it failed to do already. If that commission did not finish its report within 180 days, DHS would take over the process again and the vicious cycle of non-border security would restart.

Here is the real truth from the New York Times.

Democratic senators, at a caucus meeting with White House officials, expressed concerns on Thursday about how the Obama administration was carrying out the health care law they adopted three years ago.

Democrats in both houses of Congress said some members of their party were getting nervous that they could pay a political price if the rollout of the law was messy or if premiums went up significantly.

President Obama’s new chief of staff, Denis R. McDonough, fielded questions on the issue for more than an hour at a lunch with Democratic senators.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat of New Hampshire, who is up for re-election next year, said, “We are hearing from a lot of small businesses in New Hampshire that do not know how to comply with the law.”

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat of New Hampshire, who is up for re-election next year, said, “We are hearing from a lot of small businesses in New Hampshire that do not know how to comply with the law.”

In addition, Mrs. Shaheen said, “restaurants that employ people for about 30 hours a week are trying to figure out whether it would be in their interest to reduce the hours” of those workers, so the restaurants could avoid the law’s requirement to offer health coverage to full-time employees.

The White House officials “acknowledged that these are real concerns, and that we’ve got to do more to address them,” Mrs. Shaheen said.

Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat of Iowa and chairman of the appropriations subcommittee on health care, said he was extremely upset with Mr. Obama’s decision to take money from public health prevention programs and use it to publicize the new law, which creates insurance marketplaces in every state.

This is from The Hill.

Charles Schumer has finally learned to laugh at John McCain’s jokes, and McCain has put aside his concerns about Schumer’s partisan reputation.

Schumer, the senior Democratic senator from New York, and McCain, the senior Republican senator from Arizona, have become the public face of the 844-page comprehensive immigration reform bill now pending in the upper chamber.

The bill’s success will depend largely on the bond Schumer and McCain have forged over the two dozen meetings they’ve held to put it together, many lasting until late at night.

They have established a jocular rapport in public, ribbing each other and seeming to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Schumer quipped at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor Thursday that McCain barely graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy. McCain has deadpanned to reporters that Schumer is a “jerk” and that most Senate colleagues feel the same way.

“It’s going down in history as the odd couple,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of McCain’s closest friends, said with a chuckle.

The casual tone set by McCain and Schumer has suffused the rest of the Senate’s Gang of Eight, the group of four Democrats and four Republicans who drafted the bill. The other members of the gang look to Schumer and McCain for leadership, but their sense of camaraderie isn’t quite the same.


The Sixties Radical- The Big Lie Told by Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is now the new battering ram used by the Left, Obama, and The Democrat wing of the Demo-Republican Party to ram down our throats amnesty. We are the ones who are called the intolerant ones, bigots, and racists by the left and statists.  We stand for the rule law, America’s sovereignty, borders, and most important of all our individual sovereignty.

The statists are not concerned or give a damn about freedom, or liberty, or sovereignty. The Left, Obama, The Demo-Republican Party, and The statists disguise their agenda behind words like social justice, racism and helping the poor. This is all a lie. Obama and the rest of the statists don’t give damn about illegals. All they want to do is use them to take our freedom and liberty and run our lives forever. This ploy is done to keep the Demo wing of the Demo-Republican Party power forever.

Marcio Rubio may be a principled man but many principled men have shaken hands with the devil and in the end wound up destroying themselves and their country.

It is not the laws that is broken but the government that is broken. Our leaders are not enforcing the laws that are on the books. These people think they can decide which law they want to enforce and which one’ they won’t. If they don’t like a law Obama will not enforce it. And if this doesn’t work Obama will issue an executive fiat to do what he wants done. Obama by passes congress and he is now King over us all. The Republican wing of the Demo-Republican Party has given Obama the authority to do what he wants. John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and the rest have made a well thought decision to not follow the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

And this is in the end is our fatal flaw for our leaders think they are god They think they know better than the creator of the universe Adonai. Obama and the rest are working on changing America into what Mark Levin calls Ameritopia.

Adonai warned us this would happen. It is happening now. Why? We have kicked the Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov, and Yeshua out of this country. Adonai told us that wrong would become right and right would be wrong. This is what is happening now.

This is the great lie. Satan uses half-truths to get what he wants. For example Marco Rubio’s spokesman told us those who oppose this new amnesty bill are slave owners. This story appeared on the Drudge report on Monday April 22nd. It has been since removed.

Here it is.

“A spokesman for Senator Marco Rubio yesterday compared the status of illegal immigrants in the United States under current law to that of slaves prior to emancipation.

In a Twitter exchange with Washington Examiner columnist Conn Carroll, Rubio press secretary Alex Conant said, “We haven’t had a cohort of people living permanently in US without full rights of citizenship since slavery.”

No one in spoke about this story. I wonder why?

Here is the real truth behind the amnesty push led by Rubio and The Democrats. We all knew this was the truth. Rubio can’t or won’t see this for he is blinded by the lies of Satan.

” The immigration proposal pending in Congress would transform the nation’s political landscape for a generation or more — pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate a decade from now in ways that, if current trends hold, would produce an electoral bonanza for Democrats and cripple Republican prospects in many states they now win easily.

Beneath the philosophical debates about amnesty and border security, there are brass-tacks partisan calculations driving the thinking of lawmakers in both parties over comprehensive immigration reform, which in its current form offers a pathway to citizenship — and full voting rights — for a group of undocumented residents that roughly equals the population of Ohio, the nation’s seventh-largest state.

If these people had been on the voting rolls in 2012 and voted along the same lines as other Hispanic voters did last fall, President Barack Obama’s relatively narrow victory last fall would have been considerably wider, a POLITICO analysis

Try this one on for size.

“The immigration issue is front and center in Washington this week, as the so-called Gang of Eight finally unveiled a comprehensive reform bill at around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. Meanwhile, in Texas, a federal judge is set to rule within days on a pending lawsuitthat has gone largely unnoticed, although it could have serious implications for the immigration debate.

The suit pits the Obama administration against its own immigration-enforcement agents, who are suing over the administration’s use of “prosecutorial discretion” to dictate how immigration law is enforced — or not enforced. A group of ten U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents has charged that a series of policy directives from ICE and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) effectively “commands ICE officers to violate federal law” and face possible suspension or termination if they refuse. Critics of the Gang of Eight’s proposal worry that if nothing is done to prevent future administrations from similarly ignoring immigration laws, the country will inevitably face another crisis down the road.

A federal judge in Dallas heard arguments in the case on April 8, and he is expected to issue a ruling in the coming days. The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction against a June 2012 directive from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that instructs ICE officers to refrain from initiating deportation proceedings for illegal immigrants who may qualify for what is sometimes referred to as “DREAM status.” Immigrants who might qualify would be those who were brought here illegally as children, who are currently enrolled in school or are a member of the military, and who have not been convicted of a serious crime.

This is the real end game.

“The administration has approved 99.5 percent of applications of those who have applied for legal status under President Obama’s nondeportation policy for young adults, granting legal status to more than 250,000 formerly illegal immigrants.

Officials said they expect the approval rate to drop as more cases make their way through the system, as it takes longer to deny an application than to approve it. Indeed, the approval rate already has dropped from 99.8 percent just a month ago.

But the high rate leaves others wondering whether the administration is doing all it can to weed out fraud or potentially dangerous illegal immigrants in DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, as it’s formally known.

“You really have to wonder who they’re giving deferred action to, and what kind of risk they represent to us,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. “The screening process is much less for DACA than it would be for a green card, and so it’s all that much more susceptible to fraud.”

DACA is seen by many as a test-run should Congress pass a broad legalization for most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Rubio won’t tell us the truth. He has drunk the cool aid hook, line, and sinker. This is what happens when honorable men try to make deals with Satan.

Laura Ingraham summed it up best-“ The longer this debate goes on, the more Marco Rubio boxes himself into a corner and the worse he’ll look to conservatives. Either he is too naive to understand the consequences of the legislation as drafted and the intentions of those who would implement it. Or he is all in with the fanatical open-borders agenda being pushed by the Obama Administration and his fellow gang members. Memo to Marco: Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.”

The Sixties Radical-The Big Lie-Obama wants to Destroy America

The Left and the state run and state controlled media are doing their best to deflect the blame off of the Muslim Religion. These statists are calling this atrocity by the Tsarnaev Brothers our fault. The state run and state controlled media are trying to protect Obama and his administration as well. This is why they are telling us this is a lone wolf who did this.

These fools do not want to look at the real truth. Muslims want to wipe us off the face of the earth. Some will do it by throwing bombs and killing the infidels while others will do it in a more subtle way taking over our judicial system and society changing it slowly to Sharia Law.

In the end Muslims want us dead and destroyed either hook or by crook. If you don’t believe me read the Koran.

AP reported on Monday April 22nd that the bombers were motivated by religion. Here is the key- they acted alone. The media, The Left, and the Statists want us to believe they acted alone. I don’t think so. There are connections to Muslims terror groups. Rush told us this on his radio last Tuesday. See below the link to Rush’s show.

This is done to protect Obama.

AP Story.  “Two U.S. officials say preliminary evidence from an interrogation suggests the suspects in the Boston Marathon attack were motivated by religion but were apparently not tied to any Islamic terrorist groups.

The two brothers, from southern Russia, practiced Islam.

The U.S. officials spoke Monday on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the investigation.

One of the brothers died in a police shootout Friday. The other brother was formally charged Monday after being questioned by federal officials in his hospital room where he is recovering from multiple injuries.

This story appeared in the New York Times. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that they had arrested two men on Monday who had been planning to derail a passenger train.

But they offered few details of the plot or their evidence at a news conference in Toronto called to announce the arrests.

Assistant Commissioner James Malizia said that the two suspects had received “direction and guidance” from “Al Qaeda elements living in Iran,” but that there was no evidence that the effort was sponsored by the government of Iran.

He declined to explain how the link to Al Qaeda had been made.

The two suspects were identified as Chiheb Esseghaier, 35, who has been living in Toronto, and Raed Jaser, 30, who has been living in Montreal. The police said they were not Canadian citizens, but declined to identify their nationalities or to describe their immigration status in Canada.

Chief Superintendent Jennifer Strachan said that the two men watched trains in and around Toronto and were plotting to attack a train operated by Via Rail Canada, the government-owned rail system, within Canada.

The police emphasized that the public was never in “imminent danger.” They said that the two suspects had been under constant observation and that contingency plans had been made.

The police also executed search warrants at several locations in Toronto and Montreal on Monday afternoon.

Now the wizards of smart are telling us we better not connect this bombing to the amnesty bill being heard in Senate. How dare you make a comparison between these two events. Yet if one uses their head for something besides a hat rack one will see if the Federal government can’t control the border and stop illegals entering this country who want to kill us why is the new amnesty bill going to be any different? It isn’t. This is the same old crap over and over again.

Adonai is warning us, “Hey folks slow down!” What you are going is nuts. You wizards of smart are destroying this country on purpose. Yet no one wants to look at this.

The media doesn’t want to blame the Muslim religion. Rush Limbaugh summed this sucker up this way on Monday April 22nd.

“RUSH ARCHIVE:  Let me ask you a question, again based on my observation in recent years. If you are a Muslim listening to this program, and it turns out that a Muslim did bomb the Boston Marathon, how do you feel? I dare say that if you are a Muslim, you can be pretty certain, you can rest assured that everybody in the media will circle the wagons and say, “This is not because of Islam. This is a lone bad actor, lone wolf.  This in no way says anything about Islam. It in no way says anything about Muslims. It’s just a lone nut,” and they will remind us that the vast majority of people denounce this kind of terrorism, the vast majority of Muslims.

So if you’re a Muslim and it turns out to be a Muslim bomber, you will be in no way associated with it. Which is fair. However, folks, if you are a conservative out there today, and it turns out that whoever did this has either a real or imagined connection to conservatives?  Everybody in the media will unite to denounce your whole group.  There will not be the same treatment. If this turns out to be some crazy extremist, domestic terrorist, everybody thought to be in that guy’s group is gonna be tarred and feathered as well. And, believe me, that’s what they’re all hoping for on the left. They are the ones saying so. They are the ones indicating that. Not me.

RUSH:  David Sirota at Salon was hoping the bomber was a white guy. Because if it wasn’t a white guy, it was gonna set back liberalism.  Now I suppose this is gonna set back immigration, gonna set back gun control.  I am reading so many liberals out there today who are saying, “Would some explain to me why the Senate did what they did?”  The liberals are still frosted over the Senate vote on the background check gun legislation. They are still frosted. They’re asking, “How could this happen? How could these senators do this?  Would somebody please tell me, what would you say to the parents of the people who were killed in Boston?” I would tell them that the law that the Senate was debating wouldn’ta stopped this.

These guys had their guns.  They violated existing law to get them.  They had already violated gun law.  There isn’t any new gun law that woulda stopped the Boston Marathon bombers from being armed.  Did you hear President Obama’s remarks on the Boston bombings?  His heart was really in it when he was lecturing us about not rushing to judgment.  He said, “That’s why we take care not to rush to judgment. It’s not about motivations or individuals, certainly not about entire groups of people.”  Isn’t that good of him to remind us of that?  Kind of like the way he never rushed to judgment about George Zimmerman or the Boston cop.

These stories were taken from the Drudge Report.

This is from The Daily Mail.

The FBI was last night hunting a 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to the Boston marathon bomb brothers.

Police believe Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack.

More than 1,000 FBI operatives were last night working to track down the cell and arrested a man and two women 60 miles from Boston in the hours before Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture after a bloody shootout on Friday.

A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google.

“They were too advanced. Someone gave the brothers the skills and it is now our job to find out just who they were. Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting several years for their day to come.”

A specialist team of CIA and FBI interrogators was yesterday flown to a Boston hospital to grill wounded Dzhokhar, 19, about the secret group. The University of Massachusetts student was caught on Friday after hiding out in a boat parked in a garden in locked down Watertown the day after a gun battle with police left his 26-year-old brother and a rookie cop dead.

Dzhokhar is said to have run his brother over as he escaped in a stolen car while Tamerlan lay handcuffed on the ground. They were carrying six bombs with them at the time, three of which ­exploded, as well as a handgun and rifle. The devices were thought to be pipe bombs.

Last night Dzhokhar – badly wounded but alive – lay handcuffed to his hospital bed under armed guard. The other three arrested in the port of New Bedford are also believed to be of college age.

The Daily Mail.

The older of the two Chechen brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon was wounded but alive following a police gun battle when his younger brother ran him over with a car, possibly causing his death.

Offering the first detailed account of the firefight, Police Chief Edward Deveau, of Watertown, Massachusetts, where the drama had unfolded early Friday morning, has revealed that 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev walked towards officers firing a gun before he ran out of ammunition and was tackled to the ground.

‘He all of a sudden comes out from under cover and just starts walking down the street, shooting at our police officers, trying to get closer,’ Deveau said.

‘Now, my closest officer is five to 10 feet away, and they’re exchanging gunfire between them. And he runs out of ammunition — the bad guy — and so one of my police officers comes off the side and tackles him in the street.’

He was in the process of being handcuffed by two or three officers when his younger brother, 19-year-old Dzhokhar, jumped behind the wheel of a black SUV the two hand allegedly carjacked earlier and barreled toward the group.

Officers who were restraining Tamerlan Tsarnaev got out of the way of the speeding vehicle, which ended up driving over the wounded suspect, the police chief told CNN.

According to Deveau, the 19-year-old suspect dragged his sibling’s body a short distance down the street and drove off. He later ditched the SUV and escaped on foot.

The UK Telegraph.

In his State of the Union address to the American people earlier this year, Barack Obama declared that he was “confident” of achieving “our objective of defeating the core of al-Qaeda”.

Although he acknowledged the need to pursue the “remnants” of the terrorist group and its affiliates, the overall message was clear – al-Qaeda was badly degraded, the tides of war were receding and the US was winning this fight that was no longer even officially a war.

The Boston bombings would appear to present a fundamental challenge to that assessment and once again bring the nagging uncertainty of terrorism back on to the American main street.

They bring home the complexity of the global Islamist threat and the fact that it cannot be confined to wars in distant lands, or fought at arm’s length using drones, as the Obama administration has quietly yet insistently led America to believe.

Mr Obama and his intelligence community know the threat from al-Qaeda affiliates, but have chosen to downplay it to the US public.

The Daily Mail.

The Department of Homeland Security was dragging its feet on processing Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s U.S. citizenship after a routine background check revealed he had been questioned by the FBI in 2011.

Tamerlan, 26, filed an application for citizenship six months ago but immigration officials had not yet made a decision on his case at the time of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Authorities knew the alleged bomber had a domestic violence charge on his record but the fact he had been grilled by federal agents is reportedly what threw up red flags, halting the progress of his application.

It’s not clear what the 26-year-old, who was killed early Friday, was told about why his application was facing delays.

Official reported on Friday that the F.B.I. interviewed the older Tsarnaev brother in January 2011 at the request of the Russian government, which suspected that he had ties to Chechen terrorists.

They said this decision to delay his application proved his encounter with the F.B.I. did not go unnoticed by the Department of Homeland security.

The state run and controlled media won’t report these stories. Only Rush and Mark Levin do. That’s it folks. No wonder we are in the shits.

The Sixties Radical- Insanity is Doing The Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results- Are We Insane?

The Left, Obama, and The Demo-Republican Party to advance amnesty are using Marco Rubio as their spokes hole. I mean lets get real. Rubio is a man who has principles but this doesn’t mean he isn’t wrong about what he is trying to do. The real end game of Obama and the rest is to give amnesty to illegals who are in reality undocumented Democrats in waiting.  Yet Marco Rubio doesn’t want to see the real truth. The real truth he is being used to advance the Left’s agenda of destroying this country.

Rubio’s big argument is the immgration system is broken. Why is it broken? Obama, George Bush, and the Demo-Republican Party will not enforce the laws on the books. I have a novel idea- follow the law. And this is the real reason why the system doesn’t work.

Rubio is a good man but he is ramming this idea of amnesty down our throats. “We The People” don’t want this. Yet he is letting the Left define the terms of the debate. Rubio is being used. The Democrats, Obama, The Left lie. They say they will agree to the terms of the deal and five minutes later they renege on the deal. This is the real truth and Rubio doesn’t want to see this.

Rush tried to point this very fact out to him on his show Thursday April 18th. It went in one of Rubio’s ears and out the other.

“WE The People” have been lied to before so what makes this time any different. The Hart Cellar Act 1964, Ronald Reagan’s amnesty deal in 1986, was the end all be all to stop illegals. In reality the problem was never fixed just exacerbated to now where we have no control over our border. The sad but true fact this was done on purpose by Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrat Party.

It is all about a power grab. Obama and the Demo wing of the Demo-Republican Party, and The Left was to stay in power forever. This is not about compassion it is about power and control. And I for one am damn sick and tired of people like Rubio dicking with my emotions to get amnesty for folks who broke the law and are rewarding them with citizenship.

People like me obey the law are left holding the bag and we are being shit upon by these well meaning politicians and Ministers. And what ever you do don’t EVER TELL ME I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. I DO. I have dealt with the immigration the right way when I brought my wife, stepson, and stepdaughter from Brasil.

We were treated like criminals. Yet when illegals enter this country we roll out the red carpet and say come on in.

This is all about a power grab. Marco Rubio you are a good man who is being used to advance the left’s agenda.

This is the truth.

Here are some things to think about.

This is taken from the Drudge Report.

“The sweeping immigration reform bill unveiled Wednesday would bring a raft of new regulations and add more layers to the federal bureaucracy.

The 844-page Senate bill calls for a dramatic expansion of the country’s worker verification system, an overhaul of visa programs and a new set of proposed regulations allowing undocumented people to become “

The bill would establish penalty systems for employers and create protections for vulnerable immigrant workers in order to achieve the largest overhaul of the nation’s immigration system in decades.
The bipartisan Gang of Eight in the Senate, which penned the bill, set out “to establish clear and just rules for seeking citizenship, to control the flow of legal immigration, and to eliminate illegal immigration, which in some cases has become a threat to our national security,” according to the legislation’s preamble.

Unlike the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, President Obama’s healthcare overhaul and other legislation requiring major regulatory undertakings, the immigration proposal has significant support from Republicans and business groups.

Try this on for size.

“Under the immigration reform bill, some employers would have an incentive of up to $3,000 per year to hire a newly legalized immigrant over a U.S. citizen.

In avoiding one controversy — the cost of providing millions of newly legalized immigrants with ObamaCare subsidies — the Senate “Gang of Eight” may have risked walking into another.

The bipartisan legislation released Wednesday dictates that those granted provisional legal immigrant status would be treated the same as those “not lawfully present” are treated under the 2010 health law.

That means they would neither be eligible for ObamaCare tax credits nor required to pay an individual tax penalty for failing to obtain qualifying health coverage. It also means some employers would face no penalty for failing to provide such workers affordable health coverage.

How about this for a Federal Leviathan.

“The 844 page Senate immigration bill (S. 744) creating a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens was introduced overnight Wednesday morning prior to its one and only scheduled hearing Friday morning.

But, given the average person’s reading speed, congressmen would need nearly three full days to read it – if they never stopped to eat, sleep, or do anything else.

Given that it takes the average reader a minimum of five minutes to read a page of technical information, a congressman would need 4,220 minutes to read the bill (5 x 844 = 4,220). Divide that by 60 minutes and you get 70.3 hours.

Divide 70.3 hours by 24, and it would take 2.93 days for a congressman to read the entire immigration bill – if he started and didn’t stop until he finished.

So, will anyone actually read the entire immigration bill prior to the hearing – or even before voting on it?

History says “no,” if you look at some of the previous long, important bills congressmen have admitted they didn’t read before voting on them:

How about this little diddy.

“Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said today that the Senate immigration bill is even worse than feared, since it legalizes illegals’ relatives and even those previously deported:

“It’s hard to believe, but the Senate immigration bill is worse than we thought. Despite assurances, the border is not secured before almost everyone in the country illegally is given amnesty.  The bill guarantees there will be a rush across the border to take advantage of massive amnesty.”

Rep. Smith says the Senate immigration bill shreds current immigration laws:

“And the Senate proposal offers amnesty to far more illegal immigrants than we thought.  In addition to most of the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country, the bill offers to legalize the relatives of illegal immigrants outside the U.S. and even others who have already been deported back home. So current immigration laws are shredded.

“The Senate bill is bad news for the American people. The good news is that the House Judiciary Committee will come up with a better plan that improves our immigration system and puts the interests of American workers first.”

This was taken from this morning Friday April 19th

The immigration issue is front and center in Washington this week, as the so-called Gang of Eight finally unveiled a comprehensive reform bill at around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. Meanwhile, in Texas, a federal judge is set to rule within days on a pending lawsuitthat has gone largely unnoticed, although it could have serious implications for the immigration debate.

The suit pits the Obama administration against its own immigration-enforcement agents, who are suing over the administration’s use of “prosecutorial discretion” to dictate how immigration law is enforced — or not enforced. A group of ten U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents has charged that a series of policy directives from ICE and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) effectively “commands ICE officers to violate federal law” and face possible suspension or termination if they refuse. Critics of the Gang of Eight’s proposal worry that if nothing is done to prevent future administrations from similarly ignoring immigration laws, the country will inevitably face another crisis down the road.

A federal judge in Dallas heard arguments in the case on April 8, and he is expected to issue a ruling in the coming days. The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction against a June 2012 directive from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that instructs ICE officers to refrain from initiating deportation proceedings for illegal immigrants who may qualify for what is sometimes referred to as “DREAM status.” Immigrants who might qualify would be those who were brought here illegally as children, who are currently enrolled in school or are a member of the military, and who have not been convicted of a serious crime.

The ICE agents claim that the directive “violates the obligation of the executive branch to faithfully execute the law,” which mandates that if immigration officers find that a detainee is in the country illegally, that individual “shall be detained” for removal proceedings. The Obama administration, however, is arguing that the word “shall,” in this instance, actually means “may.” The resulting enforcement breakdown has led officials to release dangerous criminals without charge. One of the most “shocking” examples of this, notes Kris Kobach, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, is the case of ICE agent Samuel Martin.

On July 17, 2012, an illegal immigrant who had been detained on a domestic-assault charge in El Paso, Texas, allegedly assaulted Martin and a colleague — a federal felony charge — as they tried to place the immigrant in a vehicle. When Martin, who would later require shoulder surgery as a result of the incident, sought to initiate removal proceedings against the immigrant, his ICE supervisors told him to release the detainee without charge. According to the plaintiff’s court filing, the agents protested, but were told that “it was a management decision, based on the President’s new immigration policies.” ICE supervisors, with an eye to possible disciplinary action, subsequently questioned the agents.

The Sixties Radical-Marco Rubio Another in a Long Line of Shills for Statism

The statists in the Republican wing of the Demo-Republican Party must think we are totally stupid. They think we will fall for the bullshit that these folks pedal. Marco Rubio is the latest in a long line of Statist masquerading as conservatives to push the real agenda- giving illegals amnesty.

This crap is never ending. Rush Limbaugh summed it up best” The Democrats are a battering ram”. Limbaugh forgot one key element- The Republican Wing of the Demo-Republican Party is hoisting the battering ram and pushing it down our throats também.

In my heart and mind I know these folks can’t be this stupid so this has to be done on purpose to destroy this great country of ours. It has to be done on purpose. For one doesn’t shit in his mess kit. You don’t bring the entire house down around you by accident.

The real truth this is done on purpose by Obama, The Left, and the Demo wing of the Demo-Republican Party. However folks like Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and the rest talk a good game but when push comes to shove they cave like the rest in the Republican wing.  I expect Ted Cruz to fall next.

I should know this for when a person or a country gets away from the word Adonai, the Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov, and Yeshua right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right, morals are destroyed and it’s anything goes. Hedonism is the norm. The rule of law is thrown out and lawlessness becomes the rule of law.

The word of Adonai told us this would happen.  Yeah I know I am a Torah and Bible thumper. So be yet. Someone has to stand up to the godless in our society. So it might as well be me.

Will this great country get destroyed? Only Adonai can save us and this is why a great revival is taking place in Churches and Synagogues across the country. Folks like me are praying and asking Adonai for help and guidance.

When Adonai’s revolution takes place the entire nation become a blaze of mercy shown by Adonai. All the nations and all the people will bow before the one truth Adonai, The Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov, and Yeshua.  Adonai told us HE would let the world know without a doubt who HE is.

Radio show hosts can push Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and the rest of the fake conservatives down out throats however in the end the real truth comes out-these fools are no more than shills for destruction of our society. They will tell us they are for the rule of law yet in the end Rubio and the rest are statists who want to give us suicide on the installment plan.


This story appeared on Mark Levin’s website

“First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same … Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset … Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia … In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.” […]

“The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.” [Ted Kennedy at Judiciary Committee hearing on Feb. 10, 1965, commenting on the Hart-Celler Act]

What is it not?  It is not millions of people cascading across the border….It is not welfare benefits for those folks immediately.  In fact, it’s in the bill right now that they cannot get AFDC benefits….It is not immediately wives, husbands, and children will come across. Not the case.” [Chuck Schumer on the House floor, commenting on 1986 amnesty bill].

Well, the rest is history.  It is impossible to quantify how much the last two decades of illegal immigration – a direct result of the ’86 amnesty – has cost us in education, healthcare, welfare, refundable tax credits, and criminal justice.  It is impossible to quantify how much the 1965 Kennedy bill has upset the balance of the country, ballooned the welfare state, and created a permanent Democrat majority in many parts of the country.

Now, instead of being ashamed of his past failures and lies, Chuck Schumer is back pushing amnesty for the people who were never supposed to come here as a result of his original amnesty.  This is about as Orwellian as it gets.  Now he has Marco Rubio to do his bidding and use mellifluous language to cajole conservatives into supporting another “Charlie Brown” style immigration bill.

“This is not amnesty — amnesty is the forgiveness of something.”  “We’re going to create an alternative that says OK, you want to stay here, you’ll have to wait more than 10 years, you’ll have to pay this fine, you’ll have to pay your registration fee, you’ll have to be gainfully employed, you won’t qualify for any federal benefit, and then after all of that you don’t get to apply for anything until the enforcement mechanisms are in place. I would argue to you that it will be cheaper, faster and easier for people to go back home and wait 10 years than it will be to go through this process … and that’s why it’s not amnesty.”  [Marco Rubio on Fox News Sunday, 4/14/13]

In an effort to paint this bill as something other than blanket amnesty, Rubio keeps mentioning all these conditions for receiving green cards and a number of exclusions from the amnesty process.  They will have to pay fines and submit to a background check.  Only those who came here before 2012 will be eligible.  Yet, there are three fundamental problems with the framework for this proposal:

1) The day this bill would go into effect, almost every illegal alien would become legal.  Period.  So before any enforcement is put into place – before the fence is built, the biometric visa tracking system is put into place, E-Verify is implemented, and all the magnets such as refundable tax credits and birthright citizenship are eliminated (not that this bill will ever do those things) – they will all become legal.  There is a reason they are unwilling to implement enforcement first.  They want to continue the circuitous cycle of amnesty.

2) There is no way to stop the legalization train once it takes effect.  Legal status will never be revoked; it can and will only be expanded with every inevitable subsequent act of Congress.  Both for political and legal reasons, there is no way they will stay in temporary legal status for years once they are granted that status.  The same political pressure that people like Rubio are feeling now to grant amnesty will be demonstrably stronger over the coming months and years to grant green cards and citizenship after they are recognized as legal and legitimate.  We will never have a legally-sanctioned underclass for the 10-year period Rubio suggests.

There is more.

“A bipartisan group of senators plans to introduce its long-awaited immigration bill on Tuesday, Senate sources confirmed to ABC News,” Jim Avila and Jordan Fabian wrote on Friday. “Four Democrats and four Republicans, known as the ‘Gang of Eight,’ wrapped up months of hard-fought negotiations this week and will put forth a bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.”

If the Senators actually do wait until Tuesday to roll out their lengthy proposed overhaul of the U.S. immigration system, that will give members of the Senate Judiciary Committee less than a full day to read it before the only Senate hearing on the topic. Despite ardent pleas from Senate conservatives, including ranking Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Chuck Grassley, the committee’s chairman, Sen. Pat Leahy, has only agreed to one hearing on the legislation.

Leahy scheduled that single hearing for Wednesday at 2:30 PM, and the hearing’s sole scheduled witness is Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Napolitano would have less than a full day to read the bill she is scheduled to testify about.

“Gang of Eight” member Marco Rubio (R-FL) has said he supports multiple hearings and an open and transparent immigration reform process, but his actions do not necessarily back his words. He has not pushed Leahy to force multiple hearings; he appears content with the single hearing Leahy has scheduled on the issue and now appears to be backing down from his demand for multiple hearings.

In a Friday morning report, Politico’s Manu Raju notes that after Rubio was “rebuffed” in his request for multiple hearings, “the senator wants to launch his own public hearing process of sorts to allow Republican senators to question expert witnesses about the plan, a move aimed at alleviating conservative fears that the plan will be jammed through Congress with little public airing.”

Rubio is clearly worried about the perception that this bill will be rushed through, just like Obamacare was a few years ago. On Saturday morning, Rubio’s office issued a press release containing a single quote from Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace:

The one thing that’s clear is that this isn’t going to be health care reform. It’s not going to be rushed through. It’s going to go through the committee process. There’s going to be hearings. There will be lots of amendments. And I think the only way to get buy in from some of those other 92 senators is going to be regular order, that is a very gradual slow way.

Despite Wallace’s claim, there is only one hearing that is scheduled to happen. At the same time, there are multiple reports that keep surfacing indicating that the Gang of Eight will band together to block amendments to their bill.

The next step The Senate will introduce a bill to give illegals amnesty.  This is from the AP.

“A bipartisan group of senators is almost ready to share with colleagues and voters an immigration overhaul crafted over several months.

The so-called Gang of Eight is finishing up the final details and is planning to unveil the proposed legislation on Tuesday. Even before the measure gets its first public airing, its authors were defending the program that would provide a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million individuals in this country who came illegally or overstayed their visit.

“We’re not awarding anybody anything. All we’re doing is giving people the opportunity to eventually earn access to our new, improved and modernized legal immigration system,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican who has been among the lawmakers at work on the overhaul.

Rubio had been slow to fully embrace the proposals that strengthen border security while offering a long pathway for those immigrants to earn citizenship. But he promoted the pending legislation to seven Sunday show hosts, leaving little doubt he was going to work to win over skeptics.

“What we’re working on is a starting point. It is not the take-it-or-leave-it offer. It is a starting point of reform,” Rubio said.

But even before its release, the proposal has its critics.

It’s a deal all right. Selling this country right to hell. Citizens be damned. We aren’t worth a flip.

Now add to the mix this country murdering millions of babies a year no wonder we are falling apart.

This is from

“Two recent cases of mass murder–one gaining a great deal of national media attention, the other very little–both specifically targeted children.

In Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 20-year-old Adam Lanza broke into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and, according to the Connecticut Medical Examiner, murdered 20 6- and 7-year-old first graders. He also murdered six adult staff at the school and shot his mother four times in the head as she slept in the home he shared with her.

In Philadelphia, Pa., over a course of decades, according to a Pennsylvania grand jury, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a wealthy abortionist who specialized in terminating the lives of babies late in pregnancy, murdered “hundreds” of born babies by either suctioning out their brains or slitting the backs of their necks to sever their spinal cords.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) called out the national news media for their nearly non-existent coverage of the ongoing and gruesome trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, who is accused of cutting the spinal cords of babies who survived abortions, the death of a mother, and a variety of related charges.

“Why the censorship?” Smith asked in a speech delivered on the House floor on Thursday.

“Now, another national media cover up!” said Smith. “In this case, even when a Jeffrey Dahmer-like murder trial of an abortionist named Kermit Gosnell, who ran the benign-sounding Women’s Medical [Society,] unfolds in a Philadelphia courtroom replete with shocking testimony of beheadings, unfathomable abuse, death, and body parts in jars.”

Only Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh spoke about this murdering of innocent babies.

The Sixties Radical- We are Being Lied to by Our Leaders-All of Them

I don’t care how many ways one cuts this gun control debate to Sunday passing new gun laws and doing away with The Second Amendment will not stop what happened at Sandy Hook. This is a cold hard fact. The Left, Obama, the Demo-Republican Party, the state run and state controlled media know this. This very fact is buried under the assault that is taking place in this county on “We The People’s” liberty and freedom.

This so called debate on gun control is a blatant attempt to destroy the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. This all about turning this great country of ours into a Totalitarian state. Obama and the rest of statists view us as their serfs and servants. Obama is the King and we are the subjects.

This is the plain and simple truth. The parents and survivors of Sandy Hook are being used as political tools to advance The Lefts agenda to kill The Second amendment. This is a well thought plan by Obama and the statists to take away our freedom.

I don’t care how many gun laws are passed this will stop or put an end to what happened at Sandy Hook. This is will happen again and again.  Jeaze people use your heads for something besides a hat rack.

Do you think criminals will by a gun from a gun show or a gun store? HELL NO! Do think criminals will go online to by guns? HELL NO! Do you think criminals will buy guns where background checks will take place? HELL NO!

I have better idea buy your guns from Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. These fools sold guns to criminals on purpose yet no one is raising hell about this. Two border patrol agents were killed and the state run and state controlled media don’t give a damn.

The double standard that is being used by the media and the Statists is really simple, if a citizen is killed and it doesn’t advance the template of killing The Second Amendment the news will be swept under the rug.

This lie is being sold to us so we will give up our Adonai rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The other real fact is that criminals target gun free zones and folks who are helpless. Yet no one speaks about this except Rush, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck.  Do you think a criminal will willing submit to background checks and buying a gun from a licensed dealer? This line of thinking is pure stupidity. Yet Obama, The Left, the state run and state controlled media, and the Demo-Republican Party tells us this is so. What a crock of crap.

Yes I know this may sound cruel and hard but the truth is always is hard to swallow. We must stop reacting emotionally and start thinking. Yet Obama and statist are counting on us to just react emotionally and forget about logic. This is happening now.

In the end we will give up our liberty and freedom willingly

This is the end game of Obama and statists

Total control of “We The People.

Here is the text for The Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection.

This is taken from

This is taken directly from the bill.

Nothing in this title, or any amendment made by this title, shall be construed to-
(1) expand in any way the enforcement authority or jurisdiction of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; or
(2) allow the establishment, directly or indirectly, of a Federal firearms registry.

(a) Establishment of Commission.-There is established a commission to be known as the National Commission on Mass Violence (in this subtitle referred to as the “Commission”) to study the availability and nature of firearms, including the means of acquiring firearms, issues relating to mental health, and all positive and negative impacts of the availability and nature of firearms on incidents of mass violence or in preventing mass violence.

APPOINTMENTS.-The Commission shall be composed of 12 members, of whom-
(A) 6 members of the Commission shall be appointed by the Majority Leader of the Senate, in consultation with the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives, 1 of whom shall serve as Chairman of the Commission; and
(B) 6 members of the Commission shall be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, in consultation with the Republican leadership of the Senate, 1 of whom shall serve as Vice Chairman of the Commission.

The two key phrases or words that jump out are a national registry and mental illness. Who decides who is mentally ill? What is mental illness? What does this term mean? What does this term encompass?

The real agenda of Obama and this statists is this. Read this story taken from The Drudge Report on Saturday April 13th.

“Media critic and social analyst Mark Dice shows how people are literally in a trance as he gets people to sign a petition banning their birthrights. The public’s zombie-like mental state is what will allow Obama to get his gun ban through.

Here is another story taken from The Drudge Report.

“SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CA): I think we are on a track. The question is to where. And it’s not enough, I agree with that. What I’ve been surprised at, as the weapons grow more and more sophisticated over the time, and the kill power increases, and the availability of hundred round drums that can be fed into the weapons increases, that what you have is a situation.

I’ve watched this over many years. These weapons are very attractive to people who want to remedy a grievance, who just want to kill. They’re drawn to these weapons. And they’re not, these weapons aren’t hunting weapons. I mean, do you need a thirty round clip and an AR-15 to hunt? I don’t think so.

So I don’t understand, and I never have, why this nation is better, how we protect our people better with these weapons being so easily available. So, the bill that I have, which is close to the Connecticut bill just signed by the governor, really doesn’t take a weapon away from anybody. If they sell that weapon, there’s a background check. If they keep that weapon, it has to be kept with a trigger lock and in a safe. And it exempts 2,258 weapons in 96 pages of bill language by make and model. What it does do is dry up the supply over time. (Morning Joe, April 11, 2013)

Mark Levin spoke about this on his radio show on Friday. Please read. This is how the scam works. The Demo-Republican Party is feeding us lies.

Here it is all laid out very simply.


No one is standing up for the Constitution or The Bill of Rights. We are now subjects not the sovereign.