The Sixties Radical- Insanity is Doing The Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results- Are We Insane?

The Left, Obama, and The Demo-Republican Party to advance amnesty are using Marco Rubio as their spokes hole. I mean lets get real. Rubio is a man who has principles but this doesn’t mean he isn’t wrong about what he is trying to do. The real end game of Obama and the rest is to give amnesty to illegals who are in reality undocumented Democrats in waiting.  Yet Marco Rubio doesn’t want to see the real truth. The real truth he is being used to advance the Left’s agenda of destroying this country.

Rubio’s big argument is the immgration system is broken. Why is it broken? Obama, George Bush, and the Demo-Republican Party will not enforce the laws on the books. I have a novel idea- follow the law. And this is the real reason why the system doesn’t work.

Rubio is a good man but he is ramming this idea of amnesty down our throats. “We The People” don’t want this. Yet he is letting the Left define the terms of the debate. Rubio is being used. The Democrats, Obama, The Left lie. They say they will agree to the terms of the deal and five minutes later they renege on the deal. This is the real truth and Rubio doesn’t want to see this.

Rush tried to point this very fact out to him on his show Thursday April 18th. It went in one of Rubio’s ears and out the other.

“WE The People” have been lied to before so what makes this time any different. The Hart Cellar Act 1964, Ronald Reagan’s amnesty deal in 1986, was the end all be all to stop illegals. In reality the problem was never fixed just exacerbated to now where we have no control over our border. The sad but true fact this was done on purpose by Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrat Party.

It is all about a power grab. Obama and the Demo wing of the Demo-Republican Party, and The Left was to stay in power forever. This is not about compassion it is about power and control. And I for one am damn sick and tired of people like Rubio dicking with my emotions to get amnesty for folks who broke the law and are rewarding them with citizenship.

People like me obey the law are left holding the bag and we are being shit upon by these well meaning politicians and Ministers. And what ever you do don’t EVER TELL ME I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. I DO. I have dealt with the immigration the right way when I brought my wife, stepson, and stepdaughter from Brasil.

We were treated like criminals. Yet when illegals enter this country we roll out the red carpet and say come on in.

This is all about a power grab. Marco Rubio you are a good man who is being used to advance the left’s agenda.

This is the truth.

Here are some things to think about.

This is taken from the Drudge Report.

“The sweeping immigration reform bill unveiled Wednesday would bring a raft of new regulations and add more layers to the federal bureaucracy.

The 844-page Senate bill calls for a dramatic expansion of the country’s worker verification system, an overhaul of visa programs and a new set of proposed regulations allowing undocumented people to become “

The bill would establish penalty systems for employers and create protections for vulnerable immigrant workers in order to achieve the largest overhaul of the nation’s immigration system in decades.
The bipartisan Gang of Eight in the Senate, which penned the bill, set out “to establish clear and just rules for seeking citizenship, to control the flow of legal immigration, and to eliminate illegal immigration, which in some cases has become a threat to our national security,” according to the legislation’s preamble.

Unlike the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, President Obama’s healthcare overhaul and other legislation requiring major regulatory undertakings, the immigration proposal has significant support from Republicans and business groups.

Try this on for size.

“Under the immigration reform bill, some employers would have an incentive of up to $3,000 per year to hire a newly legalized immigrant over a U.S. citizen.

In avoiding one controversy — the cost of providing millions of newly legalized immigrants with ObamaCare subsidies — the Senate “Gang of Eight” may have risked walking into another.

The bipartisan legislation released Wednesday dictates that those granted provisional legal immigrant status would be treated the same as those “not lawfully present” are treated under the 2010 health law.

That means they would neither be eligible for ObamaCare tax credits nor required to pay an individual tax penalty for failing to obtain qualifying health coverage. It also means some employers would face no penalty for failing to provide such workers affordable health coverage.

How about this for a Federal Leviathan.

“The 844 page Senate immigration bill (S. 744) creating a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens was introduced overnight Wednesday morning prior to its one and only scheduled hearing Friday morning.

But, given the average person’s reading speed, congressmen would need nearly three full days to read it – if they never stopped to eat, sleep, or do anything else.

Given that it takes the average reader a minimum of five minutes to read a page of technical information, a congressman would need 4,220 minutes to read the bill (5 x 844 = 4,220). Divide that by 60 minutes and you get 70.3 hours.

Divide 70.3 hours by 24, and it would take 2.93 days for a congressman to read the entire immigration bill – if he started and didn’t stop until he finished.

So, will anyone actually read the entire immigration bill prior to the hearing – or even before voting on it?

History says “no,” if you look at some of the previous long, important bills congressmen have admitted they didn’t read before voting on them:

How about this little diddy.

“Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said today that the Senate immigration bill is even worse than feared, since it legalizes illegals’ relatives and even those previously deported:

“It’s hard to believe, but the Senate immigration bill is worse than we thought. Despite assurances, the border is not secured before almost everyone in the country illegally is given amnesty.  The bill guarantees there will be a rush across the border to take advantage of massive amnesty.”

Rep. Smith says the Senate immigration bill shreds current immigration laws:

“And the Senate proposal offers amnesty to far more illegal immigrants than we thought.  In addition to most of the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country, the bill offers to legalize the relatives of illegal immigrants outside the U.S. and even others who have already been deported back home. So current immigration laws are shredded.

“The Senate bill is bad news for the American people. The good news is that the House Judiciary Committee will come up with a better plan that improves our immigration system and puts the interests of American workers first.”

This was taken from this morning Friday April 19th

The immigration issue is front and center in Washington this week, as the so-called Gang of Eight finally unveiled a comprehensive reform bill at around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. Meanwhile, in Texas, a federal judge is set to rule within days on a pending lawsuitthat has gone largely unnoticed, although it could have serious implications for the immigration debate.

The suit pits the Obama administration against its own immigration-enforcement agents, who are suing over the administration’s use of “prosecutorial discretion” to dictate how immigration law is enforced — or not enforced. A group of ten U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents has charged that a series of policy directives from ICE and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) effectively “commands ICE officers to violate federal law” and face possible suspension or termination if they refuse. Critics of the Gang of Eight’s proposal worry that if nothing is done to prevent future administrations from similarly ignoring immigration laws, the country will inevitably face another crisis down the road.

A federal judge in Dallas heard arguments in the case on April 8, and he is expected to issue a ruling in the coming days. The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction against a June 2012 directive from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that instructs ICE officers to refrain from initiating deportation proceedings for illegal immigrants who may qualify for what is sometimes referred to as “DREAM status.” Immigrants who might qualify would be those who were brought here illegally as children, who are currently enrolled in school or are a member of the military, and who have not been convicted of a serious crime.

The ICE agents claim that the directive “violates the obligation of the executive branch to faithfully execute the law,” which mandates that if immigration officers find that a detainee is in the country illegally, that individual “shall be detained” for removal proceedings. The Obama administration, however, is arguing that the word “shall,” in this instance, actually means “may.” The resulting enforcement breakdown has led officials to release dangerous criminals without charge. One of the most “shocking” examples of this, notes Kris Kobach, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, is the case of ICE agent Samuel Martin.

On July 17, 2012, an illegal immigrant who had been detained on a domestic-assault charge in El Paso, Texas, allegedly assaulted Martin and a colleague — a federal felony charge — as they tried to place the immigrant in a vehicle. When Martin, who would later require shoulder surgery as a result of the incident, sought to initiate removal proceedings against the immigrant, his ICE supervisors told him to release the detainee without charge. According to the plaintiff’s court filing, the agents protested, but were told that “it was a management decision, based on the President’s new immigration policies.” ICE supervisors, with an eye to possible disciplinary action, subsequently questioned the agents.

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