The Sixties Radical- We Won’t Be Fooled Again. It’s All About Amnesty

The real truth is coming out about what our leaders and members of congress really believe and stand for. Wait a second Gee Man are you telling me that Marco Rubio is not a conservative? Yes! His true identity has leaked out. All one has to do is follow his logic and stand on giving illegals amnesty. Yes he spoke the right words to get elected and fooled three of the biggest names in talk radio.

How can I say this? It is very simple. Marco Rubio drank the cool aid. Instead of telling Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican leadership to take a flying leap he signed on to be the front man to ram down our throats amnesty.  I know he is a man of principle so how can a man of principle sign on to work with known lairs like Schumer, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Obama, and the rest of the gang of eight. Men of principle know you can’t make deals with Satan.  Men of principle would walk away. To quote Rush Limbaugh how do you work with people who you do not have anything in common with? How do you work out a deal with people who want to destroy and wipe you off the face of the earth?

These are real questions that Marco Rubio needs to ask himself. I for one will never trust him or anyone else in public office. Words are cheap. Let’s see if you can walk the walk? So far Rubio is in the process of destroying this country and selling out our freedom to the Democrat wing of the Demo-Republican Party in exchange for a worthless piece of paper upon which promises are written about securing the border. “We The People” know this is a lie. It is all about amnesty and destroying and wiping conservatives off the face of the earth.

Real courage is about standing up for ones convictions when everyone else shouts take the deal.  The Holy Spirit keeps whispering in my ear don’t trust this man. He is wrong. He has sold out. Obama, Harry Reid, and Mitch McConnell are using Rubio. I had a sense this was the truth. Now I know it is true. Mark Levin spoke about this very thing on his radio show on Monday April 29th.

This story is from Washington Post.

It was early one morning in December when Richard J. Durbin spotted Marco Rubio in the members-only Senate gym.

Dedicated fitness buffs, the two had become unlikely workout buddies. Now Durbin (D-Ill.) wanted to know whether Rubio (R-Fla.) would join him in another heavy lift: a fledgling bipartisan group tackling immigration reform.

“You ought to be a part of this,” Durbin, 68, told his 41-year-old colleague, according to people familiar with the conversation. “You’d be an important voice, so come hear us out.”

On Tuesday, the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” is set to unveil a proposal that would represent the most far-reaching overhaul of immigration laws since 1986. The process of developing the legislation, which features a path to citizenship for up to 11 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, was hammered out in two dozen meetings led by veterans of earlier immigration battles, including Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Durbin wasn’t the only one who reached out to Rubio. The senator from Florida was added to the group after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made clear to Graham and McCain that Rubio’s participation would be critical to winning conservative support. President Obama phoned Rubio, who was traveling in Israel, after the senator dismissed details of an administration immigration plan leaked to the media in February. And Schumer called Rubio two weeks ago to confirm his support after the Republican publicly expressed skepticism about the pace of negotiations.

The key paragraph is the last one. McConnell is pulling strings quietly in the background.

The real end game is for The Demo-Republican Party to grant amnesty for illegals.  This is what this bill is really all about.

Rubio stated he knows this bill will die in the House? Really are you sure of this bucko? Not so fast many so called experts thought the Supreme Court would strike down the McCain Feingold act. It wasn’t. It is now the law of the land. The pundits told us the Supreme Court would strike down Obamacare. It wasn’t. Now we have unleashed a living hell o this country.

Now you are telling us don’t worry the House won’t pass this amnesty bill. John Boehner will bring this bill to the floor and it will only take a handful of Republicans to pass the bill. Then what? We have in effect given amnesty to millions of illegals and this will result in the death of this country, as we know it.

Rubio you are playing a dangerous game. You are playing you bet your ass with my country, my liberty, my freedom, my families freedom, my families country And before you get on your high horse and call me a racist and bigot you better look in the mirror Rubio. I know how immigration works. My family and I experienced it first hand. So please do not hand me this line of bullshit.

Marco Rubio you are my enemy. You have been warned.

This story is from the Politico.

Sen. Marco Rubio acknowledged Tuesday on a conservative radio talk show that the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform bill won’t likely pass the Republican-led House.

The comments from Rubio, perhaps the most influential congressional Republican on immigration, illustrate the challenges facing the prospects for reform after months of private negotiations by a bipartisan coalition of senators produced a wide-ranging, 844-page bill.

“The bill that’s in place right now probably can’t pass the House,” Rubio told Mike Gallagher, a nationally syndicated talk show host. “It will have to be adjusted, because people are very suspicious about the willingness of the government to enforce the laws now.”

He continued: “That is a very legitimate suspicion, it’s one that I share, and if there’s anything we can do to make [the bill] even tighter … that’s exactly what we should be working on.”

In a separate radio appearance Tuesday, Rubio elaborated on the challenges facing the legislation in the House, saying the enforcement mechanisms in the Senate legislation would need to be much stronger in order to pass the lower chamber.

One way to do that would be to require construction of a double-sided fence, which Rubio said he would support.

”I believe that double-fencing in the right places has been highly effective,” Rubio said on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

The Florida Republican called the Gang of Eight bill a “starting point” and urged opponents to propose changes to the bill, not try to kill it altogether.

“Let’s try to fix it,” Rubio said on Gallagher’s show. “Let’s try to change it, but to just say let’s defeat the whole thing, I don’t think

The Torah is very clear about what a man says reveals his true heart.

Psalms 34:13, “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.

Proverbs 18:21, “The tongue has power over life and death; those who indulge it must eat its fruit.

Isaiah 1:1-31 ,”This is the vision of Yesha‘yahu the son of Amotz, which he saw concerning Y’hudah and Yerushalayim during the days of ‘Uziyahu, Yotam, Achaz and Y’chizkiyahu, kings of Y’hudah:“Hear, heaven! Listen, earth!
For Adonai is speaking. “I raised and brought up children,
but they rebelled against me. An ox knows its owner
and a donkey its master’s stall,
but Isra’el does not know,
my people do not reflect .“Oh, sinful nation,
a people weighed down by iniquity,
descendants of evildoers,
immoral children!
They have abandoned Adonai,
spurned the Holy One of Isra’el,
turned their backs on him! “Where should I strike you next,
as you persist in rebelling?
The whole head is sick,
the whole heart diseased.
From the sole of the foot to the head
there is nothing healthy,
only wounds, bruises and festering sores
that haven’t been dressed or bandaged
or softened up with oil. “Your land is desolate,
your cities are burned to the ground;
foreigners devour your land in your presence;
it’s as desolate as if overwhelmed by floods.
The daughter of Tziyon is left
like a shack in a vineyard,
like a shed in a cucumber field,
like a city under siege.” If Adonai-Tzva’ot had not left us
a tiny, tiny remnant,
we would have become like S’dom,
we would have resembled ‘Amora.
10 Hear what Adonai says,
you rulers of S’dom! Listen to God’s Torah, you people of ‘Amora! “Why are all those sacrifices offered to me?” asks Adonai.
“I’m fed up with burnt offerings of rams
and the fat of fattened animals!
I get no pleasure from the blood
of bulls, lambs and goats!
12 Yes, you come to appear in my presence;
but who asked you to do this,
to trample through my courtyards?
13 Stop bringing worthless grain offerings!
They are like disgusting incense to me!
Rosh-HodeshShabbat, calling convocations —
I can’t stand evil together with your assemblies!
14 Everything in me hates your Rosh-Hodesh
and your festivals; they are a burden to me —
I’m tired of putting up with them!

15 “When you spread out your hands,
I will hide my eyes from you;
no matter how much you pray,
I won’t be listening; because your hands are covered with blood.

“Wash yourselves clean! Get your evil deeds out of my sight!
Stop doing evil, 17 learn to do good!
Seek justice, relieve the oppressed,
defend orphans, plead for the widow.

18 “Come now,” says Adonai, “let’s talk this over together. Even if your sins are like scarlet, they will be white as snow; even if they are red as crimson,
they will be like wool. 19 If you are willing and obedient,
you will eat the good of the land;
20 but if you refuse and rebel,
you will be eaten by the sword”;
for the mouth of Adonai has spoken.

How the faithful city has become a whore!
Once she was filled with justice,
righteousness lodged in her;
but now murderers!
22 Your silver is no longer pure,
your wine is watered down.
23 Your leaders are rebels, friends of thieves.
They all love bribes and run after gifts.
They give no justice to orphans,
the widow’s complaint doesn’t catch their attention.

24 “Therefore,” says the Lord, AdonaiTzva’ot,
the Mighty One of Isra’el,
“I will free myself of my adversaries,
I will take vengeance on my enemies.
25 But I will also turn my hand against you!
I will cleanse your impurities as with lye
and remove all your alloyed base metal.
26 I will restore your judges as at first
and your advisers as at the beginning.
After that, you will be called
the City of Righteousness, Faithful City.
27 Tziyon will be redeemed by justice;
and those in her who repent, by righteousness.

“Rebels and sinners together will be broken
and those who abandon Adonai be consumed.
29 You will be ashamed of the sacred oaks you desired,
you will blush at the gardens you chose;
30 for you will be like an oak whose leaf fades,
like a garden without any water.
31 The strong will be like tinder
and [the idol’s] maker like a spark;
both will burn together,
and no one will put them out.”

Complete Jewish Bible is where the quotes were taken from.

This story was taken from CNSNEWS.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.), one of eight senators who have crafted legislation that would put illegal aliens on a path to U.S. citizenship, explained in a Senate floor speech yesterday that one of the reasons he wants to do this is that he believes illegal aliens are currently driving on U.S. roads without drivers licenses and auto insurance and his bill would encourage them to get licenses and buy insurance.

Rubio explained that under his bill ilegal aliens who “have committed serious crimes” will be deported. However, the proposal will apparently not deem as a serious crime the habit of routinely driving without a driver’s license.

“We have people in this country who are having children who are U.S. citizens and they go to our schools; they are driving on our streets without a driver’s license, which means they have no car insurance, which means all of us have to pay more in car insurance as a result,” said Rubio. “This is obviously not good for them, but it is not good for us.”

Rubio said that the first reason he wants to legalize illegal aliens is “because it is in the best interest of our country.”

“If there are people in this country illegally who entered here before December 2011, they have to present themselves,” Rubio said on the Senate floor. “They will undergo a background check. If they have committed serious crimes in the U.S., they will be de- ported. If they have not, they will have to pay an application fee, a fine.”

This is what happens when honorable men sell their souls to the highest bidder. You have to twist to yourself into a pretzel to tell the truth. Rubio lies and we know it. And this is why we are in he shape we are. Ninety percent of this crap would clear up if we enforced the current laws and secured the border.