The Sixties Radical- The War on Christians is in Full Swing in The USA While Israel Must Fight to Survive

While the USA is willingly giving away our freedom and our sovereignty The Middle East is about to erupt into war. The world will turn a blind eye to what is happening to my people in Israel. According to the world  Israel cannot defend herself. Israel must stand by and do nothing. For if “WE Jews” Adonai’s chosen people lift a finger to protect the land given to us by Adonai we are the bad guys.  According to the world leaders we are the aggressors when we protect ourselves. We are a sovereign nation. Just like the USA we can’t protector borders we must bend over backwards and take it in the butt when we want to make sure our people are safe from destruction.  For if we do not let our enemies who want to wipe us off the face of the earth have their way we Jews are considered demons and devils yet it is Islam, Iran, Libya, Russia, and all of the Middle East who are the real terrorists and evil ones.

In the world’s eyes We Jews must be good Jews and do nothing. We must let the world attack us and destroy us. Good Jews know their place. All we can do is cry, wail and let the enemy murder all of us in the name of peace. Yet Adonai has other ideas. Adonai is our protector. We Jews have a covenant with Adonai. Jerusalem is our capital. Adonai gave us this city over three thousand years ago. Read Genesis 15, Genesis 48-:3-4, Genesis 50:24-26, Exodus 1, Exodus 24 & 25.

Did we Jews do anything to deserve this covenant with Adonai? NO! Avraham was righteous man and he followed what Adonai asked him to do. It is as simple as this. Moshe did the same thing as well as Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov.

We as a nation went against the word of Adonai and we suffered immensely. We Jews were scattered all over the earth until in 1948 Adonai created the nation of Israel in one day.

Isaiah 66:7-8,  “Before going into labor, she gave birth;
before her pains came, she delivered a male child.
Who ever heard of such a thing?
Who has ever seen such things?
Is a country born in one day?
Is a nation brought forth all at once?
For as soon as Tziyon went into labor,
she brought forth her children.

Complete Jewish Bible.

Let me give you a stern warning the way you treat Israel and us Jews is the way you will be treated by Adonai. You can make book on this and take it to the bank.

This story is the headline on Sunday May 5th Drudge Report.

Reuters wrote this story.

“Israeli jets devastated Syrian targets near Damascus on Sunday in a heavy overnight air raid that Western and Israeli officials called a new strike on Iranian missiles bound for Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

As Syria’s two-year-old civil war veered into the potentially atomic arena of Iran’s confrontation with Israel and the West over its nuclear program, people were woken in the Syrian capital by explosions that shook the ground like an earthquake and sent pillars of flame high into the night sky.

“Night turned into day,” one man told Reuters from his home at Hameh, near one of the targets, the Jamraya military base.

But for all the angry rhetoric in response from Tehran and from the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, it was unclear whether the second such raid in 48 hours would elicit any greater reaction than an Israeli attack in the same area in January, which was followed by little evident change.

The Syrian government accused Israel of effectively helping al Qaeda Islamist “terrorists” and said the strikes “open the door to all possibilities”; but Israeli officials said that, as in January, they were calculating Assad would not pick a fight with a well-armed neighbor while facing defeat at home.

Denying it was weighing in on the rebel side on behalf of Washington – which opposes Assad but is hesitating to intervene – officials said Israel was pursuing its own conflict, not with Syria but with Iran, and was acting to prevent Iran’s Hezbollah allies receiving missiles that might strike Tel Aviv if Israel made good on threats to attack Tehran’s nuclear program.

What Israel was not doing, they stressed, was getting drawn into a debate that has raged in the United States lately of whether the alleged use of poison gas by Assad’s forces should prompt the West finally to give military backing to oust him.

CNN- “The United States believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria, two U.S. officials first told CNN.

U.S. and Western intelligence agencies are reviewing classified data showing Israel most likely conducted a strike in the Thursday-Friday time frame, according to both officials. This is the same time frame that the U.S. collected additional data showing Israel was flying a high number of warplanes over Lebanon.

One official said the United States had limited information so far and could not yet confirm those are the specific warplanes that conducted a strike. Based on initial indications, the U.S. does not believe Israeli warplanes entered Syrian airspace to conduct the strikes.

Both officials said there is no reason to believe Israel struck at a chemical weapons storage facilities. The Israelis have long said they would strike at any targets that prove to be the transfer of any kinds of weapons to Hezbollah or other terrorist groups, as well as at any effort to smuggle Syrian weapons into Lebanon that could threaten Israel.

The Lebanese army website listed 16 flights by Israeli warplanes penetrating Lebanon’s airspace from Thursday evening through Friday afternoon local time.

The New York Times-” A series of powerful explosions rocked the outskirts of Damascus early Sunday morning, which Syrian state television said was the result of Israeli missile attacks on a Syrian military installation.

If true, it would be the second Israeli airstrike in Syria in two days and the third this year.

The airstrike that Israeli warplanes carried out in Syria overnight on Thursday was directed at a shipment of advanced surface-to-surface missiles from Iran that Israel believed was intended for Hezbollah, American officials said Saturday. That strike was aimed at disrupting the arms pipeline that runs from Syria to Hezbollah, the militant Lebanese organization, and it highlighted the mounting stakes for Hezbollah and Israel as Syria becomes more chaotic.

Iran and Hezbollah have both backed President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian civil war, now in its third year. But as fighting in Syria escalates, they also have a powerful interest in expediting the delivery of advanced weapons to Hezbollah in case Mr. Assad loses his grip on power and Syria ceases to be an effective channel for funneling weapons from Iran.

The missiles that were the target of the Israeli raid had been shipped from Iran and were being stored in a warehouse at Damascus International Airport when they were struck, according to an American official.

This is from the Guardian.

“Confirmation that Israeli warplanes have carried out a series of air strikes in Syria against consignments of missiles being shipped to Hizbollah in southern Lebanon has highlighted Iran’s attempts to reinforce its regional allies in anticipation of military conflict with Israel.

As I revealed last month, recent intelligence reports indicate that Iran has revived its efforts to ship weapons to the radical Hamas movement in Gaza. Following negotiations between members of the Quds force from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Sudanese government officials and Hamas leaders earlier this year, Iran has chartered a number of Boeing 747 cargo planes to smuggle weapons to Hamas via Sudan.

Under the terms of the agreement, weapons are shipped from Tehran to the Syrian capital Damascus, and from Damascus they are sent to Khartoum. Then they are transported by road from Sudan to Gaza travelling through Egypt and the Sinai Desert.

At the same time it now appears that Iran is also trying to send shipments to weapons to Hizbollah, its proxy militia in southern Lebanon. Hizbollah and Israel fought an inconclusive war in 2006, and with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, a close ally of Hizbollah, involved in a desperate battle for survival, Iran is anxious to ensure that Hizbollah is fully equipped if the conflict results in renewed hostilities with Israel.

Israel and Iran have issues of their own, with the Jewish state repeatedly warning that it will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. With so much regional tension, Iran has decided that it needs to be fully prepared for conflict with Israel. And what better way to put pressure on the Jewish state than to supply Hamas and Hizbollah, Iran’s allies on Israel’s southern and northern borders respectively, with fresh supplies of arms.

This story was tucked away from sight. This is very disturbing.

AP-“A cultural war has erupted between Israel’s rising political star and his ultra-Orthodox rivals.

Newly minted Finance Minister Yair Lapid, hugely popular for opposing the long-standing preferential treatment enjoyed by the religious minority, is moving swiftly to slash state handouts to large families, compel lifelong seminary students to work and join the army, and remove funding for schools that don’t teach math, science and English.

The religious – labeled “parasites” by one Lapid emissary this week – are crying foul. But they appear helpless, at least in the short run, to stop Lapid from pressing his agenda.

For most of the last three decades, the country’s small ultra-Orthodox minority sat in governing coalitions, securing vast budgets for religious schools and automatic exemptions from mandatory military service for tens of thousands of young men in full-time religious studies.

Tapping into widespread resentment over these expensive perks, Lapid made a strong showing in January elections. His new Yesh Atid, or There is a Future, party finished second in the voting, turning him into the newest star of Israeli politics and propelling him to a senior position in the governing coalition.

The religious parties, meanwhile, were pushed into the opposition.

Lapid, facing a yawning deficit, has moved quickly to drastically slash budgets favoring the ultra-Orthodox.

“I say, let there be war,” Lapid said in a speech Wednesday.

According to a draft of planned reforms viewed by The Associated Press, the Finance Ministry has proposed cutting in half government subsidies to religious schools that do not teach a core curriculum including math, science and English, and boosting funding for schools that do. It also seeks to allow subsidies for child day care only if both parents work – an effort to entice ultra-Orthodox men who study religious texts full time to join the job market.

A parliamentary committee headed by Yesh Atid Cabinet Minister Yaakov Peri also proposes cutting 30 percent of funding to ultra-Orthodox religious seminaries and introducing legislation to end most military draft exemptions, Israeli media reported this week.

This story is directly to this one.

The Truth-” The U.S. military has officially banned the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As crazy as that sounds, it is actually true.  In a written statement, the Pentagon told Fox News that “religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense” and that “court martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis and it would be inappropriate to speculate on the outcome in specific cases”.  And a consultant that has been brought in to help the Pentagon develop new policies on religious tolerance says that sharing the gospel with someone else is like “rape” and that he would like to see “hundreds of prosecutions to stop this outrage”.  His name is Mikey Weinstein, and he is the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  In the past, he has described Christians as “human monsters” and “enemies of the United States Constitution“.  He says that sharing the gospel in the military is “sedition and treason” and should be punished as such.  Why in the world would such a man be brought in to advise the Pentagon about religious tolerance?  Sadly, all of this is just part of a larger trend of animosity by the U.S. military toward Christians and the gospel.

Once upon a time, faith had a very prominent place in the U.S. military.  But now it is rapidly becoming one of the most anti-Christian institutions in the entire country.

I would like to know who decided to bring in one of the most rabid atheists in America to help establish new policies for religion in the military.  Just check out what Mikey Weinstein told Fox News the other day…

The Sixties Radical- We Are Being Led Like Lambs to The Slaughter

The more the truth surfaces about the gang of eight-amnesty bill the sicker I get. I should have known better. I had a great teacher on how bills become law. How back room deals are cut. Hell I am kicking myself in the butt for believing this Bullshit that comes outta politician’s mouths. Father Jack Flynn took me under his wing in 1988 and showed me as well as taught me what really goes on in Congress. Yes, it was on a smaller scale in New Mexico but still these same principles apply on the national level.

Father Jack would refer to this as horse-trading. You have something I want and I have something you want so let’s work out a deal that benefits both of us. The problem is this.  We the People get screwed.

The truth is this is power politics and about who can stay in power not what is best for the state such as New Mexico or the country. Very few politicians are concerned about what is best for the country they are only concerned about staying in power over their little thiefdom. This is what politics is about in New Mexico. I sat in those back room deals and saw how all of this crap was done. Father Jack taught me well.

All these people care about is acquiring power and keeping it. In New Mexico it is all about cutting deals so you can fill your pocket with the taxpayers money. Just ask Manny Aragon, Les Houston, Eddie Lopez, or Tom Rutherford just to name a few. The state of New Mexico was carved up into little theifdom’s so these people could stay in power and control the people and our money. This is the same principle used by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, John McCain, and the rest.

Shame on me for forgetting the lessons taught to me by Father Jack Flynn.

Marco Rubio is doing the same thing. He is the front man for a bill he knows is bad for the country. Rubio can use as an excuse these people have lied to me. Look Marco, you knew this going into this deal. You went in with your eyes wide shut. Yet you chose to ignore the truth and this why you are a dangerous man. English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was warned about the real truth behind what Adolph Hitler was doing. Chamberlain signed the peace deal with Hitler and seven million of my people were murder by the Nazis. Chamberlain signed a worthless piece of paper. You are doing the same thing to this country. You are murdering my country. I hold you accountable if this bill passes as well as Obama, and The Demo-Republican Party.

The death of America is on your hands Marco Rubio.

This is taken from the National Review online.

At the press conference introducing their bill, the Gang of Eight evoked the spirit of Ted Kennedy. But the 24 pages of the 844-page bill (pages 370–94) dealing with “immigrant integration” stand as a rousing tribute to Saul Alinsky. If this bill becomes law, you can be sure, as night follows day, that federal dollars will pour into radical left-wing activist groups to promote “immigrant integration.”

On the surface, the bill’s provisions to “integrate” newcomers appear reasonable enough. Various projects are established to foster the “linguistic, economic, and civic integration of immigrants.” A public-private partnership is created; a pilot project is launched to provide funds to states, localities, and nonprofit organizations; and grants are awarded for the purpose of assisting “aliens who are preparing an initial application for registered provisional immigrant status” (i.e., legalization) and “legal permanent residents seeking to become naturalized United States Citizens.”

How will the “immigrant integration” section of the Schumer-Rubio bill work in practice? Let us examine how “immigrant integration” currently works in two states: Illinois and Maryland.

The State of Illinois established a Governor’s Office of New Americans (GONA) in 2006. The director of GONA declared, “Immigrant integration in the State of Illinois is made possible through our Strategic partnerships with community based organizations, local governments,” and various state agencies. GONA’s website specifically highlighted that its “strategic partnership” with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) receives “national recognition.” The ICIRR will undoubtedly become a major beneficiary of the Schumer-Rubio proposal.

The major figure behind the ICIRR is longtime radical activist Joshua Hoyt. Stanley Kurtz in his powerful exposé Radical-in-Chief noted that Hoyt collaborated with Barak Obama and former terrorist Bill Ayers on issues related to the Woods Fund of Chicago, as it dispensed funds to radical groups such as ACORN. Hoyt was associated with the original Saul Alinsky front group, the Industrial Areas Foundation. Under Hoyt’s leadership, the ICIRR led successful campaigns to gain state support for illegal immigrants’ access to in-state college tuition, preschool, and health benefits, and secured recognition for foreign-consular (matricula consular) identity cards. Hoyt and ICIRR also supported Islamic groups that were resisting law-enforcement examinations of suspicious Muslim charities, and they worked with others to pass an Illinois law mandating that detainees for immigration violations have access to “religious counseling” (often from radical imams.)

On July 8, 2012, the ICIRR hosted “Electoral Organizing training designed for people who are planning to run electoral or issue campaigns in 2012.” Participating in the ICIRR’s electoral training was a close ally (listed on the ICIRR letterhead as an affiliated organization): the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC). This group works closely with the Islamist (and Muslim Brotherhood–aligned) Islamic Council of North America. The CIOGC, along with the ICIRR, as well as the radical Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, which is another official “strategic partner” of the Governor’s Office of New Americans, will clearly play important roles in any “immigrant integration” in Illinois.

At the center of immigrant integration is CASA de Maryland (originally Central American Solidarity Association) and its executive director, Gustavo Torres. CASA has tremendous influence in state politics both with the legislature and with Governor Martin O’Malley. Torres was co-chair of O’Malley’s transition team. He is a key member of the Maryland Council for New Americans, which advises O’Malley, and he chairs its working group on citizenship issues.

Torres left his native Colombia to support the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua in the 1980s. According to the Washington Post, he was a Sandinista journalist who met his first wife, an American Sandinista sympathizer and “advocate for reproductive health,” in Nicaragua. The Sandinistas, it is worth remembering, were officially Marxist-Leninists — that is to say, Communists. In other words, during the Cold War struggle against Communism, Gustavo Torres of CASA de Maryland was not on the side of the free world, and he continues to this day to be a critic of Reagan’s anti-Communist policies.

Torres became executive director of CASA in 1993 and a U.S. citizen in 1995. In 2007 he spoke at a Chávez-funded conference in Venezuela on “revolution” in Latin America. Shortly thereafter, from 2008 to 2010, CASA received $1.5 million in funding from the Chávez regime. Besides Chávez, CASA’s funders include the Maryland state government, the U.S. government, the Ford Foundation, and George Soros’s Open Society Institute.

CASA’s major activities consist of opposing federal, state, and local enforcement of immigration laws. Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.) has charged CASA with “aiding and abetting criminal activity” by teaching illegal immigrants “how to circumvent the law.” On May Day in 2008, CASA organized a demonstration that included contingents from the American Communist Party and the Socialist Workers Party. Not surprisingly, CASA and Torres are strong supporters of the “Cuban Five,” five Castro spies convicted by the American government, whose cause has become trendy for the international Left.

We can be sure that “immigrant integration” will work in the Senate bill the same way it currently works in the states. The left-wing groups that will benefit from the “Alinsky” section of the Schumer-Rubio bill include the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Service Employees International Union, La Raza, the Asian Law Caucus, the National Immigration Law Center, CASA, the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, and various organizations supported by Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood. National Review readers have been alerted to the activities of these groups particularly through the writings of Stanley Kurtz, as well as David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin, co-authors of The New Leviathan.

As Lenin used to say, Cui bono? Who benefits? So who benefits from pages 370–94 of the Schumer-Rubio bill? Schumer knows. Does Rubio?

This story will never see the light of day in the state run and state controlled media.

The only way I found out about this story was from

Obama goes to Mexico and blames Mexico’s gun violence on America.

Real Clear Politics- “Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States,” President Obama said during a speech at Mexico’s Anthropology Museum. “I think many of you know that in America, our Constitution guarantees our individual right to bear arms. And as president, I swore an oath to uphold that right, and I always will.”
“But at the same time, as I’ve said in the United States, I will continue to do everything in my power to pass common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. That can save lives here in Mexico and back home in the United States. It’s the right thing to do,” Obama added.

CNSNEWS filed this story. President Barack Obama, speaking in Mexico City on Friday, said the United States is responsible for much of the crime and violence in Mexico because of the demand for drugs and the illegal smuggling of guns across the southern border.

He told the crowd, “We understand that the root cause of violence that’s been happening here in Mexico for which so many Mexicans have suffered is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States.” He later added, “We also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States.”

Obama acknowledged the illegal smuggling of guns into Mexico by American criminals, but did not mention the Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious that allowed the flow of about 2,000 U.S. guns to Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Fast and Furious began in the fall of 2009 and was halted in December 2010 after two of the weapons from the DOJ gun walking program were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

“In the United States, we understand our responsibilities. We understand that the root cause of violence that’s been happening here in Mexico for which so many Mexicans have suffered is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States,” Obama said. “So we’ve got to continue to make progress on that front.”

Obama opposes legalizing drugs, but wants to approach the matter beyond just law enforcement.

“I’ve been asked, and I honestly do not believe that legalizing drugs is the answer,” the president said. “But I do believe that a comprehensive approach, not just law enforcement, but education and prevention and treatment, that’s what we have to do. We’re going to have to stay at it, because of the lives of our children and the futures of our nations depend on it.”

Here’s a news flash for you Marco Rubio- OBAMA LIES. How can you trust him to keep his word? YOU CAN’T!

Now Obama trashes our country. Rush Limbaugh had this to say about Obama. This is taken from

RUSH: So let’s go to the audio sound bites this morning in Mexico City at the Anthropology Museum, present Obama speaking to Mexican college students…

OBAMA: (godlike reverb) Our attitudes sometimes are trapped in old stereotypes. Some Americans only see the Mexico that is depicted in sensational headlines of violence and border crossings — and let’s admit it. Some Mexicans think that America disrespects Mexico, or thinks that America is trying to impose itself on Mexican sovereignty or just wants to wall ourselves off. And in both countries, such distortions create misunderstandings that make it harder for us to move forward together. So I’ve come to Mexico because I think it’s time for us to put the old mind-sets aside. It’s time to recognize new realities, including the impressive progress of today’s Mexico.

MEXICANS: (applause)

RUSH: Right. You note the God echo is back, the God reverb. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I think this is an outrage. We had the president of the United States apologizing to Mexican college students for the way illegal immigrants in this country are disrespected. We take in millions and millions of them here, in violation of law. We feed and clothe and educate them and provide them health care.

The president of the United States is in Mexico apologizing for the attitudes of some Americans, that many Americans convey the old stereotype of Mexicans as illegal border crossers. He then apologized to these college students for America trying to impose itself on Mexican sovereignty. What? Would somebody explain that to me? I do not understand how we are trying to impose ourselves on Mexico.

It would seem, if we want to discuss this, that it might actually be the opposite. Now, this is the kind of thing that Democrats say when we go to Iraq or when we engage in military activity to liberate the oppressed, the tyrannized. Democrats never like that, such as Iraq. They always run around saying, “We’re trying to impose our way of life on people! We shouldn’t do that. We shouldn’t try and impose freedom.”

But it’s usually in the context of armed combat that they make this complaint. Now, we are not at war with Mexico. We haven’t invaded. Quite the opposite. So I really don’t understand the president apologizing to Mexican college students on behalf of people in this country because of the stereotypes in which you engage in when you talk about Mexicans, and for the attempt to impose America on them. I’m at a loss, I must tell you.

RUSH: Now, folks, this sound bite that I just played, if you have, despite my expert talents in explaining things, if you have not yet grasped the Limbaugh Theorem, it’s right here in this sound bite. Grab audio sound bite number one and play it again. There is a specific claim made by the president in this piece that illustrates the Limbaugh Theorem to a T. As you listen to this, I want you to remember that Obama’s not campaigning for office, that he is the president of the United States of America. He is the face of this country, and he has been for four and a half years.

OBAMA: (godlike reverb) Our attitudes sometimes are trapped in old stereotypes. Some Americans only see the Mexico that is depicted in sensational headlines of violence and border crossings — and let’s admit it. Some Mexicans think that America disrespects Mexico, or thinks that America is trying to impose itself on Mexican sovereignty or just wants to wall ourselves off. And in both countries, such distortions create misunderstandings that make it harder for us to move forward together. So I’ve come to Mexico because I think it’s time for us to put the old mind-sets aside.

RUSH: All right, that’s enough. Now, if he goes to Mexico as a candidate in 2008 and says that, that’s one thing. He has been president for four and a half years, and he’s down in Mexico talking about a country, America, that he has nothing to do with, it appears. If this country is attempting to impose itself on Mexico, who the hell would be doing that? There’s only one man who has that power. I can’t impose anything on Mexico. Neither can you. Nor can John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Only one man can impose America on Mexico.

So here is Barack Obama going down to talk to the Mexican college students and sounding like he is as distant from the powers of America as the students are. (imitating Obama) “Well, you know, a lot of people in my country are doing this. A lot of people in my country think this, and the people of my country, five years they’ve been trying to impose, uhhhh.” Who’s the imposer? This is the Limbaugh Theorem illustrated to a T. Whatever America’s doing, it hasn’t anything to do with him. He’s got nothing to do with it. Whatever’s happening in America, it isn’t his fault. He’s got no connection to it. He’s down talking to these Mexican students as though he’s campaigning for office. As though he wants to fix all of these things wrong with America, but he’s been in charge of it for four and a half years.

So here’s the sitting president of the United States of America traveling to Mexico speaking to Mexican citizens, apologizing and criticizing the country he leads and has been leading for four and a half years. This criticism is offered in such a way that that audience will not associate him with any of the complaints that he has about the country. Thus Obama can never be seen governing. His fingerprints can never be on anything. This is how he gets away with constantly criticizing this country and for often apologizing for it. But in reality he’s criticizing himself. In reality he’s apologizing for himself, in addition to this notion that America is trying to impose itself on Mexican sovereignty? What is that? No, I don’t know what it means.

If he’s trying to make some disjointed connection to the way we are opposing immigration, and therefore opposing what Mexicans wish to happen, Mexicans want to come here but we’re saying we got some blockheads this country: “No, you’re not allowed here. We don’t like you. We don’t want you here.” That’s what he’s trying to convey. I think it’s outrageous, folks. I think it’s utterly outrageous to lie like this and to act as though he is not even involved in this country. Here’s the next sound bite. This is drug violence in Mexico. Guess what? America’s problem.

The reason why Romney lost wasn’t due to the Hispanic vote. Romney lost because white voters stayed home because they were tired of the same old bullshit Republican Party.

Rush explains this.

Now, Byron York in the Washington Examiner: “After six months of mulling over November’s election results, many Republicans remain convinced that the party’s only path to future victory is to improve the GOP’s appeal to Hispanic voters. But how many Hispanic voters do Republicans need to attract before the party can again win the White House? A lot. Start with the 2012 exit polls.

“The New York Times’ Nate Silver has created an interactive tool in which one can look at the presidential election results and calculate what would have happened if the racial and ethnic mix of voters had been different. The tool also allows one to project future results based on any number of scenarios in which the country’s demographic profile and voting patterns change. In 2012, President Obama famously won 71% of the Hispanic vote to Mitt Romney’s 27%.”

However, the Hispanic vote was 7% of the electorate. This is not talked about much, but I think it’s kind of important. Obama and Romney split 7% of the electorate. Obama got 71% of it; Romney got 27% of it. “If all other factors remained the same, how large percentage of the Hispanic vote would Romney have had to win to capture the White House? What if Romney had won 44% of the Hispanic vote, the high-water mark for Republicans achieved by George W. Bush in 2004?”

No Republican has ever, in a presidential race, gotten more. So plug that number in. What if Romney gets 44% of the Hispanic vote — which, again, is 7% of the electorate. “As it turns out, if Romney had hit that Bush mark, he still would have lost, with 240 electoral votes to 298 for Obama. But what if Romney had been able to make history and attract 50% of Hispanic voters? What then? He still would have been beaten, 283 electoral votes to 255.” Okay, so let’s get really big here.

“What if Romney had been able to do something absolutely astonishing for a Republican and win 60% of the Hispanic vote? He would have lost by the same margin, 283 electoral votes to 255.” Okay, so let’s go all-in! Let’s give Romney 70% of the Hispanic vote. It’ll never happen. That’s what Obama got. Let’s give Romney the Obama percentage of the Hispanic vote. Let’s give Romney 70%. “Surely that would have meant victory, right? No, it wouldn’t. Romney still would have lost, although by the narrowest of electoral margins: 270 to 268.

“(Under that scenario, Romney would have won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College…) According to the Times’ calculator, Romney would have had to win 73% of the Hispanic vote to prevail in 2012.” What does this tell you? It tells me that the Hispanic vote’s not the problem, and I never have thought it’s the problem. You and I know what the Republican problem was in 2012. We just heard it late last week. It was a Pew Center poll. If the “white vote” had shown up in the same percentage and voted for Romney in 2012 as it voted for McCain in 2008, Romney would have won.

Obama got many fewer votes in 2012 than he got in 2008.

The difference-maker was, a lot of white voters stayed home.


Well, I’ll tell you.

A lot of Republicans think that white voters stayed home because conservative talk radio during the primary season demanded that Romney be a rigid, card-carrying conservative.  And because the right-wing conservative talk radio host demanded that Romney be something that he wasn’t, it turned off a bunch of moderate Republicans.

That’s not what happened.  What happened was — well, who can know for certain.  My best guess at what happened was, why the white vote stayed home, they didn’t think the Republican Party was conservative enough, but there was also a disgust, who are these people?  They’re the bitter clingers.  It’s one thing to hear Obama denouncing ’em.  It’s another thing to hear Republican Party going after everybody but them.

They’re listening to both candidates’ campaign, making appeals here and appeals there, making a generic economic appeal.  And I think there was just a general sense of disgust or resignation, just throw their hands up in resignation.  None of this relates to me, but the point is the Republicans are now accepting what the Democrats and the media are telling them, that they lost because the Hispanics don’t like ’em.  The Hispanics think that you Republicans want them to go away.  The Hispanics think that you Republicans want them to self-deport.  And if you don’t self-deport, they think you want to kick ’em out of the country.  So you Republicans, you better get with it, and you better make the Hispanics understand that you like ’em.

So the party’s doing that.  They’ve got this new pathway to citizenship immigration bill.  They’re saying all the right things.  But, again, remember, the percentage of the electorate that was Hispanic in 2012 was 7%.  Obama got 71% of it; Romney got 27%.  And if you reverse that, Romney gets 70%, he still loses.  The highest percentage of the Hispanic vote any Republican president’s ever got was Bush at 44.  So the point of saying that even if Romney gets 70% he would still lose, it tells you that the Republican Party’s problem is not the Hispanic vote.

It goes far deeper or is far more diversified than that.  No doubt about it.  How else would you read this?  If you give Romney 70% of the Hispanic vote and he still loses, with everything else in 2012 being the same, then what are they doing?  They’re following the advice of their consultant class.  They’re following what the media’s telling them.

They’re following what the Democrats are telling them, what the conventional wisdom inside the Beltway is.  I found it fascinating.

And like lemmings following the leader Rubio has jumped off the cliff and into the abyss. Except his face and finger prints are all over this bill. Now Marco Rubio and the Demo-Republican Party are leading us like lambs to the slaughter.

The Sixties Radical- We Won’t Be Fooled Again. It’s All About Amnesty

The real truth is coming out about what our leaders and members of congress really believe and stand for. Wait a second Gee Man are you telling me that Marco Rubio is not a conservative? Yes! His true identity has leaked out. All one has to do is follow his logic and stand on giving illegals amnesty. Yes he spoke the right words to get elected and fooled three of the biggest names in talk radio.

How can I say this? It is very simple. Marco Rubio drank the cool aid. Instead of telling Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican leadership to take a flying leap he signed on to be the front man to ram down our throats amnesty.  I know he is a man of principle so how can a man of principle sign on to work with known lairs like Schumer, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Obama, and the rest of the gang of eight. Men of principle know you can’t make deals with Satan.  Men of principle would walk away. To quote Rush Limbaugh how do you work with people who you do not have anything in common with? How do you work out a deal with people who want to destroy and wipe you off the face of the earth?

These are real questions that Marco Rubio needs to ask himself. I for one will never trust him or anyone else in public office. Words are cheap. Let’s see if you can walk the walk? So far Rubio is in the process of destroying this country and selling out our freedom to the Democrat wing of the Demo-Republican Party in exchange for a worthless piece of paper upon which promises are written about securing the border. “We The People” know this is a lie. It is all about amnesty and destroying and wiping conservatives off the face of the earth.

Real courage is about standing up for ones convictions when everyone else shouts take the deal.  The Holy Spirit keeps whispering in my ear don’t trust this man. He is wrong. He has sold out. Obama, Harry Reid, and Mitch McConnell are using Rubio. I had a sense this was the truth. Now I know it is true. Mark Levin spoke about this very thing on his radio show on Monday April 29th.

This story is from Washington Post.

It was early one morning in December when Richard J. Durbin spotted Marco Rubio in the members-only Senate gym.

Dedicated fitness buffs, the two had become unlikely workout buddies. Now Durbin (D-Ill.) wanted to know whether Rubio (R-Fla.) would join him in another heavy lift: a fledgling bipartisan group tackling immigration reform.

“You ought to be a part of this,” Durbin, 68, told his 41-year-old colleague, according to people familiar with the conversation. “You’d be an important voice, so come hear us out.”

On Tuesday, the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” is set to unveil a proposal that would represent the most far-reaching overhaul of immigration laws since 1986. The process of developing the legislation, which features a path to citizenship for up to 11 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, was hammered out in two dozen meetings led by veterans of earlier immigration battles, including Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Durbin wasn’t the only one who reached out to Rubio. The senator from Florida was added to the group after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made clear to Graham and McCain that Rubio’s participation would be critical to winning conservative support. President Obama phoned Rubio, who was traveling in Israel, after the senator dismissed details of an administration immigration plan leaked to the media in February. And Schumer called Rubio two weeks ago to confirm his support after the Republican publicly expressed skepticism about the pace of negotiations.

The key paragraph is the last one. McConnell is pulling strings quietly in the background.

The real end game is for The Demo-Republican Party to grant amnesty for illegals.  This is what this bill is really all about.

Rubio stated he knows this bill will die in the House? Really are you sure of this bucko? Not so fast many so called experts thought the Supreme Court would strike down the McCain Feingold act. It wasn’t. It is now the law of the land. The pundits told us the Supreme Court would strike down Obamacare. It wasn’t. Now we have unleashed a living hell o this country.

Now you are telling us don’t worry the House won’t pass this amnesty bill. John Boehner will bring this bill to the floor and it will only take a handful of Republicans to pass the bill. Then what? We have in effect given amnesty to millions of illegals and this will result in the death of this country, as we know it.

Rubio you are playing a dangerous game. You are playing you bet your ass with my country, my liberty, my freedom, my families freedom, my families country And before you get on your high horse and call me a racist and bigot you better look in the mirror Rubio. I know how immigration works. My family and I experienced it first hand. So please do not hand me this line of bullshit.

Marco Rubio you are my enemy. You have been warned.

This story is from the Politico.

Sen. Marco Rubio acknowledged Tuesday on a conservative radio talk show that the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform bill won’t likely pass the Republican-led House.

The comments from Rubio, perhaps the most influential congressional Republican on immigration, illustrate the challenges facing the prospects for reform after months of private negotiations by a bipartisan coalition of senators produced a wide-ranging, 844-page bill.

“The bill that’s in place right now probably can’t pass the House,” Rubio told Mike Gallagher, a nationally syndicated talk show host. “It will have to be adjusted, because people are very suspicious about the willingness of the government to enforce the laws now.”

He continued: “That is a very legitimate suspicion, it’s one that I share, and if there’s anything we can do to make [the bill] even tighter … that’s exactly what we should be working on.”

In a separate radio appearance Tuesday, Rubio elaborated on the challenges facing the legislation in the House, saying the enforcement mechanisms in the Senate legislation would need to be much stronger in order to pass the lower chamber.

One way to do that would be to require construction of a double-sided fence, which Rubio said he would support.

”I believe that double-fencing in the right places has been highly effective,” Rubio said on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

The Florida Republican called the Gang of Eight bill a “starting point” and urged opponents to propose changes to the bill, not try to kill it altogether.

“Let’s try to fix it,” Rubio said on Gallagher’s show. “Let’s try to change it, but to just say let’s defeat the whole thing, I don’t think

The Torah is very clear about what a man says reveals his true heart.

Psalms 34:13, “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.

Proverbs 18:21, “The tongue has power over life and death; those who indulge it must eat its fruit.

Isaiah 1:1-31 ,”This is the vision of Yesha‘yahu the son of Amotz, which he saw concerning Y’hudah and Yerushalayim during the days of ‘Uziyahu, Yotam, Achaz and Y’chizkiyahu, kings of Y’hudah:“Hear, heaven! Listen, earth!
For Adonai is speaking. “I raised and brought up children,
but they rebelled against me. An ox knows its owner
and a donkey its master’s stall,
but Isra’el does not know,
my people do not reflect .“Oh, sinful nation,
a people weighed down by iniquity,
descendants of evildoers,
immoral children!
They have abandoned Adonai,
spurned the Holy One of Isra’el,
turned their backs on him! “Where should I strike you next,
as you persist in rebelling?
The whole head is sick,
the whole heart diseased.
From the sole of the foot to the head
there is nothing healthy,
only wounds, bruises and festering sores
that haven’t been dressed or bandaged
or softened up with oil. “Your land is desolate,
your cities are burned to the ground;
foreigners devour your land in your presence;
it’s as desolate as if overwhelmed by floods.
The daughter of Tziyon is left
like a shack in a vineyard,
like a shed in a cucumber field,
like a city under siege.” If Adonai-Tzva’ot had not left us
a tiny, tiny remnant,
we would have become like S’dom,
we would have resembled ‘Amora.
10 Hear what Adonai says,
you rulers of S’dom! Listen to God’s Torah, you people of ‘Amora! “Why are all those sacrifices offered to me?” asks Adonai.
“I’m fed up with burnt offerings of rams
and the fat of fattened animals!
I get no pleasure from the blood
of bulls, lambs and goats!
12 Yes, you come to appear in my presence;
but who asked you to do this,
to trample through my courtyards?
13 Stop bringing worthless grain offerings!
They are like disgusting incense to me!
Rosh-HodeshShabbat, calling convocations —
I can’t stand evil together with your assemblies!
14 Everything in me hates your Rosh-Hodesh
and your festivals; they are a burden to me —
I’m tired of putting up with them!

15 “When you spread out your hands,
I will hide my eyes from you;
no matter how much you pray,
I won’t be listening; because your hands are covered with blood.

“Wash yourselves clean! Get your evil deeds out of my sight!
Stop doing evil, 17 learn to do good!
Seek justice, relieve the oppressed,
defend orphans, plead for the widow.

18 “Come now,” says Adonai, “let’s talk this over together. Even if your sins are like scarlet, they will be white as snow; even if they are red as crimson,
they will be like wool. 19 If you are willing and obedient,
you will eat the good of the land;
20 but if you refuse and rebel,
you will be eaten by the sword”;
for the mouth of Adonai has spoken.

How the faithful city has become a whore!
Once she was filled with justice,
righteousness lodged in her;
but now murderers!
22 Your silver is no longer pure,
your wine is watered down.
23 Your leaders are rebels, friends of thieves.
They all love bribes and run after gifts.
They give no justice to orphans,
the widow’s complaint doesn’t catch their attention.

24 “Therefore,” says the Lord, AdonaiTzva’ot,
the Mighty One of Isra’el,
“I will free myself of my adversaries,
I will take vengeance on my enemies.
25 But I will also turn my hand against you!
I will cleanse your impurities as with lye
and remove all your alloyed base metal.
26 I will restore your judges as at first
and your advisers as at the beginning.
After that, you will be called
the City of Righteousness, Faithful City.
27 Tziyon will be redeemed by justice;
and those in her who repent, by righteousness.

“Rebels and sinners together will be broken
and those who abandon Adonai be consumed.
29 You will be ashamed of the sacred oaks you desired,
you will blush at the gardens you chose;
30 for you will be like an oak whose leaf fades,
like a garden without any water.
31 The strong will be like tinder
and [the idol’s] maker like a spark;
both will burn together,
and no one will put them out.”

Complete Jewish Bible is where the quotes were taken from.

This story was taken from CNSNEWS.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.), one of eight senators who have crafted legislation that would put illegal aliens on a path to U.S. citizenship, explained in a Senate floor speech yesterday that one of the reasons he wants to do this is that he believes illegal aliens are currently driving on U.S. roads without drivers licenses and auto insurance and his bill would encourage them to get licenses and buy insurance.

Rubio explained that under his bill ilegal aliens who “have committed serious crimes” will be deported. However, the proposal will apparently not deem as a serious crime the habit of routinely driving without a driver’s license.

“We have people in this country who are having children who are U.S. citizens and they go to our schools; they are driving on our streets without a driver’s license, which means they have no car insurance, which means all of us have to pay more in car insurance as a result,” said Rubio. “This is obviously not good for them, but it is not good for us.”

Rubio said that the first reason he wants to legalize illegal aliens is “because it is in the best interest of our country.”

“If there are people in this country illegally who entered here before December 2011, they have to present themselves,” Rubio said on the Senate floor. “They will undergo a background check. If they have committed serious crimes in the U.S., they will be de- ported. If they have not, they will have to pay an application fee, a fine.”

This is what happens when honorable men sell their souls to the highest bidder. You have to twist to yourself into a pretzel to tell the truth. Rubio lies and we know it. And this is why we are in he shape we are. Ninety percent of this crap would clear up if we enforced the current laws and secured the border.