The Sixties Radical- June 26 is The Day The USA Offically Self Destructed

The Liberals, The Left, the evil Obama, and The Demo-Republican Party have gotten their wish. The Adonai of The Torah and The Tanakh has left this country. The final straw came when Supreme Court Justice Kennedy sided with the four other liberals and gave gay marriage the green light. These foolish people have mocked Adonai for the last time. My Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov and my saviour Yeshua have removed the blessing and the grace that has made this country the shinning beacon on the hill. Now we are an Adonai less nation. We are on our own. We are left to our own devices and thus our destruction will come later than you think.

A nation that mocks my Adonai will be destroyed. Adonai’s judgment will be swift. Yes, my Adonai and my saviour Yeshua will protect HIS people.

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy drove the final nail in our coffin when he accused Adonai of being a bigot and homophobe. Justice Kennedy declared before the entire world the word of Adonai is hate speech. My Adonai has enough of our crap. He has removed his hand of grace. HE will longer hear or listen to our prayers. When all holy hell is wreaking havoc upon this land your prayers will fall upon deaf ears.

Adonai has spoken. You no longer want me here so I am gone. I will no longer protect you. I will no longer hear nor answer your prayers. You have gotten your wish. I am gone. You have earned my final judgment. It will be swift and just. The first state to fall will be California. Then the rest will fall like dominos across the land.  I will show you who is the boss. I AM WHO I AM.  I am the Adonai who made heaven and earth. I am the Adonai your God and you shall have no other Gods before me.

This day Juine 26 will be recorded as the day when the USA was officially destroyed by their own hand.

The USA has broken a ton of Adonai’s laws. Let’s try these on for size. Do not murder. Do not commit Adultery. Do not covet they neighbors house, wife, or anything that belongs to him. Do not steal. Do not give false witness against your neighbor. You are not to have no other Gods before me! You are not to make for yourselves a craved image or any kind of representation of anything in heaven above. Need I go on.

This is why we have self destructed right before our very eyes. Yet no one wants to listen to the warnings that Adonai has been giving us since we strayed off of the righteous path in 1890.

The next to last nail in our collective coffin happened in 1962 when the Warren Court officially gave Adonai HIS walking papers. The Supreme Court ruled that voluntary school prayer is against the law. Adonai continued to bless this nation. He held off HIS wrath. Adonai decided to wait and see if these people would repent and ask HIM for forgiveness. This didn’t happen. Roe verses Wade officially gave the state the right to murder unborn babies. Adonai held off HIS wrath.  Adonai is very patient.

The final nail in the coffin happened June 26th when Supreme Court Justice Kennedy officially called Adonai a bigot and Homophobe.  Justice Kennedy also declared the word of Adonai and my Lord and Saviour Yeshua hate speech. This very act broke Adonai’s heart for HE knew what needed to be done swift and just judgment on this country.

A human solution for a spiritual problem is like whistling in the dark. Nao serve para nada. We are not fighting against flesh but principalities. Little prayer little power much prayer much power. Now Adonai will not hear your pleas for help. Adonai will only hear the prayers of HIS people. That’s it.

We have sealed our fate. Adonai will not help us. We are doomed  Adonai has spoken.

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