The Sixties Radical- July Fourth is Now Dead by Our Own Hand

Many are screaming out we have to get back to the Constitution. I agree yet those in power the evil Obama, his evil henchmen and women in The House and The Senate, The Supreme Court, the state-run and state controlled media, and the Left are fighting us tooth and nail to keep us under the jack boot of tyranny. (I borrowed this term from Jenny Martin of the Tea Party). Mark Levin is feverishly working on a new idea that will come out in a book August 2013.

I like all of these ideas but everyone is missing the real point. The only way to fight the evil and the principalities that have taken a strong hold is this country is Adonai. Only the word of Adonai The Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov, and Yeshua can save us now and give us victory.  Many look to prayer as the last resort yet our founding fathers and the framers of the Constitution and the brave men and women who fought the deadly seas of the Atlantic Ocean to escaped the religious persecution in England under the guidance and leadership of William Bradford looked to Adonai and Yeshua first. This is what is missing in this country. Adonai has been kicked to the curb. This all began in 1890 with the advent of the Progressive movement led by Woodrow Wilson. Franklin Roosevelt kicked an Adonai less society into second gear with the New Deal. Lyndon Johnson shifted us into third gear with his idea of the great society. These seeds bore the fruit of the 1962 Supreme Court ruling led by the Warren Court that voluntary school prayer was unconstitutional. A year later the same Warren court made it illegal to read the Torah and Tanakh in school.

These two little noticed rulings changed the scope and direction of this nation. These quiet yet simple two acts kicked into motion our downhill slide into hell.

Adonai began to lift HIS hand of grace and protection off of us. The Adonai of the Torah and Tanakh still showed us mercy and grace but the final straw that broke the camels back came on June 26th, 2013. Led by Justice Kennedy and the four liberal judges shouted out to the world that Adonai of the Torah and Tanakh and Yeshua is a homophobe and bigot. These foolish people ruled that the word of Adonai is hated speech and must be stopped.

This defiance signed the death warrant of USA by our own hand. Adonai is now gone. HE has had enough of this bull crap. Adonai has removed HIS mercy, grace, and protection from us. One thing I have learned over the years is this simple truth never and I repeat never mock my Adonai of the Torah and Tanakh and my saviour Yeshua. For if you do this will be the nations death warrant. Adonai has signed our death warrant. We will receive the swift justice we have been sowing since 1890. Adonai’s judgment is swift and just. We are getting what we deserve.  All one has to do is look through the scrap heap of history and study what happened to the nations before us who have gone against the word of Adonai.

If you think I am pushing for a theocracy I am not. This has been tried in Europe and the rest of the world the results were disastrous.

Study the Mayflower Compact or the writtings Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, and Ben Franklin just to name a few.

Another example of what happens to a nation that mocks Adonai and does it their way is my people the Jews. Read any one of the books of the Torah or Tanakh and see what happened to us. Adonai brought us to knees begging for HIS mercy and grace. Adonai scattered us across the face of earth until HE returned us to our land given us by Adonai in 1948.

The only way to save us from the hand of our own self-destruction is get on our knees and beg Adonai and Yeshua for forgiveness. We must repent of our sins and change our evil ways. This must be done by the entire nation if we don’t do this then our self-destruction is sealed in stone.

Adonai will protect HIS people.  For all intensive purposes this is the final celebration of July 4th the USA will have.

Adonai has spoken.

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