The Sixties Radical- Yeshua is The King of the Jews

We are on the verge of collapse yet no one wants to see this. The Fed is propping up the monetary system and the economy by pumping fake money into the stock market. The dollar is worthless. The moral fiber of the country is finished. Hedonism is the morality of the day. Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov, Yeshua, and the word of Adonai are now considered hate speech and a thing of the past.

The Middle East is now controlled by the Russian Iran alliance. Adonai is leading all the nations of the world that hate Israel and we Jews into the conflict. We have an anti-Semitic President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, the state-run and state controlled media and ninety percent of Congress and many in the Christian Churches. These people would love nothing more than Israel to surrender and then be wiped off the face of the earth.

Adonai is our protector and provider. The way a nation or people treat Jews this is the way Adonai will treat you. This does not mean you kiss our collective asses. This means treat us with respect for without us Jews Christianity would never happen. Christianity cannot exist without Judaism but Judaism can exist without Christianity. Read Genesis and Mattityahu One.

Everyone turns a blind eye to this except Rush Limbaugh. He knows the real truth. Demons, the Black Arts, Voodoo and Black Magic are the new religion. Christianity for the most part has sold out to Secular Humanism. The Catholic Church hates Israel and bastardize the word of Adonai with false teachings and then has the audacity to tell the world to stop making money. The Catholic Church is worth billions and the Pope lives like a King then practice what you preach give your money and buildings to the poor and then let’s talk about it. Heck the Pope sees himself as a King and speaks for Yeshua. Where is it written in the Torah and Tanakh that the Pope speaks for Yeshua or Adonai? It doesn’t. This is one of the many of lies that are told in name of Adonai and Yeshua by The Catholic Church and many Christian Churches.

Yeshua told Kefa he was the rock upon which HIS church would be built. That’s it period end of discussion.

Adonai is revealing HIS presence. He is showing us what is about to happen to all of us if we do not accept Yeshua as our saviour. Adonai has a special message for Israel também. Adonai is telling us Jews we need to repent and return to the HIS word. Yeshua is coming back to us to show we Jews who our saviour is Yeshua. Yeshua is coming back for us.

Adonai has spoken.

The Sixties Radical- Ezekiel is Right

The Middle East has fallen off the radar in the state run and state controlled media. It is a thing of the past yet no one sees the real importance of what happened in Syria. Russia took control of The Middle East. The Russia-Iran alliance is strong. Russia is supplying arms to Iran and the rest of the Middle East. Ezekiel wrote about this. Adonai gave HIS Prophet the vision and the words to write the book of Ezekiel.  No one wants to look at this in spiritual realm.

Adonai is showing us what HE is about to do. Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov are preparing the way for the return of Yeshua. When Yeshua returns HE will be coming for my people the Jews. Adonai is telling Israel to return to my word. Get your house in order and prepare for your saviour Yeshua to come and get you. This is straight from the word of Adonai. See Genesis 3:15, Genesis 12:3, Genesis 17:19 and 21:12 for starters and then look at Galatians 4:4, I Yochaman 3:8, Mattityahu 1:1, Acts 3:25, Galatians 3:16, Mattityahu 1:2, Luke 3:34, Messianic Jews 11:17-19 to see how Adonai’s word was fulfilled.

While this situation with Syria is not major headlines anymore Adonai is bringing about HIS desire for us.

Adonai is also warning Israel get ready for the return Yeshua.  When Moshe asked Adonai what do I say to my people. Adonai told Moshe “ God said to Moshe, “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh [I am/will be what I am/will be],” and added, “Here is what to say to the people of Isra’el: ‘Ehyeh [I Am or I Will Be] has sent me to you.’” 15 God said further to Moshe, “Say this to the people of Isra’el: ‘Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh [Adonai], the God of your fathers, the God of Avraham, the God of Yitz’chak and the God of Ya‘akov, has sent me to you.’ This is my name forever; this is how I am to be remembered generation after generation. (v)”  Genesis 3:13-16 Complete Jewish Bible.

Then Adonai directed Moshe to” 16 Go, gather the leaders of Isra’el together, and say to them, ‘Adonai, the God of your fathers, the God of Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya‘akov, has appeared to me and said, “I have been paying close attention to you and have seen what is being done to you in Egypt; 17 and I have said that I will lead you up out of the misery of Egypt to the land of the Kena‘ani, Hitti, Emori, P’rizi, Hivi and Y’vusi, to a land flowing with milk and honey.”’ 18 They will heed what you say. Then you will come, you and the leaders of Isra’el, before the king of Egypt; and you will tell him, ‘Adonai, the God of the Hebrews, has met with us. Now, please, let us go three days’ journey into the desert; so that we can sacrifice to Adonai our God.’ 19 I know that the king of Egypt will not let you leave unless he is forced to do so. 20 But I will reach out my hand and strike Egypt with all my wonders that I will do there. After that, he will let you go. 21 Moreover, I will make the Egyptians so well-disposed toward this people that when you go, you won’t go empty-handed. 22 Rather, all the women will ask their neighbors and house guests for silver and gold jewelry and clothing, with which you will dress your own sons and daughters. In this way you will plunder the Egyptians.” Complete Jewish Bible. Genesis 3 16-22

Israel get your house in order and return to MY word. Yeshua is coming for you. Adonai has spoken.

The Sixties Radical- Adonai’s word and Prophecy is True

Adonai is showing us what is about to happen. Ezekiel wrote about the Russia Iran alliance. It is happening now. This has been going on for how many years? Since the 1960’s Russia is a major player in The Middle East.

Read Ezekiel 38-39. Joel Rosenberg wrote about this in his book The Ezekiel Option. Hells bells and Odds Bodkins Rush Limbaugh talked about this on his radio show in 2005 when this book came out.

This is fiction but if one looks into the guts of the story line one will see Adonai’s fingerprints and handprints all over this.

The world does not want to see this happening right before our very eyes. Adonai will lead all the anti Semitic nations into The Middle East. These nations will be aligned with Irán, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, and the rest of the nations in The Middle East and attack Israel. These nations will attempt to wipe all us Jews off the face of the earth.

Joel 3- “After this, I will pour out
my Spirit on all humanity.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions;
2 (2:29) and also on male and female slaves
in those days I will pour out my Spirit.
3 (2:30) I will show wonders in the sky and on earth —
blood, fire and columns of smoke.
4 (2:31) The sun will be turned into darkness
and the moon into blood
before the coming of the great
and terrible Day of Adonai.”

5 (2:32) At that time, whoever calls
on the name of Adonai will be saved.
For in Mount Tziyon and Yerushalayim
there will be those who escape,
as Adonai has promised;
among the survivors will be those
whom Adonai has called.” Complete Jewish Bible

Zechariah 14:1-21 “Look, a day is coming for Adonai
when your plunder, [Yerushalayim], will be divided
right there within you.
2 “For I will gather all the nations
against Yerushalayim for war.
The city will be taken,
the houses will be rifled,
the women will be raped,
and half the city will go into exile;
but the rest of the people
will not be cut off from the city.”
3 Then Adonai will go out
and fight against those nations,
fighting as on a day of battle.
4 On that day his feet will stand
on the Mount of Olives,
which lies to the east of Yerushalayim;
and the Mount of Olives will be split in half
from east to west, to make a huge valley.
Half of the mountain will move toward the north,
and half of it toward the south.
5 You will flee to the valley in the mountains,
for the valley in the mountains will reach to Atzel.
You will flee, just as you fled before the earthquake
in the days of ‘Uziyah king of Y’hudah.
Then Adonai my God will come
to you with all the holy ones.

On that day, there will be
neither bright light nor thick darkness;
7 and one day, known to Adonai,
will be neither day nor night,
although by evening there will be light.
8 On that day, fresh water will flow
out from Yerushalayim,
half toward the eastern sea
and half toward the western sea,
both summer and winter.
9 Then Adonai will be king
over the whole world.
On that day Adonai will be the only one,
and his name will be the only name.

10 All the land will be made like the ‘Aravah, from Geva to Rimmon in the Negev. Yerushalayim will be raised up and inhabited where she is, from Binyamin’s Gate to the place where the earlier gate stood, and on to the Corner Gate, and from the Tower of Hanan’el to the king’s winepresses. 11 People will live there, the curse will be broken, and Yerushalayim will live in safety.

12 Adonai will strike all the people’s who made war against Yerushalayim with a plague in which their flesh rots away while they are standing on their feet, their eyes rot away in their sockets, and their tongues rot away in their mouths. 13 When that day comes, there will be among them great panic, sent by Adonai, so that everyone lays hands on his neighbor, who in turn attacks him. 14 Y’hudah too will fight against Yerushalayim; and the wealth of all the nations will be assembled — gold, silver and clothing in great abundance. 15 A plague like this plague will also affect the horses, mules, camels, donkeys and all the other animals in those camps.

16 Finally, everyone remaining from all the nations that came to attack Yerushalayim will go up every year to worship the king, Adonai-Tzva’ot, and to keep the festival of Sukkot. 17 If any of the families of the earth does not go up to Yerushalayim to worship the king, Adonai-Tzva’ot, no rain will fall on them. 18 If the family of Egypt doesn’t go up, if they refuse to come, they will have no [annual] overflow [from the Nile]; moreover, there will be the plague with which Adonai will strike the nations that don’t go up to keep the festival of Sukkot. 19 This will be Egypt’s punishment and the punishment of all the nations that don’t go up to keep the festival of Sukkot.

20 When that day comes, this will be written on the bells worn by the horses: “Consecrated to Adonai”; and the cooking pots in the house of Adonai will be [as holy] as the sprinkling bowls before the altar. 21 Yes, every cooking pot in Yerushalayim and Y’hudah will be consecrated to Adonai-Tzva’ot. Everyone who offers sacrifices will come, take them and use them to stew the meat. When that day comes, there will no longer be merchants in the house of Adonai-Tzva’ot.

Complete Jewish Bible

The USA will not protect Israel. Our great protector and defender is Adonai.  This all began with the covenant Adonai made with Avraham. See Genesis 15-19.

Revelation 6:3-4 3 When he broke the second seal, I heard the second living being say, “Go!” 4 Another horse went out, a red one; and its rider was given the power to take peace away from the earth and make people slaughter each other. He was given a great sword.” Complete Jewish Bible.

Adonai is also warning my people the Jews that I will show you who your real saviour is Yeshua. Adonai is warning us to return to the word Adonai.

Acts 17;11-13- “11 Now the people here were of nobler character than the ones in Thessalonica; they eagerly welcomed the message, checking the Tanakh every day to see if the things Sha’ul was saying were true. 12 Many of them came to trust, as did a number of prominent Greek women and not a few Greek men.

13 But when the unbelieving Jews of Thessalonica learned that the word of God had been proclaimed by Sha’ul in Berea as well, they went there too to make trouble and agitate the crowds. 14 The brothers sent Sha’ul away at once to go down to the seacoast, while Sila and Timothy stayed behind. 15 Sha’ul’s escort went with him as far as Athens, then left with instructions for Sila and Timothy to come as quickly as they could.

Adonai has spoken.

The Sixties Radical- Israel’s Capital is Yerushalayim- Adonai Gave it to We Jews

The Middle East is about to explode. No one wants to examine the real reason why all of this is going on. The Torah and The Tanakh will give everyone insight and the real reason why all of this is happening. Adonai gave us Jews this land when HE made a covenant with Avraham. This is all explained in the Book of Genesis. See chapters 15 through 18.

Yerushalayim is the key to all of what is going on today. Adonai gave this Holy City to us Jews. We Jews have built this city from the ground up. David was given the idea to built Yerushalayim by Adonai. David didn’t build our Holy Temple but his son Solomon did. All of these events took place over three thousand years ago. Actually the date is the tenth century BC.

The Torah mentions Yerushalayim 349 times. The Quran never mentions Yerushalayim.

Psalms 137:5-10  5 If I forget you, Yerushalayim,
may my right hand wither away!
6 May my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth
if I fail to remember you,
if I fail to count Yerushalayim
the greatest of all my joys.

7 Remember, Adonai, against the people of Edom
the day of Yerushalayim’s fall,
how they cried, “Tear it down! Tear it down!
Raze it to the ground!”

8 Daughter of Bavel, you will be destroyed!
A blessing on anyone who pays you back
for the way you treated us!
9 A blessing on anyone who seizes your babies
and smashes them against a rock!

Complete Jewish Bible

Isaiah 62:1-6 For Tziyon’s sake I will not be silent,
for Yerushalayim’s sake I will not rest,
until her vindication shines out brightly
and her salvation like a blazing torch.
2 The nations will see your vindication
and all kings your glory.
Then you will be called by a new name
which Adonai himself will pronounce.
3 You will be a glorious crown in the hand of Adonai,
a royal diadem held by your God.
4 You will no longer be spoken of as ‘Azuvah [Abandoned]
or your land be spoken of as ‘Sh’mamah [Desolate];
rather, you will be called Heftzi-Vah [My-Delight-Is-In-Her]
and your land Be‘ulah [Married].
For Adonai delights in you,
and your land will be married —
5 as a young man marries a young woman,
your sons will marry you;
as a bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
your God will rejoice over you.

6 I have posted watchmen
on your walls, Yerushalayim;
they will never fall silent,
neither by day nor by night.
You who call on Adonai, give yourselves no rest;

Complete Jewish Bible

Psalms 122:1-9, “0) A song of ascents. By David:

(1) I was glad when they said to me,
“The house of Adonai! Let’s go!”
2 Our feet were already standing
at your gates, Yerushalayim.

3 Yerushalayim, built as a city
fostering friendship and unity.

4 The tribes have gone up there, the tribes of Adonai,
as a witness to Isra’el,
to give thanks to the name of Adonai.
5 For there the thrones of justice were set up,
the thrones of the house of David.

6 Pray for shalom in Yerushalayim;
may those who love you prosper.
7 May shalom be within your ramparts,
prosperity in your palaces.

8 For the sake of my family and friends, I say,
Shalom be within you!”
9 For the sake of the house of Adonai our God,
I will seek your well-being.

Complete Jewish Bible

1 Kings 15:1-10 It was in the eighteenth year of King Yarov‘am the son of N’vat that Aviyam began his reign over Y’hudah. 2 He ruled three years in Yerushalayim; his mother’s name was Ma‘akhah the daughter of Avishalom. 3 He committed all the sins his father had committed before him; he was not wholehearted with Adonai his God, as David his forefather had been. 4 Nevertheless, for David’s sake Adonai his God gave him a lamp burning in Yerushalayim by establishing his son after him and making Yerushalayim secure. 5 For David had done what was right from Adonai’s perspective; he had not turned away from anything he had ordered him to do, as long as he lived, except in the matter of Uriyah the Hitti.

6 There was war between Rechav‘am and Yarov‘am as long as he lived.

7 Other activities of Aviyam and all his accomplishments are recorded in the Annals of the Kings of Y’hudah. But there was war between Aviyam and Yarov‘am. 8 Aviyam slept with his ancestors, and they buried him in the City of David. Then Asa his son became king in his place.

9 It was in the twentieth year of Yarov‘am king of Isra’el that Asa began his reign over Y’hudah. 10 He ruled forty-one years in Yerushalayim; his [grand]mother’s name was Ma‘akhah the daughter of Avishalom. “

Complete Jewish Bible

Adonai is warning us of the coming storm that is about to blow across this land. All the nations are lining up to attack Israel. This was written in Ezekiel 38-39. Adonai is bringing about the destruction of all of the nations that hate us Jews. Adonai is warning us of HIS final judgment that is about to reign down on all of us.

Adonai is also warning HIS people We Jews to return to HIS word written in the Torah and Tanakh.  Each time we have gone against the word of Adonai us Jews have suffered the consequences.

His final return is getting ready to happen. Yeshua is getting ready to reveal HIS promise to us Jews I am your King! I am your saviour and you will know who I am. I am that I am.

Adonai has spoken.

The Sixties Radical-Israel’s Enemies are Being Led to The Slaughter by Our Protector Adonai

The world is being drawn into The Middle East like fish being drawn in by a fishing trawler. Adonai is gathering all of Israel’s enemies in so that HE can once and for all destroy all of my people’s enemies. England, France, Italy, and yes the good old USA are being used to bring about Adonai’s design for us all.

Many do not want to see this even though all of the evidence screams out read The Torah and The Tanakh. The so-called pundits see the Russia and Syria alliance however many cannot or will see the total picture.  This is as plain as  the nose on my face. It is the Russia Iran alliance. Ezekiel wrote about this is in Chapters thirty-eight and thirty-nine. Adonai gave him the gift of prophecy to see thousands of years into the future to warn us about all of this happening.

We are not fighting against human flesh and blood but principalities that have taken a strong hold all over the world.

Ezekiel 39:1-29 “So you, human being, prophesy against Gog; say that Adonai Elohim says: ‘I am against you, Gog, chief prince of Meshekh and Tuval. 2 I will turn you around, lead you on and bring you from the far reaches of the north against the mountains of Isra’el. 3 But then I will knock your bow out of your left hand and make your arrows drop from your right hand. 4 You will fall on the mountains of Isra’el, you, your troops and all the peoples with you; I will give you to be eaten up by all kinds of birds of prey and by wild animals. 5 You will fall in the open field, for I have spoken,’ says Adonai Elohim.

6 “‘I will also send fire against Magog and against those living securely in the coastlands; then they will know that I am Adonai. 7 I will make my holy name known among my people Isra’el; I will not allow my holy name to be profaned any longer. Then the Goyim will know that I am Adonai, the Holy One in Isra’el. 8 Yes, this is coming, and it will be done,’ says Adonai Elohim; ‘this is the day about which I have spoken.

9 “‘Those living in Isra’el’s cities will go out and set fire to the weapons, to use as fuel — the shields, breastplates, bows, arrows, clubs and spears; they will use them for fire seven years; 10 so that they will not need to gather wood from the fields or cut down any from the forests; because they will use the weapons for fire. Thus they will plunder those who plundered them and rob those who robbed them,’ says Adonai Elohim.

11 “‘When that day comes, I will give Gog a place there in Isra’el for graves, the Travelers’ Valley, east of the sea; and it will block the travelers’ passage. There they will bury Gog and all his horde, and they will rename it the Valley of Hamon-Gog [horde of Gog]. 12 It will take the house of Isra’el seven months to bury them, in order to cleanse the land. 13 Yes, all the people of the land will be burying them; they will become famous for it. It will be a day for me to be glorified,’ says Adonai Elohim. 14 ‘They will then pick men for the continual duty of going through the land and burying with the travelers the corpses still lying out on the ground, in order to cleanse it; they will begin their search after the seven months. 15 As they go through the land, if anyone sees a human bone, he will put a marker next to it until the gravediggers have buried it in the Valley of Hamon-Gog. 16 Moreover, “Hamonah” [its horde] will be the name of a city. Thus will they cleanse the land.’

17 “As for you, human, Adonai Elohim says that you are to speak to all kinds of birds and to every wild animal as follows: ‘Assemble yourselves and come, gather yourselves from all around for the sacrifice I am preparing for you, a great sacrifice on the mountains of Isra’el, where you can eat flesh and drink blood! 18 You will eat the flesh of heroes and drink the blood of the earth’s princes — rams, lambs, goats and bulls, fattened in Bashan, all of them. 19 You will eat fat till you are gorged and drink blood till you are drunk at the sacrifice I have prepared for you. 20 At my table you will be satiated with horses, horsemen, heroes and every kind of warrior,’ says Adonai Elohim.

21 “‘Thus will I display my glory among the nations, so that all the nations will see my judgment when I execute it and my hand when I lay it on them. 22 From that day on, the house of Isra’el will know that I am Adonai their God; 23 while the Goyim will know that the house of Isra’el went into exile because of their guilt, because they broke faith with me; so that I hid my face from them and handed them over to their adversaries; and they fell by the sword, all of them. 24 Yes, I treated them as their uncleanness and crimes deserved; and I hid my face from them.’

25 “Therefore Adonai Elohim says this: ‘Now I will restore the fortunes of Ya‘akov and have compassion on the entire house of Isra’el, and I will be jealous for my holy name. 26 They will bear their shame and all their [guilt from] breaking faith with me, once they are living securely in their land, with no one to make them afraid. 27 This will be after I have brought them back from the peoples and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, thereby being consecrated through them in the sight of many nations. 28 Then they will know that I am Adonai their God, since it was I who caused them to go into exile among the nations, and it was I who regathered them to their own land. I will leave none of them there any more, 29 and I will no longer hide my face from them, for I have poured out my Spirit.” Complete Jewish Bible

Never in my life would I have ever imagined the USA being used as the Air Force for the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and the entire world of Islam to destroy Israel. Yet this is happening now.

We Adonai let this happen? Not in your lifetime or mine. We Jews have a covenant with Adonai see Genesis Chapters Twelve through Eighteen.

Adonai made a covenant with Moshe Exodus 24.

Adonai told us he would be our great protector and provider.

Isaiah 60: “Arise, shine [Yerushalayim],
for your light has come,
the glory of Adonai
has risen over you.
2 For although darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness the peoples;
on you Adonai will rise;
over you will be seen his glory.
3 Nations will go toward your light
and kings toward your shining splendor.
4 Raise your eyes and look around:
they are all assembling and coming to you;
your sons are coming from far off,
your daughters being carried on their nurses’ hips.
5 Then you will see and be radiant,
your heart will throb and swell with delight;
for the riches of the seas will be brought to you,
the wealth of nations will come to you.
6 Caravans of camels will cover your land,
young camels from Midyan and ‘Eifah,
all of them coming from Sh’va,
bringing gold and frankincense,
and proclaiming the praises of Adonai.
7 All the flocks of Kedar will be gathered for you,
the rams of N’vayot will be at your service;
they will come up and be received on my altar,
as I glorify my glorious house.

“Who are these, flying along like clouds,
like doves to their dovecotes?
9 The coastlands are putting their hope in me,
with the ‘Tarshish’ ships in the lead,
to bring your children from far away,
and with them their silver and gold,
for the sake of Adonai your God,
the Holy One of Isra’el, who glorifies you.
10 Foreigners will rebuild your walls,
their kings will be at your service;
for in my anger I struck you,
but in my mercy I pity you.
11 Your gates will always be open,
they will not be shut by day or by night,
so that people can bring you the wealth of nations,
with their kings led in procession.
12 For the nation or kingdom that won’t serve you will perish;
yes, those nations will be utterly destroyed.

“The glory of the L’vanon will come to you,
cypresses together with elm trees and larches,
to beautify the site of my sanctuary —
I will glorify the place where I stand.
14 The children of your oppressors will come
and bow low before you,
all who despised you will fall at your feet,
calling you the city of Adonai,
Tziyon of the Holy One of Isra’el.

15 “In the past you were abandoned and hated,
so that no one would even pass through you;
but now I will make you the pride of the ages,
a joy for many generations.
16 You will drink the milk of nations,
you will nurse at royal breasts
and know that I, Adonai, am your Savior,
your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Ya‘akov.

17 “For bronze I will bring you gold,
for iron I will bring you silver,
bronze in place of wood,
and iron in place of stones.
I will make shalom your governor
and righteousness your taskmaster.
18 Violence will no longer be heard in your land,
desolation or destruction within your borders;
instead, you will call your walls Salvation
and your gates Praise.

No more will the sun be your light by day,
nor will moonlight shine on you;
instead Adonai will be your light forever
and your God your glory.
20 No longer will your sun go down;
your moon will no longer wane;
for Adonai will be your light forever;
your days of mourning will end.
21 All your people will be tzaddikim;
they will inherit the land forever;
they will be the branch I planted,
my handiwork, in which I take pride.
22 The smallest will grow to a thousand,
the weakest will become a mighty nation.
I, Adonai, when the right time comes,
will quickly bring it about.”

Complete Jewish Bible’

If one wants a compete understanding of what is happening now in The Middle East read The Torah.

Adonai has spoken.