The Sixties Radical- Adonai’s Day of Judgment is Fast Approaching

There is one sole reason why we are in the shape we are in. It is very simple yet no one is speaking or writing about it except for a few brave souls. We have gotten away from the word of Adonai. Instead of being a nation based on the Torah and Tanakh we are now based on the word of Marx, Saul Alinski, Thomas Hobbs and Satan. There I said it. Satan himself is now running the USA to hell. The evil Obama, our leaders in both the House and Senate, The Supreme Court- eight out of the nine judges, The Demo-Republican Party except for three maybe four people, the state run and state controlled media –except, Limbaugh, Levin, and Beck, have on purpose sold the American people the lie that heaven can be created on earth if we give up our Adonai given freedom, liberty and sovereignty and let the central planners of the federal government run our lives from womb to tomb. Instead of Adonai being sovereign the King and or government is sovereign.  The evil Obama views himself as King and Lord over us all. We must bow down to him Obama not my Adonai of the Torah and Tanakh. Obama twists the words of Adonai to suit his lies. Satan did this when He tempted Yeshua in the desert. Read Mattityahu Four.

This lie told by Satan that man can be just like Adonai has been around since the serpent talked Eve and then Adam to eat from The Tree of Knowledge. Genesis Three. Satan has been telling man this same lie since that time over three thousand years ago. Satan’s lie never changes only the application. Satan helped Plato write Plato’s Republic, Thomas Hobbs Leviathan, as well as the biggest lairs of them all Sir Thomas Mores Utopia and Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifest.

This lie has been burned into man’s collective psyche that each new generation can build heaven on earth if the right people are in control and the right set of circumstances are achieved

This has been attempted over and over again. Each time it has been an abject failure yet new fools sell us fools gold that it can be done if we trust them to do it.

Adonai has warned us from the very beginning about false prophets teaching us that we don’t need Adonai and Yeshua. We can create our own destiny without the word of Adonai written in the Torah and Tanakh.

What makes this even more diabolical is that many Christian Churches, The Catholic Church and its leader as well as many Rabbis’ have bought into this notion as well that word of Adonai is out dated and must be changed with times. Homosexuality is okay. It is okay for the government to steal from one to give to another. Murder of unborn children is okay as well as senior citizens. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all the same. The list goes on and on.

These men and women of the cloth are not teaching the real word of Adonai but a version that even Yeshua and Adonai would not recognize. This new word of Adonai is now called secular humanism and the lie called global warming. Man created the heavens and earth not Adonai. See Genesis One and Two.  Man was a mistake. Man is evil so we must pay for our sins by living in the Stone Age. Animals are more noble than man is so we must give up all of our freedoms and liberties to the select chosen few who know what is best for us. And this is called progress.

In the end Adonai is warning us of what is about to come. Adonai’s will- desire for us will be done. We will find out real quick who the real boss is. And I will give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

My day of judgement is coming. This is a harsh reality. You will know I am King Yeshua and everyone will bow before me Yeshua. See Revelations.

I Yeshua came the first time as a innocent  lamb to be sacrificed for all of mankind’s sins. This time I Yeshua is coming as the Lion of Judah. I am coming first for my people the Jews- Israel and then for all those grafted onto the vine Christians.

Adonai is asking us to return to HIS word. Adonai wants us to pray and ask for guidance and then HE will show us the way. For my people the Jews-Israel Adonai is asking us to return to the House of Judah-David and the Torah and then get ready for Yeshua’s return so HE can come and get us.

Adonai has spoken.

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