The Sixties Radical- Stop The Insanity and Return to Adonai’s Word.

We are in the mist of falling apart yet no one wants to really look at why all this hell is breaking loose in this country. We have gotten away from the word of Adonai. This country was founded and built upon Adonai’s word. NOT RELIGION BUT ADONAI’S WORD.

Our founding fathers knew this and this is why they rejected making any one religion or denomination of Christianity or the Catholic Church or Judaism the state religion. Our founding fathers all came from countries that had this very system in place. And this was a living hell for the people who forced to be subjects under such a system. England, France, Germany, Iran, Syria, and most of the world lived under this tyranny of Theocracy. Adonai never intended for us to live under a Theocracy. All of our freedoms and liberties came from Adonai. HE intended us to live as free men and women under the word of Adonai.

Man and religion bastardize Adonai’s word. Man twists and turns Adonai’s word to suit man’s own purpose. This is all done by design. The King wants all men to  be his subjects. We must bow down and worship the King. The King is Adonai not the creator of the universe Adonai.

Man has wrestled with this idea since Adonai kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden-B’resheet (Genesis) Three. Since that time man has been obsessed with creating heaven on earth. This pursuit of Utopia has caused more hell on earth than man has ever imagined. Satan tells man he can be just like Adonai if man will follow the lie than man can create heaven on earth if the right people are in charge and the right set of circumstances are achieved. This has led to the killing of more people in the name of Utopia than people who were killed during the Crusades, World War One and Two combined.

Adonai has warned us what happens when we go against HIS word. The civil society breaks down. Right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right, the truth becomes the lie and the lie is now the truth. We are witnessing first hand the truth of the word of Adonai.

Adonai will always have HIS way. Adonai will use evil and turn it into good to get HIS desire for us. Adonai’s desire for us is to live by HIS word.  Adonai loves us so much that He sent HIS son Yeshua to be crucified for our sins and spend three days in hell and then come back to life so we can have eternal life and live with my Father.

Adonai loved HIS creation man so much that Adonai made a covenant with Avraham so we Jews-Israel would live under HIS protection, grace, and abundance. Adonai chose we Jews not the other way around. We did nothing to deserve Adonai’s grace and protection. All Adonai asked from we Jews is to follow HIS word. We didn’t and Adonai still kept HIS covenant with us.

Adonai loved the non-Jews that HE sent Yeshua for us Jews first and then we as a people rejected Yeshua and thus Adonai’s design for the world to be saved was set in motion. Thus the non-Jews were grafted onto the vine with we Jews.

Adonai is begging us to return to HIS word- both my people the Jews-Israel and non-Jews-Christians.

If one wants to see the full scope of Adonai’s love for us read B’resheet (Genesis).

Adonai has spoken.

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