The Sixties Radical- Adonai Open’s a Door No Human Power Can Close It

Score one for Adonai’s people. Phil Robertson is now back on Duck Dynasty. When Adonai opens s door no human being on earth can close it. You see the state run and state controlled media wants to create a false argument that what Phil Robertson said is anti gay, anti what ever. In actuality the truth is very simple. Adonai’s word is very simple Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of Adonai period end of discussion.  Sin is sin no matter what the sin is and this is why Yeshua was born to save my people the Jews first from their sins and then the rest of the world.

This is all Phil Robertson said.

This is as simple as it gets. Adonai isn’t anti anything except sin. Adonai wants us to living according to HIS will. Adonai’s will means HIS desire and design for our lives. Yeshua wants a personal relationship with us that’s it.

The world, The Left, the state run and state controlled media, and the cultural elites want to twist Adonai and Yeshua’s word to suit their needs and template.  The enemy tries to set up false arguments to trap one into abandoning Adonai and Yeshua’s word. The false arguments are these Yeshua loves everyone so homosexuality is acceptable as well as any kind of sexuality immorality. Yeshua accepts us all so we all can have at it and do not say a word about sin and Adonai forbid to tell one if a person continues down the immoral path they are going to hell. When the high priest brought to Yeshua a woman of the night Yeshua and tried to trap HIM. Yeshua said “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Then Yeshua said to the woman, “Go and sin no more.”

Yeshua was telling the priest’s that you are acting holier than thou. So stop it now! We are all sinners and this is why Yeshua came to earth first to save my people  the Jews from their sins. Second Adonai promised David that he would have a descendant that would sit on David’s throne forever-Yeshua.

Adonai knew that we Jews would reject Yeshua as our King and saviour and this set up Yeshua to die, spend three days in hell and come back to life. This simple act paved the way for Paul and Peter to take Yeshua’s word and message of salvation to the entire world.

In the end Adonai’s will was done.

Phil Robertson and his family are back on the air. Adonai opened the door for this family and no one and I repeat no one can close except Adonai.

Before I close I have one burning question. How did the priests know where the lady of the night was? How did they know exactly where to find her? They must have been seeing her too. This is only an educated guess.

Adonai has spoken.

The Sixties Radical- Good News For Us All.

Today is the day when we celebrate the virgin birth of Yeshua. No Yeshua was not born on December 25th but this is the day we give Adonai thanks for being the father of Yeshua so we could be free and be saved from sin and live with the father forever.

Yeshua came to earth to be a saviour to HIS people my people the Jews. HE came to save us from our sins. This is the good news for the entire world Goy and Jew alike my Messiah was born to set us free and live according to the riches and the glory that the Father Adonai gave us.

Adonai birthed Yeshua through my people the Jews so the world would have a saviour Yeshua. See Mattityahu 1:18-14 Mattityahu 2 and Luke 2.

This is the good news on this Christmas Day.

My family and I want to wish you and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Sixties Radical- Love Can Be a Tought Pill to Swallow

Yeshua, Adonai and HIS word are now under attack from the Left and the state run and state controlled media. God forbid to speak the truth about what is written in The Torah and Tanakh. All holy hell breaks loose. Adonai’s word is branded hate speech.  Ranging from homosexuality, to every sexual sin  under the sun as well as  every sin known to man is off limits. The Left and state run and state controlled media will lambaste you as a racist bigot, homophobe and worse.  These people will twist the word of Adonia to suit their needs. In the end Adonai’s word is bastardized.

Look at what happened to Phil Robertson when he spoke Adonai’s word. He was shit caned from his TV show because he stood his ground. The Left led by morons like Charlie Sheen, GLAAD etal are telling the world they will destroy Robertson. Yet these very attacks on men of faith, Christianity and Adonai’s word reveal what is really going on in this country as we head into Christmas coming up in two days.

The real mission of these people is to erase Yeshua from Christmas. For HIS very presence brings conviction to their sins yet the sinner sees this as condemnation to them and to their heathen lifestyle. When in fact Adonai is convicting them and asking the sinner to come back to HIM and Yeshua will forgive them. For these folks know in their heart of hearts know what they are doing is wrong in the eyes of Adonai. Yet when folks like Phil Robertson speak Adonai’s truth this is called hate speech and has no place in the public discussion. What Phil Robertson did was show love- tough love and point out the error of our ways. When this happens Satan deceives us into thinking Adonai is condemning us when in reality all HIS word is doing is convicting us so we repent of our evil ways and turn back to Adonai.

Yeshua will forgive us of our sins.

That’s it folks.

Nothing more. Repent is from the Greek word Metanoeo. Meta means after and Noeo means to think.  So Adonai wants us to think and then change our mind and then actions and to turn away from sin.

It takes real love to speak the truth.

Adonai has spoken.

The Sixties Radical- Boycott A & E

Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh are echoing what I have written for years on my blog.  The attack on Christianity began quietly in this country in 1960.  The full hate of the left kicked off about ten years ago now they have  in their cross hairs to destroy Christianity and Adonai’s word and Christians for ever.

Phil Robertson spoke the truth. Adonai wrote in HIS word homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of Adonai. Check Adonai’s word. It is there for the world to see. Read Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 29:13, Romans 1:24 for starters.

No Phil Robertson spoke Yeshua’s and Adonai’s word. He did not and I repeat did not call for any kind of action against gays! Hey fools if you want hate check out the Islamic world and these so- called peace-loving Muslim do to Gays, Christians, and Jews!. Hey fools this is real hate!

The real reason gays and all of the sinners have their panties in a twist is that these people know that what he said is the truth. Rush Limbaugh brought this very point up on his radio on Thursday December 19th. If the Torah and Tanakh teachings are false and full of crap then Phil Robertson’s word would roll off them like water off a ducks back.

One thing I have learned is this when one has a violent reaction to Adonai’s word has struck a nerve.  The gay community knows that what they are doing is wrong. And the only way to shut us up is to destroy us. This is called Stalinism. Yet this goes way behind the physical world for Yeshua told us the world wants to kill me they will surely come after you.

Phil Robertson did nothing wrong except speak the word of Adonai. He didn’t call for violence against gays all Phil Robertson said was Homosexuality is a sin and an abomination in the eyes of Adonai. That’s it folks. See First Corinthians 6:9, Romans 1:26-27

Sin is sin not matter how many ways one cuts it to Sunday.

It is time we Messianic Jews and Christians take a stand and boycott A & E. I have already called my cable company to take A & E off the air I have emailed A & E told them they are impugning the word of Adonai and my saviour Yeshua.

I will boycott all advertisers on A & E. I will not watch this channel.

You know what I support what Phil Robertson said.

What Phil said is the word of Adonai.

Adonai has spoken!

The Sixties Radical- Really! This is What The News Media Has Become?

As we enter into the Christmas season the left is loaded for bear. These folks want to destroy any thing that stands in their way of attacking the true meaning of Christmas. Now the big argument on TV is whether Santa Claus is white. Give me a break. This dude Santa Claus is a made up character. He never existed. Jeaze folks get real. We have the country falling apart. We have Obama breaking the law left and right. Obama is shredding the Constitution and turning this into hell on earth! And the state-run and state controlled media want to talk about and make a big deal out of is Santa Claus white?

If one doesn’t go along with the party line no matter what it is that person is either fired or made fun of. This is Stalinism at its best.  The thought and speech police are out in full force.

This just goes to show how outta touch the entire state controlled media is or is this just a rooz to promote Stalinism. We have a country where hedonism is the morality of the day. Congress, Obama, and the Supreme Court have decided they are rulers over us. King Obama and his minions are ruling us with an iron fist. Our leaders tell us to shut up and take it. We are the sovereign not you the people. We must bow to them and worship at their feet. King Obama and the rest of leaders in the House and Senate think they are god and supreme ruler over us all.

This is what happens when my Adonai of the Torah and Tanakh is kicked to the curb. Everything is turned upside down. Wrong becomes right. Right becomes wrong. The civil society breaks down and lawlessness is now the new laws of he land. This is exactly what is happening right now before our very eyes.

As banality of arguing over whether Santa Claus is white we see how far we gotten away from the word of Adonai. Adonai’s word is what this country was founded upon.

Mark Levin is right! Mark said we are unmoored from our Constitution. I would take it a step further we have turned our backs on the Adonai’s word and this is why we are in the predicament we are in.

Rush is right também. Rush told us all what the news media is all about!  It is one big soap opera that does not have any basis is reality except to push their agenda or story of the day or week.

Now the word of Adonai, the Torah and Tanakh is now hate speech. Freedom, liberty, freedom of choice, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are now considered wrong. This is how crazy it has gotten as the media debates the virtues of is Santa Claus is white? a teacher in New Mexico was put on administrative leave for telling a black student Santa Claus is white. We are missing the entire point. Adonai is warning us to please return to HIS word. Adonai shouting please bring me back into your life and I will show you true peace, prosperity and grace if you follow MY word.

Let us remember Yeshua was not born December 25th. Yeshua was born between the Feast of The Tabernacles and Yom Kipper.

Adonai has spoken

The Sixties Radical- Adonai is Warning Us. Are We Listening?

Rush Limbaugh began talking about this for more than a month. He said the state-run and state controlled media is like a soap opera. It is not about the news but advancing the story line. Making heroes and villains out of the people in the news is the new way of reporting the made up news. It is not about news per say but the story line. The news people are the writers for the daily script or the weekly script called the news.

This is Drama folks, good guys verse bad guys, sex, intrigue, and all kinds of garbage for all the ongoing saga of fake news at its best to advance the script to save Obama’s silly butt.

It is all about Obama and how it affects him. The real villains are people like myself, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and anyone else that get in their way of telling lies to the American People by the elites and leaders of this country.

For you see Rush nailed it on the head the state-run and state controlled media, the elite and our leaders don’t want to look at the truth of what they do and say affects us real people. The effect of Obamacare, redistribution taking from one and giving to another has hurt a ton of people. These policies have caused people to lose their jobs and healthcare.  Sick people are dying. His policies have sent the price of electricity through the roof. The cost of food, shelter and clothing has tripled since Obama took office. Gas prices have tripled under Obama’s direct orders and policies.. Yet we are told this is the price we must pay if we want to live. Obama etal tell us this is for our own good. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, The Demo-Republican Party and the state-run and state controlled media and the elites tell us to shut the blank up and deal with it. For we know what is best for you.

All of this is done on purpose. We are the only country that was founded on the principles of freedom and liberty. Sovereignty is with the people not the King or government.  And the novel idea that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. We were founded upon the principles of The Torah and The Tanakh. We were founded upon the word of Adonai. This was not done by accident but by divine providence. Adonai blesses this country because men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the rest sought Adonai’s will. Never in the history of mankind had there ever been a collection brilliant minds to come together to form a country. Now this blessed land is headed straight to hell because we got away from our Torah and Tanakh founding.

Adonai put all these men on earth at the time of our founding 1776 to show how Adonai can bless a nation. Adonai did this with my people the Jews. Yes we did nothing to deserve this blessing. These men become willing to follow Adonai’s direction and seek HIM in all of our hearts and souls and thus America was born and the result is evident in the fruits this country bore.

Now we have gotten away from asking and following Adonai and the fruits of this are seen in our country. Lawlessness is now the law. Our leaders don’t give a damn about us and want to rule over us with an iron fist. Obama thinks he is Adonai and ruler over us all. Obama thinks he is the messiah and we must bow down to him and worship him.

The elites and leaders of our country are carving up this country into little theifdoms and “We The People” are now the serfs and subjects of these men and women.

Adonai has removed his hand of protection and letting us have our own way. Adonai is warning us to please repent and change your ways. HE is giving is chance after chance yet we are not listening to HIM.

Our destruction by our own hand is near. In the end Adonai will have HIS way.

Only prayer and changing our evil ways can help us now.

Adonai has spoken.

The Sixties Radical- We Are Well Past the Point of No Return

Mark Levin laid out his argument for setting up the ground work for having the states take charge at getting this country back to its founding in his latest book The Liberty Amendments- Restoring The American Republic. Mark wrote the only way to get this country back on track is to have the states to begin the process of amending the Constitution by the state convention process.

Mark Levin admitted in his book he was skeptical of this idea. ” I was originally skeptical of amending the Constitution by the state convention process. I fretted it could turn into a runaway caucus. As an ardent defender of the Constitution who reveres the brilliance of the farmers, I assumed this would play disastrously into the hands of the statists. However today, I am a confident and enthusiastic, advocate for the process. The Text of Article V makes clear that there is a serious check in place. Whether the product of Congress or a convention, a proposed amendment has no effect at all unless “ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the states or by Conventions in three fourths thereof…” This should extinguish anxiety that the state convention process could hijack the Constitution.” Mark Levin The Liberty Amendments page 15.

I personally like this idea. I think Adonai guided Mark Levin to write this book. Our country is severally off the tracks and we are now headed straight to hell if we don’t return to our founding. Our founding is two fold. We are founded upon the word of Adonai, The Torah and The Tanakh and the principles founded in the Adonai’s word. The result of this is reflected and written in The Constitution.

Without Adonai’s grace and abundance we would have never beat the greatest fighting machine of the day the British army. In real world terms George Washington should have had his butt kicked all the way to Britain and back again yet the rag tag army of George Washington won. Why? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and the rest prayed to my Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov. These men sought Adonai’s will and direction and thus HE blessed us and gave these brave men HIS protection and we were given life, liberty, and freedom.

What is going on in my country is the direct result of we as a people and our leaders snubbing their collective noses and turning their backs on Adonai and Yeshua and shouting from the roof tops we can do it better than our creator. This is a one-way ticket to hell. The fruits of our labours are seen on a daily basis.

Mark Levin states it this way “It turns out that justices are also God’s children; and being of this world, their makeup consists of actual flesh and blood. They are no more noble or virtuous than the rest of us, and in some cases less so, as they suffer from the usual human imperfections and frailties. And the Court’s history proves it.” ―

Mark R. Levin, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

I am about a quarter of the way through Mark’s book. I bought the book in October. So far there are two amendments that has caught my eye. Restoring The Senate-the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment in Chapter Three. The other is establishing term limits for Supreme Court Justices and a Super majority Legislative override.

Our Founding fathers vision was to have the Senate to represent the states. The House was the people’s house. Our founding fathers never intended to have professional politicians but to have us serve our county by either serving in the House or the Senate for a term.  Two years in the House and six years in the Senate and then go back home and work and be of service in the private sector.

Mark put it this way, “Today Congress operates not as the Framers intended, but in the shadows, where it dreams up its most notorious and oppressive laws, coming into the light only to trumpet the genius and earnestness of its goings-on and to enable members to cast their votes. The people are left lamebrained and dumbfounded about their “representatives'” supposed good deeds, which usually take the form of omnibus bills numbering in hundreds if not thousands of pages, and utterly clueless about the effects these laws have on their lives. Of course, that is the point. The public is not to be informed but indoctrinated, manipulated and misled.” ―

Mark R. Levin, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

In the end our self-destruction is done by our own hand. Our leaders think they are god or King and know how better to run the universe better than our creator Adonai.

To see who is the real problem hold up a mirror and see what we are looking at it. US!

Adonai is warning us to repent of our evil ways and return to HIS word. If we don’t our one-way ticket to hell and self-destruction will be paid for in full.

Adonai has spoken.