The Sixties Radical- Love Can Be a Tought Pill to Swallow

Yeshua, Adonai and HIS word are now under attack from the Left and the state run and state controlled media. God forbid to speak the truth about what is written in The Torah and Tanakh. All holy hell breaks loose. Adonai’s word is branded hate speech.  Ranging from homosexuality, to every sexual sin  under the sun as well as  every sin known to man is off limits. The Left and state run and state controlled media will lambaste you as a racist bigot, homophobe and worse.  These people will twist the word of Adonia to suit their needs. In the end Adonai’s word is bastardized.

Look at what happened to Phil Robertson when he spoke Adonai’s word. He was shit caned from his TV show because he stood his ground. The Left led by morons like Charlie Sheen, GLAAD etal are telling the world they will destroy Robertson. Yet these very attacks on men of faith, Christianity and Adonai’s word reveal what is really going on in this country as we head into Christmas coming up in two days.

The real mission of these people is to erase Yeshua from Christmas. For HIS very presence brings conviction to their sins yet the sinner sees this as condemnation to them and to their heathen lifestyle. When in fact Adonai is convicting them and asking the sinner to come back to HIM and Yeshua will forgive them. For these folks know in their heart of hearts know what they are doing is wrong in the eyes of Adonai. Yet when folks like Phil Robertson speak Adonai’s truth this is called hate speech and has no place in the public discussion. What Phil Robertson did was show love- tough love and point out the error of our ways. When this happens Satan deceives us into thinking Adonai is condemning us when in reality all HIS word is doing is convicting us so we repent of our evil ways and turn back to Adonai.

Yeshua will forgive us of our sins.

That’s it folks.

Nothing more. Repent is from the Greek word Metanoeo. Meta means after and Noeo means to think.  So Adonai wants us to think and then change our mind and then actions and to turn away from sin.

It takes real love to speak the truth.

Adonai has spoken.

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