The Sixties Radical-Prayer and Fasting is Our only Answer

Adonai is showing us what is about to happen if we don’t repeat and change our evil ways. Adonai is showing us that the only way we can fight against the evil that has taken over this country is through prayer and fasting. These two are key when we are victorious over the principalities and strongholds that have taken a death grip on this great country of ours.

Many have tried with the weapons of the physical world. Mark Levin wrote a book entitled The Liberty Amendments. This book is filled with great ideas and I support all of them yet we cannot defeat the enemy with these ideas alone. Folks like Levin scoff at prayer. They scream take action! Do something! I screamed out the same thing until Adonai of the Torah and Tanakh got a hold me and convicted me of the error of my ways

Adonai asks us to seek HIM. Give HIM praise. Praise and worship is the key. When one does this Adonai hears us and showers us with HIS blessings. Our founding fathers knew this. Men like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the list goes on and on of men who sought Adonai first and then they were delivered from slavery.

Adonai’s word is very clear. When we seek Adonai HE will reveal Himself to those who seek HIM.

When the people of Adonai get down on their knees and seek HIM Yeshua He will hear our prayers and defeat our enemy. This was done when Joshua obeyed the voice and mitzvahs of Adonai and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

David obeyed the mitzvah of Adonai and with the help of Adonai killed Goliath. Samuel anointed David through the mitzvah of Adonai. David sought Adonai of the Torah and Tanakh through prayer and worship. Adonai told us David was a man after Adonai’s heart. David sought Adonai in everything he did. Does this mean David was perfect? NO! He was an adulterer and he performed the first contract hit in history. Adonai in all of HIS wisdom blessed David even though he was a sinner and made mistakes just like me.

Moses killed a man and he was stutter.  Adonai used Moses to set my people free us Jews and delivered us from slavery.

Prayer and fasting is the only weapon we can use against the evil forces that have taken over this country.

Proclaim Praise with a shout of victory over our enemies in Yeshua’s name. HE will guarantee us the victory.

Adonai has spoken.

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