The Sixties Radical- Radical Change for us All- Time to Put Adonai’s Kingdom First

It has been a while since The Geeman has written anything so here it goes. Adonai has speaking to me lately very loud. It used to be for me my country first. This is all I thought about. My purpose was to help my country get back to its roots Adonai’s word, The Adonai of my people  Avraham,  Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov, and Jewish meaning of Yeshua and I forgot the sole purpose of my life is to  serve Adonai and give Adonai HIM praise, and advance the Kingdom of Adonai here on earth.
This revelation became to come crashing down on me about three weeks ago. It all came to head last night. I screamed out to Adonai ” I can’t live this way anymore.” Adonai heard my screams and prayers and HE told me ” You have made idols out of people and put them before me. Instead of seeking ME for help and guidance I sought man’s ideas and views. This doesn’t matter if it is a preacher, a Church leader, a Synagogue, or a Rabbi or what, I was not seeking Adonai and HIS way to live and act. I was not putting Adonai first.
It is all about the Kingdom of Adonai. It is not about me but about advancing Adonai’s Kingdom. Yeshua is my Lord and saviour. HE is my great provider and ruler of my life.
God's people
The Jewish Yeshua and Adonai has been with me all my life. In times of trouble Adonai and Yeshua provided for my family and me and yet I forgot that. My mind was full of garbage and crap about how Adonai and Yeshua hated me.  How HE abandoned me.  How I had become an abomination in Adonai’s eyes.  I was consumed with self hate and anger.  If  the Pacific Ocean was full of people who hated me they could hate me as much as I hated myself. This was a lie. Adonai of Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov was always there to rescue me in my times of trouble. There have been times when all hell has broken loose in my life. Yes, we were evicted in 2010 and Yeshua in all of HIS mercy provided for us a the money needed to get to a new place and a job.
It is not  what your think of me but what Adonai and Yeshua thinks of me. This thought and gift came burning into my head and heart. Adonai performed HIS first miracle in my life when I was nineteen years old. I was in throws of alcoholism and drug addiction. I was thrown out of a major University. I was on scholarship there. December 16th, 1971 was the day when Yeshua got me sober.  This was one month and three days before my 20th birthday. I was sent to a treatment center in Allenwood, PA. I took a bus from Lancaster PA to Allenwood PA. There was a six-hour layover in York PA. I was high on smack (heroin) from the night before and booze. I sat in the bus station. I decided to get a drink. I went to bar. I started to walk in. I was stopped by the Hand of Adonai. I tried to walk in. These two Hands grabbed a hold my shoulders and held me in a vice grip. I couldn’t move. I went to another bar and the same thing happened.
Adonai’s hand saved me. To make a long story longer Adonai and Yeshua has blessed my with continuous sobriety since December 16th, 1971.  Adonai has given me a blessed life. Now it is time get to the work of my Father Adonai.
Adonai has been screaming at me” Trust me and get back to your true calling on your life”. It is very hard when all hell is breaking loose yet for true peace I must Trust HIM Adonai and Yeshua.
 So what’s the point of this. It is very simple. I forget what Adonai and Yeshua had done for me and now it is time to get focused on the Kingdom of Adonai.  The world is dying. It is dying before our eyes. My people are being attacked. Anti-Semitism is running hog-wild throughout the world. The Goose steppers in Europe are marching. Goose Steppers I mean the Nazi’s. This is happening in America. The USA is now becoming more anti-Semitic by the day. The leaders of The USA is condemning Israel for defending herself against the people who want wipe all Jews off the face of the earth.
This has been the goal of Iran modern-day Persia, Russia, Germany, England, all of Europe and the world. Adonai is our great protector. The LORD will and is now resorting Israel to its rightful place.  Yeshua is coming for Israel to let HIS people know who our real saviour and King is Yeshua. Adonai made a covenant David that  HE Adonai would give David a son and he would be called Yeshua and HE would rule over the house of Jacob forever. Yeshua means Adonai is with us.
The USA is now lawless. Anything goes. The nation is falling apart. Many are fighting to restore the USA to what it was. I was one who thought the same way not anymore. The USA is dying. The Kingdom of Adonai is at hand. It is crashing down upon us.  It is time to bring Adonai’s and Yeshua’s salvation, grace, and love to the people of the world.
Adonai and Yeshua are waking up the people of Adonai. It time for action. How will this manifest itself? I do not know.  Adonai revealed to me Geeman get back to putting ME first and serving ME and seeking ME with all your heart and soul and Adonai’s rewards will be seen on earth.
Heaven is ready to come down on Earth to establish Adonai’s kingdom.
This experience has totally messed me up. This is in a good sense for Adonai wants my attention on him.  The Holy Spirit or as we Jews call it the Ruach HaKodesh has blown my mind, heart, soul and my entire being. The emotions range from crying to Adonai forgive m to bless don’t kick me out of the Kingdom to Don’t abandon me Adonai and Yeshua. In the end  I will totally surrender to what YOU want me to do Yeshua.