Azriel Help of G-d

Ezekiel is one of my favorite prophets. This short paragraph sums up the teachings of Ezekiel. This quote is taken from Chabad Jewish Library. See link below. “Ezekiel was a great teacher. He taught that the revival of the whole nation could come only through the revival of each individual. Every Jew individually was responsible for his life and conduct and had at the same time a responsibility towards the entire nation. The secret of Redemption lay in absolute loyalty to G‑d and His Torah. G‑d is always ready to forgive the sinner who returns to Him in sincere repentance.” This is taken from


Thank G-d for Pastor Steve, Pastor Kathy, Pastor James Koppang, Pastor JD, Pastor Mark, Pastor Brian, Pastor Jack, Bill and Carol Gilpin and All of the Members of World Revival Church in Kansas City.


HaShem/Yeshua is very active at World Revival Church. These reflections were written from July-August 2015. While I was on the floor worshiping Adonai, face down I saw the temple. Then the voice said to me I want to rebuild the temple. This happened on Sunday July 19th 2015.

Pastor James Koppang, spoke about rebuilding of the temple. This is not the first time this has happened with Pastor James and myself. It has happened on three other occasions.

A few days later Tuesday July 20th 2015 another voice said I want you to help me rebuild the temple.


This morning Saturday July 25th 2015 a voice said to me help me prepare the way.

Thursday July 16th 2015 we had a video hook up with the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Tears came to my eyes. While everyone was yelling and screaming I became silent and started to cry. I saw the holiness of the Western Wall. This moment changed me. This is the first time I had been that close to the Western Wall. It was sad yet happy. It was a great day. I can’t really explain it. I can’t get the image of the Western Wall out of my head.

This is the month where the destruction of the first and second temples happened 10th of AV The Jewish calendar. Adonai is speaking to me. It is time to go home. It was like I was there with my people.


A homecoming. Adonai’s purpose is to bridge the gap between Jews and Christians. To get us to become one people, a new man that my King Yeshua instructed us to become. Paul is the new man. He paved the way for this through fire of the Rauch HaKodesh.

The fire of Adonai struck Paul like a lightning bolt. He was never the same. Neither am I.