The Jewish Messiah- Azriel The Help of G-d



Studying the Torah and the Tanakh teaches one something new every day. This is a direct result of opening one’s self up to the stewardship and discipleship of Pastor Steve Gray at World Revival Church Kansas City. Rabbi Michael Chighel taught me G-d dictated the first four books of the Torah- Genesis Bereishit, Exodus Shemot, Leviticus Vayikra, and Numbers Bamidbar to Moshe. He was G-d’s personal stenographer. This must have been really a neat thing to do.

Devarim Deuteronomy is written in Moshe’s own words. This is called the second giving of the law. Moshe goes through the entire story beginning with Egypt all the way to Moshe’s own death.

G-d used Moshe as a medium to give the much needed word of G-d contact with us and thus this is where Heaven comes down to earth. The message is G-d’s however G-d used Moshe as vehicle to contact us.


Thus G-d is a Jewish author.

The fifth book of the Torah Devarim is what the  Mishneh Torah is based on. These are the 613 Mitzvahs. I never knew this. This is what happens when one learns to become teachable. Thank you Pastor Steve.