My Hebrew name is Azriel This means Help of G-d- The Jewish Messiah

Thank You G-d for bringing this broken down Jewish man and his wife to World Revival Church Kansas City


Yeshua is my King, my saviour, and the L-rd of my life. This doesn’t mean I stop being a Jew instead this strengthens my relationship with my father HaShem.

Like my fellow Jews, Peter, John, and James, to name a few, we have seen the face of G-d in Yeshua and we did not die but we have lived to bring about G-d’s purpose on Earth to bring both Jew and Gentile together worshiping Yeshua, My King, My Saviour and L-rd of my life on Mount Tziyon to advance the Kingdom of G-d.

The man who helped bring me back to my Jewish roots is Pastor Steve Gray at World Revival Church in Kansas City. Pastor Steve Gray took this broken down Jewish man and revived me back to life. Through Pastor Steve’s discipleship brought me to my knees and this began my desire to seek the G-d of my father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov. This desire to please G-d led me to begin studying G-d’s word for real. Reading and studying the Torah, Tanakh, the Mishnah Torah (The Rambam- Maimonides) and The Tanya (Hasidic Philosophy Chabad) November 3rd 2015.


The total dedication of World Revival Church to love, to serve, to seek, and to please G-d led to my rededication and a deeper profound acceptance of the Jewish Messiah- Yeshua on Sunday April 24th at World Revival Church. Without World Revival Church I do not where my wife and I would be. I shudder to think about the alternative.

It is not about me. It is all about G-d.

This is very ironic for Pessac (Passover) began on Sunset April 22nd. And this happens to coincide when Yeshua was crucified one day before Pessac (Passover) began. Yeshua rose from the dead three days later. HE defeated death and gave us eternal life with Yahweh.


Yeshua set in motion for all us Jews to return to HaShem and become HIS people once again. Yet Yeshua was not finished. Sha’ul had his encounter with Yeshua so that Gentiles would be grafted into the tree of life.

Go figure Yeshua spoke to me to get baptized on Sunday April 24th.

Yeshua is my King, saviour and L-rd of my life. This would not have happened if G-d didn’t force me and my wife to move here in May 2014. HaShem closed every door and said, “I am tired of you not obeying me Robert (Azriel is my Hebrew name). I AM closing every door of escape for you Robert. The doors of escape will be slammed shut. Robert, you can try and force your way through. I will stop you however there will come time I will let go through and you shall surely die. I AM WHO I AM. Go to World Revival Church, the desire of your heart, mind, body and soul when saw Pastor Steve on Daystar in 2008. You told me Robert you wanted to go to World Revival Church. Now you will go.”


Pastor Steve is truly G-ds prophet and servant. Pastor Steve has a true heart for Jews and Israel The presence, power and Kiddush HaShem (sanctifying G-d’ house) screams out when one enters World Revival Church.

G-d has anointed Pastor Steve bring about what Yeshua had instructed Sha’ul to do almost two thousand years ago to become one new man where both Jew and Gentile worship together. We will proclaim arm in arm Jew and Gentile that Yeshua our L-rd, King, and Messiah, and this in turn will pave the way for HaShem to reveal to the world G-d’s true nature and who G-d is- Echad- the one and only true necessary existence- creator of all the heavens and earth.


This one new world will be created where there are no more wars, famines, the Lion and the Lamb will rest together. The world will be united under our King and Saviour Yeshua the Jewish Messiah.

World Revival Church is a place where both Jew and Gentile can worship together like we did over two thousand years ago.

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