Yeshua The Jewish Messiah


G-d is crying out for us to return back to HIM. The G-d of father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov is giving us warning after warning that HIS judgement is rapidly approaching.

The funny thing about G-d’s judgement and correction is that we want it against those that are attacking us. Yes G-d will do this yet the real truth is we want G-d to take care of those who are trying to destroy us so HaShem will leave us alone so we don’t have to change.

Not so fast Bucko. Instead G-d sends us a messenger so we will change our heart, our mind, our body and our soul. This is not done out of anger. It is done out of jealousy. For us Jews are set aside for HIS Holy Purpose.

G-d wants HIS people we Jews to get back to what we are supposed to do to love our G-d with our entire, heart, mind, body and soul.

The second part of this is we are directed get rid of all the idols of our father’s Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov. This idol worships starts with Avram’s father Terach.


HaShem wants us to only worship HIM. For HE is our G-d. The G-d who brought us out of Egypt. Delivered us from the Land of Pharaoh so we could have the Land of milk and honey- The Promised Land.

We must make a choice either follow G-d’s mitzvahs or follow the G-d’s of the world. This is not an either or proposition. We cannot chose both. We chose either G-d’s or not.

This is not two choices but one simple choice- love your G-d and get rid of your idols.

This is the lesson I learned from Pastor Steve at World Revival Church.