G-d is looking for Revival in The Land


HaShem is looking for HIS footstool. G-d’s dwelling place. HaShem is calling out to HIS people both Jew and Gentile it is time for change. Yes the world is a mess. The unG-dly are running wild yet if G-d’s people don’t get their house in order we are in deep do-do.

When G-d dictated HIS word the Torah  from G-d to Moshe- Bereshit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim this was not for the unG-dly. The Torah is instruction manual HIS people we Jews. That’s it. We were given a piece of G-d’s soul.

Yes Martha there will be judgement. G-d will judge HIs house and the unG-dly swiftly and fairly. Hashem is sending us a correction. It is about us changing. We can’t have it both ways get rid of the unG-dly and we remain the same.

This doesn’t fly in G-d’s eyes. HaShem gave us a very simple instruction Love the L-rd your G-d with all your might, your body, your soul and your heart. Put me first in your life, serve me,  and I will bless you so you can be a light to the nations of the world.

Stop worshiping idols. Put way the idols of your father’s your grandfather’s stop worship these idols and worship me. For I am the L-rd Your G-d who brought you of slavery in Egypt.

All of these events paved the way for G-d to take the form of a man named Yeshua. This was the second time G-d came to earth. The first time was on Mount Sinai when G-d revealed to us The Jewish people HIS glory. G-d shared with us HIS complete soul all of HIS likes and dislikes and then we were instructed to become the light unto the nations.

Heaven came down and touched earth for an instant. G-d was not done. The second time G-d sent HIS son Yeshua to save us Jews. This in turn paved the way for the rest of the world to receive the good news and for the gentile to be saved too.

Thus the Kingdom G-d was established on the earth.

It is time for revival. This means for me to die to self and have the breath of life breathed into me by G-d and then have the fire of G-d transform me into G-d’s humble servant.

When I am changed then the world will change.

It is very simple yet the task is hard. This requires a total surrender of my will, my likes and dislikes and become small not big. I want to be crushed by the feet of Yeshua so I completely disappear and lose all sense of self-importance become a true man of G-d.