Where do we Find G-d?


People imagine that since G‑d is not physical, therefore He must be in heaven. But the heavens—and all things spiritual—are just as much creations as the earth. Less dissonant, more harmonious, more lucid—but finite realms nonetheless.

G‑d is not found in a place because it is big enough to contain Him or so magnificent that He belongs there. G‑d is found in whatever place He desires. And where does He desire most to be found? In the work of our hands, repairing His world.

The heavens are filled with spiritual light. In the work of our hands dwells G‑d Himself, the Source of All Light.


No Weapon formed against us shall prosper


No weapon formed against shall prosper. G-d reigns supreme. G-d’s word is our weapon against the evil forces that come after us. Yes Martha it looks like G-d is nowhere to be found yet this is a lie. Numbers 22:18 “I cannot do anything – small or great – that would transgress the word of G‑d.”

The Torah states Balak sent for the sorcerer Balaam, proposing that he curse the Jews. Balaam agreed, but informed Balak’s messengers that he would only be able to curse the Jews if he could convince G‑d to agree.”

The Rebbe explains Evil possesses no autonomy; it is nothing more than a tool that G‑d uses to hide Himself from the world, thereby enabling us to choose freely between good and evil. The Zohar, the classic work of Jewish mysticism, likens evil to a prostitute hired by a king to entice the prince. Although she makes full use of all her seductive powers to ensnare the prince, she really hopes – as does the king – that the prince will be strong enough to withstand her advances. Similarly, evil tries to confuse us and entice us into misbehaving, but it is in fact only doing its job and would rather we not pay attention to it.

When we are aware of the true nature of evil, it is much easier for us to resist it.1


This may look bad but in the end G-d is in control and HIS word is always true.

G-d is the one who puts all leaders into power. G-d let’s this happen.

It is not man but G-d controls everything.

The greatest modern day miracle happened May 14th 1948 when G-d gave us our land back.           

The Small Stuff gets us all the time



The smaller things are the one that always trip us up. This is so true in my life. Yes the larger issues of Modesty are very important however when one becomes laxed in the smaller details one gets in a bind and thus we curse our blessing.

Numbers 24:5 “How good are your tents, O Jacob, your encampments, O Israel.”

Our sages explain “Balak then took Balaam to a third location, thinking that perhaps it would be easier for Balaam to curse the Jewish people from there. Balaam was about to curse them, but then he saw how the Jewish people were camped: First, they were organized by tribes, which was possible only because they had been faithful in their marriages. Second, they set up camp in such a way that no one could accidentally look into another family’s tent. The Jewish people’s attention to detail in their modest conduct so impressed Balaam that he decided on his own to bless them rather than curse them.”

The Rebbe explains The lesson for us here is that we must never think that it is important to be concerned only about the “larger” issues of modesty and intimacy, but that we can be lax about the “smaller,” “innocent” details. Even the smaller details are important – important enough to be able to transform a curse into a blessing (or an accursed situation into a blessed one).

Lest we think that this alertness to the details of modesty is only required in our day-to-day behavior but not in temporary situations (such as when we are on vacation), we see here that the tremendous power of even the minor details of modest conduct was demonstrated when our forefathers lived in tents, their temporary homes in the desert.1


Hidden Treasure


We Jews are the hidden treasures of the world. G-d is always there to protect us. G-d always has our backs. G-d’s word is always true.

Numbers 23:10 “Who can count the dust of Jacob?”

Our sages explain “Balaam arrived in Moab. Balak proceeded to take Balaam to a place he thought would be conducive to cursing the Jews. But G‑d forced Balaam to praise and bless the Jews rather than curse them.

The Rebbe explains “The Jewish people are here compared (positively) to dust. Just as there are hidden treasures buried in the earth, so are there treasures of pure faith in G‑d and deep love and fear of Him hidden in every Jew. These treasures may at times be hard to uncover, just as the treasures buried in the earth are often buried deep below the surface. But they are there, nonetheless, and with sufficient effort they can be revealed.1


Change your heart and see a new world


When one changes their heart a new world will appear. The Daily Dose from the Rebbe. First He chose the inner world—the world of human decision and purpose. Nothing caused Him to choose such a world—He did so because He so decided. And so we feel no cause to our decisions, we feel we do good or fail all on our own.

The thought of an inner world necessitated an outer world, a stage for the human drama. This outer world does have a cause—the inner world. And so, this world feels itself pulled along by cause and effect, each event caused by that which preceded it.

That is why the outer world cannot be changed, except by first making a change in the inner world. Change our hearts and a new world will appear.


HaShem is the True and Necessary Existence


The material world is a place where each thing seems to say, “Here I am and here I have always been”—as though it has no origin.

Only the Creator Himself has no origin. He always was and is and will be.

This is the truth of what our world is trying to tell us: It is expressing—in a distorted way—its own true essence, the essence of all that is.

A time is yet to come when the distortion shall vanish, when each thing shall declare, “My true essence and being is not me. It is my Creator, who is, was, and always will be.”


Yeshua is The L-rd of my Life


The foundation of the Temple is built on acts of kindness and love. Mix this with acts of Holiness G-d will have HIS Dwelling place. You see Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. Yeshua is the L-rd of my life. This means I am the L-rd’s slave. This is the best deal of my life.

The Rebbe explains in the Daily Wisdom of the Torah: “Balaam loathed G‑d and His emissaries, the Jewish people, with a passion. By rising early to set out on his mission of evil, he hoped to “remind” G‑d how quick the Jews had been to rebel against Him. But G‑d informed Balaam that his quickness had been preempted by that of the patriarch Abraham. Abraham had risen early in the morning in order to lovingly and devotedly fulfill G‑d’s command to sacrifice his son Isaac. The merit of Abraham’s love of G‑d counterbalanced Balaam’s hatred. Abraham’s love had been inherited by the Jewish people; their rebellions in the desert had merely been temporary lapses in their inherent, undying devotion to G‑d.

Similarly, whenever we find ourselves having to repair the damage we might have caused by having deliberately disregarded G‑d’s will, the surest way to make amends for such misdeeds is to bolster our love for Him. This love will in turn transform past misdeeds into the motivation for doing good.”


I am so happy and proud to have Pastor Steve Gray World Revival Church as my teacher. Thank you G-d for having Pastor Steve Gray stay to true to his calling.

I love you Pastor Steve.

Build your Life on the Word of G-d


To know that this world is not some wild jungle where whoever is stronger or richer or smarter can abuse and destroy without regard for those beneath them—this is not a matter of religion or faith, particular to one people or group of believers. This is the underlying reality—that this world has a Master, and it is not any of us.

A peaceful society can endure only when it is built upon that which is real.


The Need for Leadership


A true leader sets asides his own selfish wants and desires so the leader can totally identify with the people he is leading. The leader’s devotion to the people he becomes a conduit for G-d to work through to provide all of us with our material needs and spiritual needs.

The Rebbe explains: “The medieval sage Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki (known universally by his initials as “Rashi”) points out that the Torah says that Moses sent messengers to Edom but that Israel sent messengers to Sichon, even though in both cases Moses sent the messengers on behalf of all the Jewish people. As Rashi notes, this teaches us that Moses and the Jewish people are essentially equivalent. The true Jewish leader does not just represent the people, he is one with them in essence. His affairs are not divided into his private and public lives. He is a public servant to his very core.

The true Jewish leader’s total identification with his people and his selfless devotion to them makes him the conduit through which G‑d provides all their material and spiritual needs. Therefore, not only is he one with them: they are one with him. As such, they can rise to his perspective on reality and share his Divine consciousness and his inspired life, even if they have not yet refined themselves enough to be worthy of these on their own.1


To Change one just change the way they think


“Whoever builds a home,” the sages say, “goes broke over it.”

Midway, you run past your budget. To complete, you borrow and fall into debt. It’s only then that your home is built and your investment pays off.

It’s the protocol of life—every success is preceded by despair. But why?

Because our minds and hearts are too small to reach their own fulfillment. But once we hit that point of desperation, we call upon something much deeper, something we never knew we had. We borrow from our innermost, hidden powers. And only then can we build a home.

So it is with our own homes. So it is with the home we build for the Creator to dwell in His world. There is only one way to make real change in this world: by borrowing from our innermost, most hidden powers. By changing who we think we are.