Many Lessons learned from Studying the Torah


By studying the Torah I have been learnings things I have never known before. Rabbi Kaplan explained meaning of Kosher is not blessed. Kosher means it is appropriate. It is suitable. This means the food is prepared properly. It is ready to receive ritual impurity to wash away of all the uncleanliness with water to make it pure before the eyes of G-d.

Doctor Michael Chighel explained that during the Roman Destruction of the second Temple in 70 AD the leading sage at the time Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai made a deal with the Roman General Vespasian to spare the City of Yavne and its sages. Vespasian agreed. Yavne was the Jewish learning center of the time.

Pirke Avot 2:8 “He used to say,” If you’re learned much Torah, don’t take credit for yourself. It’s for this that you were made.”


Rabbi Ben Zakkai realized through Ruach HaKodesh that Jewish political, cultural, and religious existence came to an end for a time. G-d showed Rabbi Zakkai the only way Judaism could survive is as a reading culture or as Doctor Chighel says “We are a giant book club”

This is where my great love of reading texts and studying them. This is ingrained in the very fiber of my being

Doctor Chighel explains Judaism is distilled to one common element it is a passionate love for Torah learning.

Yeshua told us this would happen forty years before the actual event took place on the 9th of Av 70 AD.