Remember The Source- G-d


When Yeshua said to his Talmidim “take eat this bread for this is my body and then drink this wine for this is my blood” began the dawn of new age in Judaism first and then for the rest of world. For by doing this Yeshua was preparing us for HIS victory, our deliverance and redemption.

G-d was preparing us for HIS use only through the Jewish Messiah. First our redemption then the rest of the world would be redeemed.

Remember the old Jewish saying you are what you eat. This leads me to this one simple statement by the Rebbe.

Numbers 15:39 “[G‑d instructed Moses to tell the people,] “When you see [the tassels], you will remember all the commandments of G‑d, in order to perform them.”


The Rebbe writes for Shabbat Remember the Source : “Granted that we need the tassels to remind us of the 613 commandments, but why do we need the garment to which the tassels are attached? Why not just carry the tassels themselves?

The answer lies in the significance of garments. The difference between clothing and food – our two main necessities – is that food becomes a part of us when we eat it, while clothing always remains outside of us. Food therefore alludes to the aspects of the Torah that we can comprehend and “digest,” while clothing alludes to that which remains beyond our gasp.”

Think about this when Yeshua instructed HIS Talmidim to eat the broken Matzah and the drink the wine they were putting inside themselves a piece of the Jewish Messiah who was sent by G-d to save us.

This means we now have the real meaning of Pesach inside of us total deliverance and redemption so we can become the light unto the nations.

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