Dying to Self is the Key


Pastor Steve Gray my teacher at World Revival Church Kansas City calls this dying to self. Sha’ul states the same thing. It is not about me. It is all about G-d. Slowly I am learning to put G-d, Yeshua the Jewish Messiah at the center of my life. These lessons are hard yet without putting G-d first my life it is nao serve para nada. Or better yet the Yiddish term Bupkis.

When I put G-d first this cleans me out. I am on the road to becoming Kosher. This means I am acceptable, suitable, prepared properly to wash away all of my impurities. Please G-d Yeshua let me become acceptable before your eyes. All I want to do is please you my Father HaShem.

And the only way I can do is declare and accept Yeshua the Jewish Messiah as my King, my saviour and the L-rd of my life. (To quote Sha’ul).

“You have seen me Yeshua you have seen the Father.”

“The only way to the Father is through me- Yeshua.”

This is taken from Numbers 19:12 “On the third and seventh days [the defiled person] must purify himself.”

The Rebbe explains “In order to purify ourselves from the defilement of death – which in psychological terms means the paralysis caused by depression or deadness toward the spiritual dimension of life – we must invoke the third and seventh emotional attributes of the soul. The third emotion is pity and the seventh emotion is lowliness. When we feel the pain our Divine soul suffers from its constricted consciousness in the material world, we are aroused to rescue it by studying G‑d’s Torah and performing His commandments. When we are not egocentric, the flow of Divine life-force and vitality that should energize our lives is not blocked by our self-centered interests.1