Dying to Self is a must if One wants to please G-d


The enemy will attack me on two fronts. First it will try and cool our enthusiasm for studying Torah and seeking G-d. Yes I am doing my religious duty. And by all appearances it looks I am appearing religious however on the inside I am as cold as a cucumber or worse yet going through the motions.

When this happens I lose all interest in serving G-d and fall by the wayside. This is the Amalek in me that will take my focus off of G-d and shift my focus into seeking material and physical gains while appearing to be G-dliness.

This is what Yeshua was warning me about. I must learn to examine my motives and desires. To put G-d first and no matter what happens give G-d all the praise and glory. Put HaShem first and ask G-d to renew my revival in my life every day.

This mean I must have a G-dly teacher in my life who I am willing to open my heart, my mind, my body and my soul to so I can expose all of my secrets to so my teacher will correct me and let me know when I am getting off the mark with G-d.

My teacher will tell me, “Azriel you are as full of it as a Christmas Goose. Tell me something I don’t know about you.”

Yeshua is the L-rd of my life.

The Rebbe explains it this way Amalek first attacked the Jewish people when they were on the way to receive the Torah and again as they were preparing to enter the Land of Israel.


Similarly, our inner Amalek first attempts to cool our enthusiasm toward G‑d and His Torah. As long as we are fulfilling our religious obligations, this might not seem to pose such a problem. But if we approach our Divine mission without warmth and enthusiasm, we will eventually lose interest in it, seeking diversions that offer more immediate material or spiritual gratification.

If our inner Amalek fails to cool our enthusiasm, it will attempt to take over our life in the “land,” i.e., the material life we enter after our daily prayers and studies. It will argue, “Be holy while you’re praying and studying the Torah, but when you’re earning your living and dealing with the physical world, live by my rules.”