Yeshua is The L-rd of my Life


The foundation of the Temple is built on acts of kindness and love. Mix this with acts of Holiness G-d will have HIS Dwelling place. You see Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. Yeshua is the L-rd of my life. This means I am the L-rd’s slave. This is the best deal of my life.

The Rebbe explains in the Daily Wisdom of the Torah: “Balaam loathed G‑d and His emissaries, the Jewish people, with a passion. By rising early to set out on his mission of evil, he hoped to “remind” G‑d how quick the Jews had been to rebel against Him. But G‑d informed Balaam that his quickness had been preempted by that of the patriarch Abraham. Abraham had risen early in the morning in order to lovingly and devotedly fulfill G‑d’s command to sacrifice his son Isaac. The merit of Abraham’s love of G‑d counterbalanced Balaam’s hatred. Abraham’s love had been inherited by the Jewish people; their rebellions in the desert had merely been temporary lapses in their inherent, undying devotion to G‑d.

Similarly, whenever we find ourselves having to repair the damage we might have caused by having deliberately disregarded G‑d’s will, the surest way to make amends for such misdeeds is to bolster our love for Him. This love will in turn transform past misdeeds into the motivation for doing good.”

I am so happy and proud to have Pastor Steve Gray World Revival Church as my teacher. Thank you G-d for having Pastor Steve Gray stay to true to his calling.

I love you Pastor Steve.