Wisdom from the Word of G-d


The Destruction of the second Temple on the 9th of Av 70 AD changed our religious structure, culture and political fortunes. Yeshua the Jewish Messiah sent by HaShem warned of this very event. Yet we didn’t pay heed to the warning and the results viewed from a physical world was devastating yet in G-d’s view this was a very much needed correction.

The Destruction of the first Temple  happened on the 9th of Av 432 BC by the Babylonians. Since that time we lost our political autonomy. We still had a remnant of our culture and religious system left however this was about to end on the 9th of Av 70 AD for a period of time.

The Land G-d gave us was not ours for well over three thousand years until the greatest modern day miracle was performed by G-d on May 14th 1948 when we were given our land back.

G-d was giving us a nudge to bring us back to our mission given to us by G-d on Mount Sinai to be a light unto the nations of the world. Share with the rest of the world G-ds’ Torah. Teach the nations G-d instruction manual. Share HaShem’s soul with the nations of the world.

The Rauch HaKodesh struck Yochanan Ben Zakkai to make a deal with Roman General Vespasian during the final siege of the Jerusalem 70 AD. The leading sage of the time Zakkai asked Vespasian to spare the city of Yavne and all of its sages, This city was at the time the  major center for Jewish Learning and studying Torah. Vespasian agreed.


G-d gave Yochanan Ben Zakkai the insight to save our writings and sages. Thus G-d saved the core or essence of who we are our passion for reading texts or as Rabbi Chighel says “We became one big giant book club.”

Yochanan Ben Zakkai followed G-d’s inspiration to shrink our identity down to the size of a library so we could survive. This we became leaders in the world of literature and thought.

Our heroes became Rabbi’s and scholars. These men of G-d expected all of us  to read and study Torah- G-d’s world.  This means Everyone! Period end of discussion.

At our essence is our passion for reading, learning, and studying Torah. G-d’s word. Now we Jews are on the verge of coming know who the real Jewish Messiah Yeshua that walked the city of Yerushalayim revealing to us the face, presence and power of HaShem.

You have seen me you have seen the Father- HaShem Eloheinu HaShem Echad.

The only way to the Father is through me Yeshua.


Remember The Source- G-d


When Yeshua said to his Talmidim “take eat this bread for this is my body and then drink this wine for this is my blood” began the dawn of new age in Judaism first and then for the rest of world. For by doing this Yeshua was preparing us for HIS victory, our deliverance and redemption.

G-d was preparing us for HIS use only through the Jewish Messiah. First our redemption then the rest of the world would be redeemed.

Remember the old Jewish saying you are what you eat. This leads me to this one simple statement by the Rebbe.

Numbers 15:39 “[G‑d instructed Moses to tell the people,] “When you see [the tassels], you will remember all the commandments of G‑d, in order to perform them.”


The Rebbe writes for Shabbat Remember the Source : “Granted that we need the tassels to remind us of the 613 commandments, but why do we need the garment to which the tassels are attached? Why not just carry the tassels themselves?

The answer lies in the significance of garments. The difference between clothing and food – our two main necessities – is that food becomes a part of us when we eat it, while clothing always remains outside of us. Food therefore alludes to the aspects of the Torah that we can comprehend and “digest,” while clothing alludes to that which remains beyond our gasp.”


Think about this when Yeshua instructed HIS Talmidim to eat the broken Matzah and the drink the wine they were putting inside themselves a piece of the Jewish Messiah who was sent by G-d to save us.

This means we now have the real meaning of Pesach inside of us total deliverance and redemption so we can become the light unto the nations.

Many Lessons learned from Studying the Torah


By studying the Torah I have been learnings things I have never known before. Rabbi Kaplan explained meaning of Kosher is not blessed. Kosher means it is appropriate. It is suitable. This means the food is prepared properly. It is ready to receive ritual impurity to wash away of all the uncleanliness with water to make it pure before the eyes of G-d.

Doctor Michael Chighel explained that during the Roman Destruction of the second Temple in 70 AD the leading sage at the time Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai made a deal with the Roman General Vespasian to spare the City of Yavne and its sages. Vespasian agreed. Yavne was the Jewish learning center of the time.

Pirke Avot 2:8 “He used to say,” If you’re learned much Torah, don’t take credit for yourself. It’s for this that you were made.”


Rabbi Ben Zakkai realized through Ruach HaKodesh that Jewish political, cultural, and religious existence came to an end for a time. G-d showed Rabbi Zakkai the only way Judaism could survive is as a reading culture or as Doctor Chighel says “We are a giant book club”

This is where my great love of reading texts and studying them. This is ingrained in the very fiber of my being

Doctor Chighel explains Judaism is distilled to one common element it is a passionate love for Torah learning.

Yeshua told us this would happen forty years before the actual event took place on the 9th of Av 70 AD.

The Rebbe


A dose daily wisdom from The Rebbe.

“The greatest gift of love is to turn a blind eye.

The most essential glue of any union is the ability of at least one of you to say, “I understand. It’s okay.

Let’s just get on with things.”

After all, that is what we continuously say to our own selves, out of our self-love. And it is what we would like the One Above to say to us. “