Divine Opportunity demands one must act


When one has the Divine opportunity to right a wrong one must do this. Pinchas is an example of this according to the Rebbe.

G‑d said regarding Pinchas,] “I hereby give him . . . the eternal covenant of priesthood.” Numbers 25:12-13.

The Rebbe wrote “The fact that Pinchas was much younger than Moses did not prevent him from acting in his presence, once it became clear that Moses had forgotten what needed to be done. Similarly, we should not be intimidated when we see that those of greater stature are not righting some wrong that must be addressed. It could well be, as in the case of Pinchas, that Divine providence is keeping them silent in order that a “less qualified” individual seize the moment and answer destiny’s call to greatness. When Divine providence presents us with an opportunity to right some wrong in the world, we must pursue it with total self-sacrifice, as did Pinchas.1 Taken from Likutei Sichot, vol. 2, p. 342.


One might recalled Pinchas from Gideon in Judges 6.

These following thoughts were trigged by what my teacher Pastor Steve Gray said on Sunday July 31st about 1Kings 17 and 1Kings 18.

“The Zohar states that Pinchas and Elijah are one in the same. The Elijah the Prophet is Pinchas, (Zohar) who had the nefesh zehira ila’a of Adam. Therefore, Nadab and Abihu came into him in ibur in the incident with Zimri, since they were also the level of the nefesh of Adam from the aspect of the nefesh of Asiya, as mentioned earlier.”


“According to the Midrash, Pinchas and Elijah the Prophet are the same person. The simplest meaning is that the same soul descended to the world twice — once in the body of Pinchas and once in the body of Elijah.

The same statement can be found in a number of places in Midrash. What is interesting is that “Pinchas is Elijah” and “Elijah is Pinchas” are written interchangeably. When Pinchas is being discussed, the Midrash says that Pinchas is Elijah. When Elijah is being discussed, the Midrash says that Elijah is Pinchas.

Since Elijah the Prophet lived hundreds of years after Pinchas, it would apparently make more sense to say that “Elijah is Pinchas”, and not the reverse. After all, Pinchas lived before Elijah, and was Pinchas before he was Elijah.

According to an explanation in the Zohar, the soul of Elijah was actually created during the Six Days of Creation. He has existed ever since as an angel, but on occasion, he descends to the world in human form, born of a mother and father.

This is why the Midrash sometimes uses the phrase “Pinchas is Elijah”, even though Pinchas was born first. The essence, the soul of Elijah existed before Pinchas was born.

Elijah and Pinchas led similar lives and their paths complement each other. Pinchas is a symbol of zealousness for G-d and His commandments. He displayed self-sacrifice to prevent G-d’s name from being desecrated. Elijah the Prophet is a guest at every circumcision, to witness the Jewish People imprint their bond with G-d in their flesh.

Through our single-minded commitment to fulfilling G-d’s will, as epitomized by the deeds of Pinchas and Elijah, we will merit the ultimate Redemption, which will be heralded by Elijah the Prophet, who is Pinchas.

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