We are Chosen by G-d

We are chosen by G-d in three separate ways and this shows the multifaceted relationship we have with G-d. G-d told us at Mount Sinai I am your G-d. You are my people and you are to be the light unto the nations.

We are used to pave the way for the Yeshua the Jewish Messiah first and then Yeshua will be the saviour for the rest of the world.

For Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah and HE is the L-rd of my life.


We have a divine mission to share with the rest of the world who G-d is and HIS son Yeshua. And G-d’s redemption plan is to have both Jew and Gentile worshiping together on Mount Sinai We will be singing praises to the most high G-d and studying G-d’s word together.

[G‑d told Moses,] “The land will be divided up among these [whom you just counted].” Numbers 26:53

The Rebbe explains:” The Land of Israel was divided among the Jewish people in three ways: (1) by population – i.e., the larger the tribe, the more land it received; (2) by lot, which determined which tribe received which area; and (3) through inheritance, by which the fathers’ estates were passed down to their children.

These three methods mirror the three different facets of our relationship with G‑d: (1) We are connected to G‑d in a service-reward relationship. This mirrors the logical division of the land by population. (2) We were chosen by G‑d to be His people, regardless of how well we live up to our side of our contractual relationship with Him. This mirrors the division of the land by lot, which is not dictated by logic. (3) We are connected to G‑d because we are part of Him; since we are part of G‑d, He does not even need to choose us. This mirrors the division of the land by inheritance, for an heir inherits his parents automatically; he does not have to earn his inheritance, nor does his parent need to choose him as their heir.

All three facets of our relationship with G‑d are important, but in the Messianic future our inheritance-relationship with G‑d will become paramount. It is this aspect of our relationship that we should try to emphasize now, as we prepare ourselves for the imminent Messianic Redemption.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 28, pp. 176–181.


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