Dying to Self


The hardest part in my walk with G-d is to stop indulging my animal side that is always saying: “I need this. I need that… Please feed me.”

Pastor Steve Gray calls this dying to self. It is not about me it is all about G-d and serving HIM. Not my wants and desires. When I put G-d first my life runs smoothly. When I don’t all hell breaks loose.

[G‑d instructed Moses to tell the Jewish people,] “You must offer up an ascent-offering [on Sukot] of 13 young bulls [on the first day] . . . ” Numbers 29:13

The Rebbe explains-“If we indulge the “animal” side of our personalities, always giving in to what it insists are its “needs,” it will quickly learn to assert itself and make increasing demands on us. Instead, we should accustom it to make do with the minimum, while we strive for greater and greater fulfillment in spiritual areas. On the other hand, if we try to change our animal side too abruptly, it will simply refuse to comply. We must accustom it gently and gradually, showing it step by step how spiritual fulfillment is even more satisfying than material satisfaction.

Once our material drives have been trained in this way, we can make a quantum leap and wean them entirely of their material orientation, just like the quantum leap from the last day of Sukot to Shemini Atzeret, when the number of bulls offered up drops from seven to one.1 Sichot Kodesh 5727, vol. 2, p. 303


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