We are to fight for G-d’s Kingdom

G-d wants us to take dominion over the physical world. G-d intended purpose is for us confront the physical world, reform it and refine it and then elevate it to G-dliness.

The tribes of Rueben and Gad wanted to live as Sheppard’s but Moshe said they could only do this after they helped the other tribes conquer the land G-d promised us.


“The descendants of Reuben and Gad had an abundance of livestock. Numbers 32:1

“G‑d instructed Moses to take a census of the Jewish people after the deaths caused by the epidemic and the administration of justice. Included in this census were the sons of Korach, the instigator of the mutiny against Moses 38 years earlier.”

The Rebbe explains “These two tribes wanted to live as shepherds because this occupation is conducive to a meditative lifestyle. Moses initially opposed their proposal, since he knew that until the Messianic Era, it is G‑d’s intention that we confront the physical world – and even combat it when necessary – in order to refine it and elevate it. Moses only agreed after stipulating that they first help their brethren conquer the Land of Israel. The experience of confronting the material world would ensure that their subsequent return to shepherding would not be an escape from reality.

Similarly, we should not view the time we are forced to spend in the mundane world, elevating and refining it, as an annoying nuisance. Rather, we should view it firstly as our true Divine mission, and secondly, as the key to ensuring that we study the Torah, pray, and perform G‑d’s commandments with pure and proper intentions.1 Reshimot 51; Likutei Sichot, vol. 33, p


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