We can only perform G-d’s commandments when we are living

We can only perform G-d’s commandments during our life so this means we must do our part by doing acts of kindness, mercy and G-dliness so we can help bring the Kingdom of heaven to here on earth.

G-d gave us certain commandments that we can only do in Israel so sages explain that we must seek G-d and do HIS will while we are alive on earth.

Yeshua the Messiah teaches us to put the Torah or The Bible on our hearts. For G-d’s word is alive living and breathing in us we will then be able to the light unto the nations.

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Yeshua is my L-rd and saviour and I am a slave to Yeshua. HE is the L-rd of my life.

Since there are many commandments that are to be observed only within the Land of Israel, G‑d then described its exact boundaries.”

                “This is the land that will fall to you [by lot] as an inheritance. Numbers 34:2

                The Rebbe explains:” The use of the verb “to fall” (tipol) to describe how the Land of Israel becomes ours teaches us an important lesson.

The fact that we are obligated to perform certain commandments only within the Land of Israel alludes to the fact that we can perform G‑d’s commandments and elevate material reality only during our physical lifetime. We do not have this opportunity before and after our souls are within our bodies, even though our souls are alive before birth and live on after death.


Relative to the idyllic existence that our souls enjoy in their heavenly abode before birth, the difficult and challenging lives we must lead in the physical world can indeed seem to be a “fall” from a former height. But by utilizing all our powers to capitalize on the unique opportunity that is ours only in this world, we help G‑d achieve His purpose in Creation, fulfill the purpose of our existence, and also vastly enhance our ability to absorb the Divine revelations that await us in the afterlife.1Likutei Sichot, vol. 13, pp. 126–127; Tanya, chapter 37 (48b).


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