Our Divine Mission

G-d's prophets

Our true purpose to is stay on our divine mission given to us from G-d. We Jews are to engage of acts of kindness, generosity and Holiness to bring heaven down to earth. When we do this we will pave the way for Yeshua to come back and thus G-d will have HIS dwelling place.

We were given the mission to be the light unto the nations. This light was introduced first to us Jews the Jewish Messiah our saviour and King then we would share Yeshua with the rest of the world.

The Rebbe explains it this way: Moses’ message to the Edomite king is the same message that our Divine souls must convey to the material world so long as we are still in exile. “True, we Jews are physically the same as all people; we have physical needs that must be met by working and living in the physical world. Nonetheless, we will not let this fact obscure our true purpose in life: to fulfill our Divine mission of elevating and refining physicality. We will walk along our Divine King’s road; we will not deviate from G‑d’s ways, either to the right or to the left!”

By remaining true to both our inner selves and to our Divine mission, we will merit witnessing the ultimate redemption of the world and its transformation into G‑d’s true home.1