G-d is our protector


We maybe small in number but we Jews are mighty, unstoppable and powerful when we follow G-d, HIS mitzvahs, and surrender our lives to HaShem. A piece of G-d’s heart is inside us Jews. This will cause an atomic explosion of the likes world has never seen. And this will release the Kingdom of Heaven on earth allowing G-d to have HIS dwelling place on earth.

“Moses then encouraged the Jewish people to remain loyal to G‑d under all circumstances, even though this would mean that they would have to confront the opposition of nations more numerous and powerful than they were.

[Moses told the Jewish people,] “For you are the least of all peoples.” Deuteronomy 7:7

The Jewish people have almost always been a small minority. This may prompt us to wonder how we can be expected to fulfill our Divine mission. Even if we can survive, how can a tiny minority influence the majority? Moreover, assimilation and war have continued to erode our population, and the demands of modern life leave the rest of us progressively less time for spiritual pursuits and less sensitive to spirituality.

But now that scientists have learned to unleash the power of the atom, the world has learned that size is not always an indication of power. Once we learn how to access its latent energy, even the smallest particle of matter can release incredible force.

The basic process used to release atomic power is nuclear fission, in which the atom is broken down into smaller components. As Jews, this teaches us that the key to releasing our latent, infinite potential is by breaking our egos, thereby allowing our inner, Divine essence to shine through. The better we master this “spiritual technology,” the less we need be intimidated by being an apparently insignificant minority or by having only limited time and energy to devote to holy endeavors. Within us lies the power to change the entire world for the good!1 Hitva’aduyot 5711, vol. 1, pp. 313–319; Igrot Kodesh, vol. p. 168, vol. 11, p. 422.