G-d gave us HIs soul in writing. It is called The Torah


I give you my soul to you in writing. G-d wasn’t giving us a shopping list in writing. G-d was baring HIS soul to us in writing. G-d is asking his creation to do for Him what He needs. It was fifty days between our leaving Egypt and G-d revealing himself to us on Mount Sinai.   I am G-d your G-d. It is personal. G-d wants a relationship with us. G-d tells us we gotta talk. I did for you so you gotta do for me. G-d tells us I need you to do for me.

The Torah is a graphic description of what makes G-d, G-d.

Revelation is G-d is telling us how meaningful this is to HIM. Honouring your father and mother is more important to Him than to us.

Revelation means G-d is revealing himself. (Taken from the teachings of Rabbi Manis Friedman.)


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