Yeshua is Torah and Torah is Yeshua.


The following thoughts come from the teaching of Rabbi Gordon on the Tanya AV 25.

Adam’s was a unique soul. His soul contained within it each of us Jews ever to have lived. Adam had within his soul each one of Jews from the moment of creation until the time Yeshua.

If Adam hadn’t sinned each of us Jews would be the offspring of both Adam and Eve. Since Adam sinned G-d postponed this experience due to the fact the world fell into separation from HaShem.

Ya’akov was the next Adam. Ya’akov was the embodiment of every single Jew. All of our Jews souls are linked to Ya’akov.

Ya’akov is Torah and Torah is Ya’akov. This goes for Adam too. Adam is a Torah and Torah is Adam.

The last Adam is Yeshua. HE came to earth to warn us we were so far away from G-d that a trip to the outer galaxy was closer. We didn’t heed the warning and thus G-d through HIS kindness destroyed the second Temple on the ninth of Av 70 AD.

Our corrupt religious structure was never the same. Yet HaShem allowed us to have our sacred texts in the city Yavne when Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai made a deal with Roman General Vespasian who was sent by Roman Emperor Nero to destroy Jerusalem to save the Yavne. Vespasian agreed to save the Holy City of Yavne and thus G-d allowed us to keep our sacred texts from destruction.

Chabad describes the conversation between Rabbi Zakkai and Roman General Vespasian: The greatest Jewish sage of the time was Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai. He wisely foresaw that Jerusalem was doomed and understood the need to transplant the center of Torah scholarship to another location, to ensure the survival of Torah study after Jerusalem’s destruction. He devised a plan that would allow him to leave Jerusalem, despite the Zealots’ blockade. He feigned death so that he could be carried out of the city. His disciples carried the coffin out of the city’s walls, and Rabbi Yochanan proceeded directly to Vespasian’s tent. He entered the tent and addressed Vespasian as “Your Majesty.”

“You are deserving of death on two accounts,” said Vespasian. “First of all, I am not the emperor, only his general. Secondly, if I am indeed emperor, why did you not come to me until now?”

Rabbi Yochanan answered: “You are an emperor, because otherwise the Holy Temple would not be delivered in your hands.… And as for your second question, the reckless Zealots would not allow me to leave the city.”

While they were speaking, a messenger came and told Vespasian that Nero was dead and he had been appointed the new Roman emperor. Vespasian was so impressed with Rabbi Yochanan’s wisdom that he offered to grant Rabbi Yochanan anything he wanted as a reward. Rabbi Yochanan made three requests.1 The primary request was that Vespasian spare Yavne – which would become the new home of the Sanhedrin – and its Torah sages.

Rabbi Yochanan thus ensured the continuation of Jewish scholarship after the fall of Jerusalem. Even though they would no longer have a Temple or a homeland, the Jews would always have a spiritual center in the Torah.

In 69 CE, Vespasian returned to Rome to serve as emperor, but first he appointed his son, Titus, to carry on in his stead. In 70 CE, Titus came towards Jerusalem with an army of 80,000 soldiers.

Thus Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah who was sent to save us and bring us back to G-d’s House.

Many think G-d has abandoned us Jews WRONG! G-d will never abandon HIS people. G-d said to Moshe I am your G-d. Period end of discussion.

Yeshua is the embodiment of every Jewish soul from the time of creation until Yeshua comes back again.

Deal with it for we are the still the apple of G-d’s eye. We are G-d’s people. We are Yeshua’s people.

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