Whether We like it or not

No matter how hard I tried to get away from G-d as I could and abandon my roots and HaShem was always there to bring me back to HIM.

Why? G-d gave me a piece of HIS divine soul at Mount Sinai. Thus these pangs in my heart and my soul was always speaking to me say:” Hey Azriel I am here with you. You can’t run from me. You have my DNA in you so come back home.”

I did. And this opened up a whole new world for me. I am grateful to my teacher Pastor Steve Gray at World Revival Church Kansas City taking this broken down Jew back to life.

I love my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

Moses reassured the Jewish people that although he was about to die, G‑d would still and always be with His people. They therefore had nothing to fear from the nations then occupying the Land of Israel, which they were about to enter and conquer.

                [Moses told the Jewish people that they can rely on G‑d’s assistance;] “He will neither fail you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

Moses informed us with these words that even if it would occur to us that life would be easier if we were free from both G‑d’s mission and His assistance, such a life is not possible. G‑d will never forsake us. We can never completely silence the inner voice that urges us to discard our infatuation with superficial pursuits and assume the mantle of responsible Jewishness.

For this same reason, we should never feel incapable of fulfilling our Divine mission. The same G‑d who refuses to leave us alone, always prodding us to join Him in perfecting the world, stands at our side to assist us in our efforts to transform the world into His home.1 Sichot Kodesh 5732, vol. 1, p. 9.


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