How to seek inspiration in the Torah

Our teachers have a key role in teaching us about G-d’s word. Without my teacher Pastor Steve Gray World Revival Church the glorious word of G-d would have not opened up before my eyes and showed how me to live on daily basis doing G-d’s word.

One must have a real live teacher or as Pastor Steve Grays says a manager so that we can keep to the plan of what G-d has promised us if we do HIS word or better yet manage G-d’s word for us.

Without my teacher Pastor Steve Gray I would be lost.

Thank G-d for my teacher Pastor Steve Gray.

“Moses then summoned Joshua and appointed him as his successor in the presence of the entire Jewish people.

Moses summoned Joshua and said to him . . . “You must come with this people into the land that G‑d swore to their forefathers.” Deuteronomy 31:7

G‑d’s Torah and His commandments are eternal and unchanging, but the way they must be made relevant and applied in each generation changes as time progresses. In order to ensure that we live life in accordance with G‑d’s wishes, G‑d Himself has authorized the rabbinic leaders of each generation to apply the Torah’s teachings to the unique circumstances of their generation.

Therefore, when today’s rabbinic authorities apply the Torah’s teachings in innovative ways, we cannot try to live in the past, complaining that the leadership of previous generations did not see the need for such innovations. On the contrary: only by reading the Torah through the eyes of our “Joshua” – today’s Moses – can we be certain that the Torah will provide us with the inspiration to fulfill our Divine mission and live our lives to the fullest.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 19, p. 314.

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