The Purpose of Effort

G-d wants to shower us with many gifts yet we must earn them. This means we must do our part by doing G-d’s mitzvahs. When we do this by tapping into G-d’s divine power we change the world and thus G-d’s glory will come to earth.

When we overcome obstacles to bring about the kingdom of G-d we earn the goodness of G-d and all of his blessings.

By doing my part I will feel not ashamed instead I will become a partner with G-d to bring about G-d’s full glory through Yeshua the Jewish Messiah. The only way this can happen is when I die to self and put G-d’s needs, wants, and desires ahead of my own.

I am to learning to live for G-d not for myself to paraphrase my teacher Pastor Steve Gray of World Revival Church, Kansas City.

G‑d then addressed Joshua from the cloud at the entrance to the Tabernacle, charging him with the mission of leading the Jewish people into the Land of Israel.

[G‑d told Joshua,] “Be strong and courageous! For you will bring the Jewish people to the land that I have sworn [to give] them.” Deuteronomy 31:23

We are taught that had Moses led the Jewish people into the Land of Israel, its conquest would have been virtually effortless. The intensity of Moses’ holiness would have neutralized any opposition. The same would have been true of our “conquest” of the world’s materiality: Moses’ entry into the Land of Israel would have made our task of elevating and refining the world virtually effortless.

This is the inner reason why G‑d did not allow Moses into the Promised Land. G‑d wants to shower us with infinite goodness. But were He to do so freely, without requiring us to “earn” it, we would feel ashamed. Thus, His desire to be good to us would backfire. Therefore, G‑d made the bestowal of His infinite goodness dependent upon our efforts. When we summon our hidden potential in order to overcome obstacles to the Divine mission of perfecting the world, we earn G‑d’s infinite goodness.1 Hitva’aduyot 5711, vol. 1, pp. 20–22.

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