When the Messiah Comes

When Yeshua the Messiah comes back truth will reign supreme. Lies will no longer be seen as true and the truth will not be seen as lies. All the nations of the earth will do their part to aid us Jews to bring the world to its divine mission through the Yeshua.

The entire world will know why HaShem chose us Jews to be HIS people.

G‑d then told Moses to inform the Jewish people that eventually the non-Jewish nations would appreciate them and praise them for remaining true to their covenant with G‑d.

 [Moses addressed the non-Jews:] “Nations! Praise [G‑d] for His people, [the Jews]!” Deuteronomy 32:43

When the Messianic Redemption occurs, truth will no longer be so easily confused with falsehood. It will become clear to the whole world why G‑d chose the Jews to be His people. Our role as the priests and teachers of humanity will finally be universally acknowledged, and our redeeming contributions to human civilization will be fully appreciated. The nations of the world will then do whatever they can to aid the Jews in their Divine mission of bringing the world to its fullest potential.

Educating the world to appreciate not only G‑d but G‑d’s people is therefore an integral part of preparing the world for the Redemption and hastening it.1 Hitva’aduyot 5748, vol. 1, p. 41.


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