G-d gave us the very breath of life when HaShem blew into our nostrils. What this means is that G-d gave us the divine spark to that connects us Jews with our Father. We are designed to worship HIM. Study HIS word and speak and do the very breath of life- G-d’s Torah.

We are the sole purpose of G-d’s creation. Everything else is secondary. So it is incumbent upon me to defend and fight for G-d’s honour and HIS word. To paraphrase my teacher Pastor Steve Gray, World Revival Church, Kansas City. We are fighting the intruder Satan whose sole purpose is turn away from G-d’s word. It is all about the life and very breath of G-d’s word and G-d’s honour. The way I do this is to study Torah and do HIS mitzvahs.

When I merge my soul with G-d’s I can defeat Satan. This is the only way. G-d create Evil so we can defeat it with G-d’s word and do HIS Torah.

Is this Hard? Yes.

Can it be done?



G-d created us in HIS image and G-d gave us HIS instruction manual at Mount Sinai to Moshe ro defend HIS honour and defeat Satan.

On the first day, the world was created as a core of solid matter submerged entirely in water. Light was created later on the first day, and the atmosphere on the second day. On the third day, the dry land rose above sea level. The heavenly bodies were placed in outer space on the fourth day, the sea animals populated the oceans on the fifth day, and the land animals and first humans populated the dry land on the sixth day. On the seventh day, G‑d “rested” from creating. Unlike the way He created the other creatures, G‑d created the first human in two stages: He first made a lifeless body, into which He then “blew” the human soul.

G‑d formed the human out of the dust of the ground and blew into his nostrils a soul of life Genesis 2:7

By “blowing” the soul into the body, G‑d indicated that our soul originates deeper “within” Him than does the rest of creation. This emphasizes the fact that we are the primary purpose of Creation, whereas everything else is secondary.

Our Divine soul is a spark of G‑d. Therefore, the soul can never lose its intrinsic connection with G‑d. Our challenge is to ensurethat this connection remain manifested within our physical being. Just as when one blows, the air can reach its destination only if there are no physical obstructions, so too, the more we free our lives of spiritual “sludge” – harmful or negative thoughts, words, or deeds – the more our G‑dly souls can shine freely.1 Tanya, chapter 2; Igeret HaTeshuvah, chapters 4–5.