The Sixties Radical Azriel

G-d gave us our land through the covenant made with Avraham. This is our right given to us by the one true living G-d. This is not negotiable.

G‑d also promised Abraham the Land of Israel.

[G‑d said to Abraham,] “I have given this land to your descendants.” Genesis 15:18

When G‑d promised the Land of Israel to Abraham’s descendants, the land in its entirety became – and remains to this day – the inheritance of every Jew, not subject to negotiation or trade. It is solely G‑d’s promise to Abraham that constitutes our connection to our land. When we articulate this confidently and unapologetically, the community of nations will acknowledge its truth. In contrast, basing our claims to the Promised Land on treaties, military victories, or diplomatic machinations will undermine other nations’ respect for our inheritance. By asserting our inviolable connection to the Land of Israel, we hasten the Messianic Redemption, when G‑d will grant us its full possession peacefully.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 15, pp. 100–109.

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