The Sixties Radical- Azriel


Jacob was prepared properly to take on the mission G-d gave him. How? Jacob studied Torah and was taught the things of G-d by his mother and father. He was taught to observe G-d’s mitzvahs and most important of all Jacob was willing to do G-d’s will.

Jacob’s mission was to find a dwelling place for G-d.

This is the mission of all of us Jews. Bring the Kingdom of Heaven earth so G-d can have HIS dwelling place. Somedays I do well other days not so well. At the end of the day I ask G-d to forgive me of my evil ways. I repent and turn back to G-d and work hard to do HIS will.

The only way I can do this is by accepting Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah. Yeshua is the master of my life. Everything Yeshua taught and did was taken directly from the Torah. Yeshua is Torah observant and HE is a true prophet of G-d. Why? Everything Yeshua did and said lines up perfectly with what G-d gave Moshe on Mount Sinai.

Yeshua is Torah and Torah is Yeshua. Yeshua is the representative of every Jewish soul from the beginning of time until Yeshua comes back again.

The Messianic age is upon us. The Moshiach is coming back again soon.

L-rd make me clean. Prepare me properly for your coming back. Remove everything out of me that is not of you. Please HaShem let me know and do your will by studying Torah every day.

Thus confident of G‑d’s protection, Jacob set out for Aram.

Light of foot, Jacob set out for the land of the people who lived to the east. Genesis 29:1

Even though Jacob was on his way to enter a spiritually dangerous environment, his joy in fulfilling his Divine mission and trust in G‑d’s protection permeated his entire being, down to his feet.1 Following Jacob’s example, we can adopt the same joyful and confident attitude when we set out to tackle life’s numerous daily, mundane activities, even though they may not seem as spiritual. The key is to make sure beforehand that, like Jacob, we are properly nourished (by studying the Torah), properly clothed (by observing G‑d’s commandments), and properly focused on our goal (of making the world into G‑d’s home).2 1.Hitva’aduyot 5745, vol. 5, p. 3100. 2. Sichot Kodesh 5731, vol. 1, p. 178; Hitva’aduyot 5719, vol. 1, pp. 233–


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