The Sixties Radical- Azriel


Avraham was the first man to become selfless and submit himself to G-d without any reservations. Period end of discussion. Avraham the Hebrew is one of the models that we Jews must learn to emulate.

By doing this Avraham experienced G-d on a whole new level. Avraham had a direct pipeline to HaShem.

How? By dying to self as my teacher Pastor Steve Gray says it.

Avraham did this and thus he paved the way for Yeshua the Jewish Messiah to show us how to live and put Torah on our hearts.

Yeshua died, defeated death so that we could live and escape the trappings of a corrupt religious system that was killing us. Yeshua’s death gave us life and direct access to the Father.

This is hard to die to self.

I know I do this on a daily basis because I don’t want to miss the revival of Israel and we Jews.

The struggle is to kill me so that G-d’s soul and will becomes mine. It is not about me it is all about Yeshua the L-rd of my life.

On the third day of Abraham’s recovery after his circumcision, G d appeared to him, paying a visit to the sick.

 G‑d appeared to [Abraham]. Genesis 18:1

G‑d’s self-revelation here to Abraham was on a fundamentally higher plane than His previous appearances to him. By circumcising himself in response to G‑d’s command, Abraham became the first human being to surrender his selfhood entirely to G‑d. Abraham could now experience G‑d directly, without his ego getting in the way. Thus, Abraham’s circumcision paved the way for the Giving of the Torah, through which this self-transparency became the hallmark of Jewish existence.

This means that by accepting the Torah from G‑d and committing ourselves to living according to His vision for us, we can remove all barriers between G‑d and ourselves. This, in turn, enables G‑d to reveal Himself in our lives in increasingly tangible ways.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 10, pp. 49–54.

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