The Sixties Radical- Azriel


Jacob wrestled with the guardian angel of Esau. Jacob won and then asked the angel to bless him. The angel told Jacob that would G-d give Jacob a new name Israel. Thus, Jacob represents how we interact with the world.

Jacob became the second Adam. He represents every Jew from the beginning of time until the Yeshua comes back.

By wrestling and prevailing over Esau’s angel Jacob put G-d above worldly desires in his life. G-d rewarded Jacob with the physical strength of Esau coupled with Jacob’s love for G-d Jacob would pave the way for Yeshua save us Jews.

Today the Kingdom of heavan is happening now. We have now entered into the Messianic age. The signs are all pointing to the return of Yeshua. And the of the return of all of us Jews back to the house of Jacob G-d’s house.

It is time for me and the rest of Jews to turn back to G-d. The time is now. It is more than urgent.

“As Esau approached, Jacob presented his family and then bowed down to Esau himself. Esau was overcome by Jacob’s gift and display of brotherly sentiments, and kissed him.

Jacob acknowledged those qualities of Esau’s that were superior to his own, and understood that in order to bring the world to its ultimate destiny, it was necessary to combine Esau’s strengths with his own. At the same time, Jacob understood that he – and not Esau – would have to be the one to oversee this synthesis in order for it to work. Due to his faithful devotion to the study of the Torah, Jacob was the one who possessed the breadth of vision and knowledge of G‑d’s will necessary to harness the raw, untamed power of Esau. Jacob hoped that he could impress Esau enough to submit to his leadership if he would appease him with a lavish gift, acknowledging his superior strengths, and inform him that he had proven himself capable of raising a righteous family, outwitting the crafty Laban, and amassing a sizeable fortune.

When it became clear that Esau was not ready to cooperate, Jacob understood that harnessing Esau’s strengths would be a long and difficult process. This union of Esau’s superior strength and Jacob’s wisdom will be the defining characteristic of the Messianic future, and is therefore the key to ushering it in. Indeed, our undying devotion to the Torah and its commandments ever since Jacob’s time has largely refined the power of Esau, and we are now at the threshold of the final, Messianic Redemption.1 Torah Or, pp. 24–26; Sefer HaSichot 5748, vol. 1, pp. 138–144; Hitva’aduyot 5743, vol. 1, pp. 571–572.

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