The Sixties Radical- Azriel


Think about this for a minute. “  Joseph’s brothers Simeon and Levi suggested killing Joseph outright, but Reuben, the eldest brother, suggested that he be thrown into a pit, leaving his fate to Divine providence. The pit they chose was dry, and filled with snakes and scorpions.

The pit was empty of water. Genesis 37:24

Allegorically, the pit represents the human mind and water represents the Torah. This incident thus tells us that the surest way to keep our mind free of “snakes and scorpions” – negative and destructive notions – is to ensure that it is always full of Torah-related content, for “G‑d’s Torah is wholesome, restoring the soul.”1 Psalms 19:8. Likutei Sichot, vol. 15, pp. 324–325, based on Bereishit Rabbah 84:16 and Tzava’at HaRibash (ed. Kehot) 76.

This apparent evil was used by G-d for the good of Joseph and us Jews. Yet the most important overlooked fact is this one. Judah’s life changed after this heinous act. Instead of turning away from G-d Judah was forced to look at his life. Judah is given another opportunity to repent. Judah did and he turned back to G-d and thus through his turning back to G-d Judah is  the important link in the chain that gave birth to David- our greatest King. Through the linage of David Yeshua was born our Jewish Messiah.

Thank you Pastor JD King World Revival Church for your teaching on this very fact.

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