The Sixties Radical- Azriel


Through the guidance of Sarah Ishmael repented and changed his ways. This turning back to G-d allowed Ismael to lead his father’s Avraham’s funeral procession.

Add to the mix that Ismael could have demanded his father’s inheritance yet Ismael didn’t shows even more evidence that Ismael had truly repented and changed his ways. This gives hope for us all. When the Rauch HaKodesh strikes, me I will turn away from evil ways and turn back to G-d. Thus, this is true redemption and total freedom.

The only way this can happen is when I admit I have a problem, become teachable by taking correction from a G-dly teacher, in Ismael’s case it was Sarah, in my case it is my teacher Pastor Steve Gray, and this results in my turning back to G-d. Then we will have total freedom.

This sums up what Yeshua is all about. Repentance, redemption and freedom. This only happens when I accept Yeshua is my saviour and L-rd over my life. And then following the example of the L-rd of my life by spreading the good news of salvation. Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. My people will be resurrected and return to the house of the L-rd. Then the entire world will know why HaShem chose us Jews to be HIS people separated out for Adonai’s use only.

Shortly after Isaac married Rebecca, Abraham remarried Hagar, and had six more sons through her. Years later, when he was 175 years old, Abraham died.

[Abraham’s] sons – Isaac and Ishmael – buried him in the Machpeilah Cave. Genesis 25:9

Isaac is mentioned first, indicating that although Ishmael was the elder son, he allowed Isaac to lead the funeral. Ishmael thus demonstrated that he had truly repented: His primary sin had been his claim to Isaac’s inheritance; it was only after Abraham died that Ishmael could have made this claim, yet he did not.

Sarah deserves the credit for Ishmael’s improvement of character. Her insistence on directing Ishmael properly eventually led him to repent enough to recognize the truth of Isaac’s primacy. Following Sarah’s example, we too should not give up or shy away from correcting and assisting those who truly need our help in the ongoing challenge of self-refinement.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 15, pp. 149–150.

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