The Sixties Radical- Azriel


This is mind blowing. Isaac followed G-d’s direction and dug the wells. The Philistines took them from us. This looked bad for us yet G-d used this act to advance HIS kingdom. It sure looked like the evil forces were strengthened in the end the Philistines made peace with us and G-d is in control and acts of Holiness will always succeed.

This means no matter what I must pursue G-d and do acts of Holiness and Kindness even if it looks like evil is winning. It is not. For G-d is in control.

Never give up, never give up to quote a friend of mine former NC State basketball coach Jim Valvano who was dying of cancer and he never gave up.

To quote my teacher Pastor Steve Gray G-d put our leaders in their place of power. G-d is control of everything and HaShem will use these acts of evil to advance the Kingdom of Heaven.

Eventually, Isaac settled in Beersheba. The king of the Philistines then asked Isaac to forge an alliance with him, acknowledging that Isaac was blessed with Divine favor and success.

[The king of Philistia and his entourage] said [to Isaac], “We have seen that G‑d has been with you, so we said: Let there now be a solemn oath between us, and let us make a covenant with you.” Genesis 26:28

At first, the Philistines seized the wells that Isaac dug, but in the end they actively sought him out to make peace with him. Similarly, even our most well-intentioned efforts or spiritual labors can sometimes boomerang, actually strengthening the forces that oppose holiness. However, we learn from Isaac to not be discouraged in the face of such unexpected setbacks. Rather, we should continue our endeavors, which are certain to eventually succeed.1 Likutei Sichot, vol. 1, pp. 29–31.

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