The Sixties Radical- Azriel


The following ideas and thoughts are taken from my Class on the Tanya taught by Rabbi Gordon.

If we don’t study Torah we won’t know what Judaism is. By studying Torah, we learn who G-d is and our heritage. This is the only way we can get the access code to G-d.

Studying Chasidism transforms our entire value system. We develop a love and fear of G-d. By studying Talmud Torah changes our lives.

Jew is a Jew is a Jew. This is our DNA. We all have a spark of Jewishness. This is traced through inheritance. We have deep within us a spark of G-dliness.

Impurity tells me that I am G-d. I must murder this out of me so I can get ready for Yeshua.

Nothing is outside of HaShem. Even impurity is an extension of HaShem.

When HaShem energizes impurity and unholiness HaShem does it with tremendous contraction and concealment of Divine energy.

This is done so we can have freedom of choice.

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