The Sixties Radical-Azriel


The crowds were cheering.

The America as we knew it was about to be led to the hangman’s gallows.

It sure looked like Evil would win.

The haters of America looked victorious.

The hangman prepared his noose around America’s neck.

The crowd went nuts.

They cheered on the hangman.

G-d’s people cried out.

We begged for mercy.

We begged for forgiveness.

We prayed.

We cried.

Both Jew and gentile alike called on HaShem to spare us from our so-called fate.

Then on election night November 8th I saw the hand of G-d come down.

Trump won.

G-d heard our prayers.

We were given a stay of execution.

G-d gave us time to get our house in order.

G-d’s house.

G-d’s hand of grace and love is all over this election.

This doesn’t mean we can revert back to our old ways.

This means we must get G-d’s house in order.

We are on borrowed time to get it right.

The line is drawn in the sand.

Fight or die.

I choose fight and live for G-d’s house.

G-d used Trump to shine the light on the evil that is in this country and the world.

The liars in the media, the elected officials of Democrat and some of the elected officials of the Republican and many parts of American Culture and institutions are now exposed to the light of day for who they are.

Agents of Satan

We know what is behind all of this.

The principalities of darkness.


The lairs cannot hide behind the cover of darkness.

The truth is exposed as truth. And the lairs are exposed for who they truly are.

Destruction of G-d’s house, Israel and the USA as we know it.

G-d is contracting himself so we can have freedom of choice.

One has to look very deep and hard to see G-d in all of this. Yet HaShem is in control of everything.

The word world comes from the Hebrew word concealment.

G-d’s word and HIS will be done with or without us

The Sixties Radical-Azriel


Joseph forgave his brothers for what they did to him. This is a key teaching of Yeshua. I cannot hold any resentment or anger or unforgiveness against those who trespassed against me. Without forgiveness, I cannot help pave the way for the return of Yeshua and help usher in the Messianic age.

“Judah’s display of self-sacrifice for Benjamin convinced Joseph that his brothers had truly repented of their former animosity toward him. He therefore revealed his true identity to them. They were understandably afraid that he would take revenge on them, but Joseph assured them that he viewed the entire episode as Divine providence and did not hold them responsible.

[Joseph told his brothers,] “G‑d sent me ahead of you to ensure that you survive in [this] land.” Genesis 45:7

It was impressive that Joseph maintained his holiness in exile, but his primary achievement was that he increased holiness in the world, by teaching the Egyptians about G‑d. Joseph’s example gives us the strength to follow in his footsteps, by first remaining immune to the negativity of exile and then by transforming it into holiness.1See Mishneh Torah, Melachim 8, end. Likutei Sichot, vol. 30, pp. 224–228.

The Sixties Radical- Azriel


Judah did a one eighty. He was the one with the help of his brothers to put Joseph in slavery. Judah was given a second chance to repent and turn back to G-d. Judah did when he stood up to Joseph concerning Benjamin. Thus G-d saw the change in Judah and this repentance by Judah allowed David our greatest king and Yeshua the Jewish Messiah to be born out of the House of Judah.

This simple act of repentance set in motion G-d’s plan to be born our Saviour Yeshua for us Jews first and then the rest of the world. This is the good news that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming and it is time for us Jews to turn back to G-d.

How many times has G-d given me a second chance to repent? Too many times not to mention. G-d has given me a piece of HIS soul at Mount Sinai. No matter how times I try and run from this I can’t. G-d has placed in me a G-dly soul to seek Him no matter what. I can’t run from this. It is a part of my DNA.

I am learning to use the example of Judah to repent no matter how bad I have sinned. I want to seek G-d and beg for HIS forgiveness. When I do this, sparks of HIS Kingdom will come down to earth to bring about the Messianic Age.

“Hearing that Joseph intended to retain Benjamin as his slave, Judah stepped forward to argue with Joseph. Although he spoke respectfully, he told Joseph that he would not tolerate this injustice to his brother – as well as to his father Jacob, who would not survive the loss of the only remaining son of his wife Rachel.

Judah then approached [Joseph]. Genesis 44:18

Judah did not shy away from speaking harshly with Joseph; moreover, he began his appeal harshly. He knew that when someone’s life is at stake, we must not be diplomatic; our listeners must sense that we are not involved because of ulterior motives, such as political or financial interests. When it is clear that the cause for which we are fighting cuts to the core of our being, it will evoke an honorable and compassionate response.

Today’s “Benjamins,” our Jewish children, are threatened by a different sort of “Egypt” – that of assimilation. To save these Benjamins, we cannot wait for someone to appoint committees that will conduct lengthy research and then deliberate over what should be done and how much it will cost, etc. When lives are at stake, we must do whatever we can to save them, immediately.

Judah’s efforts proved unexpectedly fruitful: his presumed enemy proved to be his greatest ally, and even Pharaoh himself provided the greatest possible means for securing the uncompromised continuity of Jewish tradition. So it will be when we follow Judah’s example, selflessly and vigorously exerting ourselves on behalf of our children.1Likutei Sichot, vol. 20, pp. 216–217

The Sixties Radical-Azriel


A child cannot learn something without running out and screaming it to others.

And so it should be with all those who have knowledge.

2 Iyar, 5736, sicha 2.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel


What is it that the child has to teach?

The child naively believes that everything should be fair and everyone should be honest, that only good should prevail, that everybody should have what they want and there should be no pain or sadness.

The child believes the world should be perfect and is outraged to discover it is not.

And the child is right.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel


Here are no one-way streets in our world. There is no one who gives without receiving, and there is no one who receives without providing something back in return.

So it is with the child. Just as the adult gives the child the knowledge and wisdom of life, so the child provides the adult the keys to living it fully. Beshalach 5714, sicha 8.

The Sixties Radicals-Azriel


G-d gave Joseph the insight that we Jews would be in exile for a long time so Joseph wanted to ensure that our love for G-d would overcome the attraction of the worldliness that Egypt offered us.

This is my goal to love G-d with all my heart, mind, body and soul and not love seven-layer cake more. How is this done? Love my wife and my family, love  my fellow Jews and Christians alike and loving my follow man this is how I demonstrate my love for G-d.

The order is simple yet hard. G-d first. Wife second. Temple-Church third and job fourth is the order of my life.

After the meal, Joseph sent the brothers off. Unbeknown to them, however, Joseph had instructed his servant to hide his silver goblet in Benjamin’s pack. Joseph sent his servant to pursue his brothers and the goblet was discovered. By framing Benjamin, Joseph was creating a situation where his brothers could atone for having sold him. When the brothers would put their own lives at risk to save Benjamin, it would be as if they were doing so to save Joseph; thus, they would “undo” their crime against Joseph by doing the exact opposite. The brothers returned to Joseph, who informed them that they were all free to return home except for Benjamin.

[Joseph said,] “Put my goblet – the silver goblet – at the top of the pack of [Benjamin], the youngest one.” Genesis 44:2

Joseph knew that the Jewish people would be in exile for a long time, and that not all of them would possess the same level of Divine consciousness that enabled him to thrive in Egypt. Joseph therefore sought a way of protecting them from Egyptian depravity, ensuring that they would eventually leave Egypt and receive the Torah. Joseph realized that what they needed was a love for G‑d powerful enough to overcome the materialism of Egypt. Joseph’s silver goblet alludes to this love, for the word for “silver” (kesef) is related to the word for “yearning” (kisuf). Joseph further knew that not-yet-fully-righteous people cannot spark such a love by themselves, so he implanted this love in them by “implanting” it within Benjamin.1 Likutei Torah 3:90bc; Ma’amarei Admur HaEmtzai, Bereishit, pp. 291 ff; Or HaTorah, Bereishit, vol. 2, 341a ff; ibid., vol. 6, 1103b ff.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel


The wise person begins each day as a small child. Every cell of his being is dedicated to learning wisdom, and so from every person he finds some wisdom to learn.

Each day, he rises to great heights of wisdom. And yet, the next morning, he begins all over again, as a small child, in wonder.

The Sixties Radical-Azriel


The first thing needed to fix this world is that Jews should love each other and be united.

And this can begin even without a planning committee and without funding.

It can begin with you. From a letter